30th Birthday Prayer Messages and Quotes With Captions

30th Birthday Prayer Messages and Quotes With Captions: There are many birthday wishes, messages, and quotes available on the internet. It can be very hard to choose which one to post or send to your friend or family celebrating his/her birthday. To make it easy for you, I have created a list of the best birthday prayer messages with captions that you could use as birthday wishes for your loved ones.bi.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages and Quotes With Captions

Catch your youth while you can and enjoy your life to the fullest. Today is the day to start. Life is a naughty dog, and I am sure that you have lived your best while you are still young… Wish you a very happy 30th birthday, I pray that your good fortunes multiply exponentially!


My dear best friend, on your birthday, happy 30th birthday! As I send you this prayer, I will also pray that God will continue to bless and keep you always. Stay sweet and good just like you were when we met! On this special day, as you turn 30 and as you do many wonderful things I also wish for everything from your heart to manifest before the year runs out. Happy birthday!


Hope you have had a great 30th birthday and wish you many happy returns of the day, I pray to God to shower you with endless happiness and success in all your endeavors. Keep us in your prayers.


I might not be celebrating your thirty years but I want to join in your celebration. I want to wish you a very happy birthday and celebrate the wonderful creation that is your life. You have brought happiness into everyone’s life with your smile, kindness, and selflessness. Enjoy your day my friend!


I remember that day when you were born as if it was yesterday. I recall you as a toddler chasing butterflies and me, wishing to have magical powers to give you toys. Now here you are, all grown up with so many responsibilities and challenges to face. God bless you! Happy birthday, sister!


You came into my life and taught me to love myself first before loving others. You made me believe in myself when no one else did. This soul I have is so much like you – it is full of life, positivity, and creativity! Today, thank you for making my life awesome! Happy birthday!


Congratulations on your birthday in advance. I am happy to be celebrating another year with you – a year full of surprises, good times, and new beginnings. Be sure that I will remember our friendship for a long time.


You were like a mother to me ever since my mom passed away. All those times that I was lonely, you held my hand and soothed my sorrows. You stood by me through thick and thin, making sure I never fell. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope to be by your side forever!


May God guide you through the rest of this journey and give you the strength to persevere through all obstacles.


I think it is innate in all of us as a species to search for that person who makes us feel special during our lives. I remember when we were little, you were always there for me – making me laugh and telling me all of the things we can do to make the world a better place.


Thank you for showing me that good people still exist in this world. God sent you to me on my 30th birthday and I’m glad to have you in this life, brother. Have a happy birthday!


I pray that you can enjoy the best years of your life. I pray your family and friends find peace and love wherever they go. I pray for the strength to help you through all your endeavors. My birthday gift to you is this prayer of comfort and support. May it be an expression of my gratitude for everything you have done for me.


We have so many things to celebrate this year. You are turning thirty, and we have just completed a successful business year. The future of the business is looking brighter than it has ever been before. May God bless you with grace, prosperity, and good health in the next year! I pray that God will continue to bless your career and all your endeavors. Godspeed my friend!


May God bless you, my friend, with happiness and bring peace to your heart and your home. Happy birthday! (


Today is your big day, and I wish that you have the best time of your life. Even though we may not get to celebrate every year, I’d like to remember this day for many years to come. All my love to you on this birthday.


Happy birthday! Please accept this prayer for you. Trust me, God does have a purpose for your life…  I’m sure it’s even more wonderful than you could ever imagine. Who knows? Maybe it’s your destiny to be the person who brings us together…


I’m sending you this birthday greeting with warm wishes that may your day be filled with peace, love, and blessings from Jehovah. Have a blessed day ahead!


People run behind success and achievements not realizing that success is the result of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and commitment. You never gave up on me, mom. I salute your strong spirit that pushed me and made me a winner. Thanks for everything!


When God created the sun, He thought it is too small to keep us warm. So he made your soul.


 Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Best Friend

You have been by my side since we were small, you are my best friend in the whole world. I don’t know what I would do without your support so I thank you for that. You have always been there for me to confide and share with me when things went astray, you have never left my side all through these years. Today is your birthday and it is time to celebrate, happy 30th birthday!


When you see the clouds, think of my smile. When you feel lonely, remember our friendship. When you think of what is left incomplete, work harder to accomplish your goal! 30 years as a best friend and I am happy to celebrate your birthday with YOU!


I wanted to wish you a very happy 30th birthday. You are an exceptional person, and I look up to you in a lot of ways. I hope your day is filled with all the fun that you deserve. Thanks for being a true friend – I couldn’t be more grateful to have met you.


Birthdays are very special to me. Each one of them is a reminder that I am still here and looking forward to the next big step in my life. I pray heaven’s blessings will be showered upon you! You deserve all the good things that life has to offer, and together with your family members and friends, we will celebrate this joyous occasion as you turn 30 years old today.


I wish to thank you for all that you have done for me. Thank you for always being there for me at all times. Thank you for always being my friend. Thank you for being a true friend to me. On this celebration of your thirtieth birthday, I wish to thank you!


I want to thank you for loving me with your whole heart. You are my best friend and I may not have always been able to see your worth, but I am glad that I finally realize how awesome of a person you are. I wish you all the happiness in the world, may your days be filled with love and laughter.


You are one big pile of happiness! I am so happy when we’re together. I wish all the joys in the world to you, my best friend!


What do you think about the term: “you have a friend for life.”? I think whoever coined that phrase knew exactly what he was talking about. A friend like you comes once in a lifetime. I am so glad to have a lifelong friend like you by my side. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, my friend! I want to thank you for all the special times we spent together. I look forward to more memorable moments in the next coming years.


I am pleased to write to the person who is like a brother to me. I know you will find my words rather unusual, but I feel very fortunate to have you as a friend. Happy birthday! May God bless you with every good thing in this world and more.


You’ve been like a cool breeze on a hot summer day and a ray of hope on a cloudy day. May God bless you with many more good days ahead. Happy birthday!


 Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Friend

I want to wish you a very happy 30th birthday!  I cannot express how much you mean to me. Sometimes I feel like you are my second mother and it hurts me that I treat your the same way as I do with my mom. It’s just that you have always been there by my side, helping me in every step of my life.


I wish you every success and happiness for your 30th birthday. I know, since we have been friends for such a long time, I have learned a lot about you, and I must say that I admire who you became. Thanks for all the memories we shared.


All I know is that I am so lucky to have you as my companion and true friend. You have helped me get through the toughest times in my life with laughter and smiles when there was nothing else I could do but cry. You are a kind soul and I hope your sweet 30th brings much


No matter how old you are, you are still my baby. I wish you a sweet 30th birthday and hope to see you soon. Take care till then!


It’s finally here! My baby’s 30th birthday is here, and it has brought you happiness, pride, hope, and satisfaction. Today marks the start of a brand new stage in your life. Now that you are 30 years old I hope you will always remember how much love and joy you brought to my life.


Happy 30th Birthday! What a year it has been – we graduated, got jobs, kept in touch, and even had a few good laughs too! Here’s to you as you move into your next milestone in life. Have a great party!


On your 30th birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for being by my side throughout these years. You have been an invaluable source of support and inspiration, and have taught me many life lessons without even realizing it.


Happy birthday to my funny, fun-loving friend! You have been like a companion to me, helping me in times of distress and joy. I will never forget the days I have spent with you!


Today is the day! Today is your special celebration! I know this day means a lot to you and I just want to say – let the big 3-0 be as awesome as you are. My best wishes, hugs, and kisses are all waiting for you on this very special day.


 Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Her

Best wishes for a happy 30th birthday on this very special occasion! I know that you’ll have even more incredible memories in the year ahead, and I will be there to cherish them with you. I hope all your wishes come true!


It’s your birthday, the worse the day to frown! I am here with a nice helping of my best wishes and cute wishes for you. You’ve got to be happy on this special day for all that you have done for others. May your dream come true this month as that’s the right way.


To my dearest friend, happy birthday to you. Today, I will look back at the memories we have made together and cherish them forever. I am proud of the person you have become today and looking forward to your future. Wishing you a very special birthday!


Your strength, courage, and determination are unmatched. I wish you happiness and pray that God keeps you safe on your journey. Today, I should be sad at the thought of losing you, but because your happiness is all that matters to me, I am truly happy for you. Happy birthday!


I am thankful for all of your support and encouragement throughout my life. You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. Happy Birthday! I hope that you will continue to be this wonderful person in the future.


Dear friends, I’m very glad to have you as my best friend! On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday. You’ve been a great inspiration in my life and your support means the world to me.


I hope you’re having an awesome day! It’s your day and you deserve to be showered with love! I’m so glad to have you as my friend and wish you a happy birthday!


Your presence brings a new meaning to my life. You have evolved in front of me and you are the best person I have ever met. Thank you for all your support.


Let me be among the first to give my warmest wishes on this special day. I’m excited to share this moment with you and hope that all your dreams will come true. May God’s blessings shower upon you!


Today I want you to know that you are a breath of fresh air that every person I know needs in his life. You have evolved as a human being. You may not realize it, but your appearance and mindset drew me to you in the first place.


Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Him

Today you are 30 years old. It’s a milestone in your life and I am glad to have been around all your journey. You have made me, my husband, and kids laugh every day with all the pranks you pull. You are a wonderful person we often talk about. God has blessed me with a best friend like you. Happy birthday big guy!


It’s your 30th birthday! It’s been a long time since we have started sharing good and bad times. From my point of view, I can’t even imagine how different my life would have turned out if you were not there. You have a great personality and the most important thing is that you are honest and loyal to the things you do. Happy 30th birthday!


From the time we were kids, we have always shared a very special bond of friendship. You have created memories that will last a lifetime and I wish you many more happy moments. Let’s celebrate your coming birthday with lots of love and laughter.


Hello brother, you no longer need to be 30! Happy birthday to my favorite brother in the world! You will always be my favorite brother. Have fun on your birthday and make it as cool as you are.


On your 30th birthday, I would like to say that I am grateful to God for creating such a wonderful blessing out of you. Just like the core of a tree, your heart has grown strong and massive over the years. You have been strong and loving not just to me but also to your friends and family! Happy birthday!


You have always shown a great interest in me and my welfare. So I would like to tell you that I care so much for you and hope that you are happy and contented in whatever situation your life has taken you. I wish you the very best of times and feel blessed to have such a caring person as my friend. Happy birthday!


My brother, happy birthday to you! I know that there are so many things I can say to thank you for but words fall short when it comes to defining how much of an impact your life has made on mine. You have shown me the meaning of loyalty, friendship, and love. I will always be thankful to have you in my life. Happy birthday!


To my good friend and buddy, you are a shining star that puts others to shame because you have remained on the right path for so long. I know that you have sacrificed a lot to be where you are now. My intention behind this message is to remind you how blessed I am to have someone like you in my life. Happy birthday!


You have seen a lot of birthdays. You are running out of ages, and I am wishing that you live life to the fullest. May today be the best day of your life and every other day after!


We have shared so much! It is time to share with you the best years of my life! All that I am and all that I ever will be is because of you. You are one of the truest souls that I have ever met and it feels nice to have someone like you in my life.


Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Sister

You are turning 30 today, which is a great achievement. I feel that every year of your life has made you better and wiser. I am happy to call you my sister because we have shared a great life journey so far. Your support means the world to me, I hope we can continue to be friends even when we are old. Please enjoy your day today!


Lol. It is a sister’s responsibility to be there for her brother at his happiest moments, at his saddest moments, and every moment in between. Happy 30th birthday to my amazing brother who has always been there and always will be – come rain, shine or shine.


It’s a big deal! You’re turning 30 years today and although you look a little older, that doesn’t mean… I have never seen anyone so happy as you every single day, so your youth and energy will surely keep you dancing for more. Happy birthday beautiful and enjoy this day to the fullest!


I know life has been hard for you with all those responsibilities. You have always been daddy’s little girl, and I hope for him to see you achieve all your goals. You’re a wonderful sister, who I don’t know where I would have ended up without you. Being your best friend is an honor. I love you! Happy birthday, sis!


You are only as good as you think you are, and today I intend to change that. Best Wishes on your 30th birthday!


To my beautiful sister, today is your day! Today should be special because it’s YOUR day. Happy birthday and many more to come! We are celebrating you this year and thanking you for all that you do to make our lives better. I LOVE YOU.


Happy Birthday to a sister whom I have learned so much from! You are easygoing and make me laugh even when I do not want to. You have always been there for me. Not a single day has passed without you thinking of me, even if I am miles away.


Darling’s sister, is my favorite person in the whole world! You’re so dear to me and I think of you always. Happy birthday and may you have many more to come.


Wishing my sister a beautiful birthday. May you have a wonderful day filled with dignity, valor, and pride! May this special day mark the start of new music and poetry in your life.


I couldn’t have asked for a better sister or friend. You have stayed by my side through thick and thin. I am glad to call you my sister and to have you as my best friend. You have changed me for the better, and as time goes on, I realize how much I have grown with you as my ever-present guide. Many more happy birthdays to come!


Happy birthday, dear brother! In only a few years we will both be old enough for our pension. Happy birthday again!


 Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Boyfriend

Happy 30th birthday! Let this come and be one of your most meaningful birthdays ever. I hope that you have a heart of gratitude and will keep on being grateful for whatever good happens in your life. My prayer for you today is that God’s marvelous favor may continue to rest on you: his Love, His peace, His joy, His presence, His grace, and His power. Enjoy your special day today!


Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, you have been a great blessing to me. I hope you have the best birthday ever, and I wish you many more to come!


Wishing you a very happy birthday! I have always found you to be a great company and an even better friend. Thanks for being there for me and for always making me smile with your jokes and pranks. Inside, you are a real man who makes people feel good about themselves.


I know you are my boyfriend, but let me just say that you are even more than that. I don’t want to lose you, so I just want to let you know how special you are to my life and how much you mean to me. Happy birthday!


I can’t believe it’s been 30 years that you have been around in this world. You have accomplished so much, and I wish you the very best in your next 30 years. You are a great friend, I appreciate you! Happy birthday!


You are the kind of person who will always be there to stay. You never had and will never have a problem speaking what’s on your mind and you are a great listener too. I know it has not been easy living with me, but you made it look simple. Happy birthday!


I still remember the day you were born. It was about three decades ago. You have grown a lot since then and I have always been proud of you. You have become my hero and I will always love u in the same way I did when you were born. I wish you happiness, success, joy, and all other positive things life has to offer. Happy Birthday!


You have made my life complete. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have made it this far. You have always been there when I needed you. Thanks for that! Happy birthday and may you have a wonderful year ahead!


So glad the march has rolled around and it is time to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope that the day has a special meaning for you and that our friendship will continue to grow with each passing year


Thanks for being my friend, for being somebody I can run to, for being there. I want to tell you how much your friendship means to me, and […]


Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Girlfriend

I have always loved your enthusiasm and passion, which are the main reasons for my undying interest in you. I am glad to see our relationship taking better shape every day. I wish you a world of happiness and joy on your 30th birthday, live long.


We played together as kids and now you are turning 30. You are as lovely a soul, as you were then. I will always remember how shocked we all were to see a pretty girl present within that tomboy exterior, who would have known!


Hello, my hubby! I can’t believe you are turning 30 today; you no longer look like a teenager. From a baby to a man and now an adult, you have changed so much in these 30 years of your life. It has been great enjoying the beautiful journey of your life with you.


the sweet sound of the clock striking 00, the end of the day, and the birthday celebrations. Though I might be a bit too late in wishing you a happy birthday, I still want to say, I wish you a very happy 30th birthday! You have taken all the fun out of growing old.


Your birthday is a special time to reflect. It allows me to think of all that you have done for me. I am grateful for every time you made me laugh and helped out during my struggles. You have always been like a sister to me. You mean the world to me, and know I will always be there for you in your important times! Happy Birthday!


I knew you’d win on your 30th birthday. You were always a winner to me, even when we were in school together. I’ve seen you come this far in life, and let me tell you that it has been an absolute delight to be your friend! Happy birthday!


I know how much you like numbers. Just look at your age! You know, I am pretty good with words too. That’s why I am writing you this word cake to wish you a very happy birthday and to say that you are always a treasure that never loses its value.


I would like to wish you a happy birthday! I still remember the day when you were born vividly. I am confident you will grow up to be a great man soon. Stay blessed.


I have to say – I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend as you. When I think about it, there are very few people in the world who merit my time and love the way you do. I wish you the best birthday ever and hope that we will remain close friends for many years to come!


My dear friend, you are one of the most special persons in my life, who has made me a better person.


 Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Wife

Best wishes on your 30 th birthday dear wife! I am really excited and looking forward to continuing with you on this journey that has never been easy. I do not know where I would have been without you in my life. And now as we have come this far in our marriage, I promise to make your life easier. Have fun and enjoy this special day!


Your 30th birthday is today? I am especially happy for you. I hope we can celebrate together and share happiness. I wish you the very best in all that you do!


On your 30th birthday, I thought of the past before now. I still remember how we grew up together; how you would never make me cry. Your love and care for me have not changed even if I am getting older. It is my pleasure to be friends with someone like you. Happy birthday!


Happy 30th birthday to my dear friend! You have been like a sister to me and regardless of our ups and downs, you have always remained true. I love you for your selflessness and for the purpose you serve in my life. I wish you a very happy birthday!


Happy birthday to you! I hope that you achieve everything you set forth to achieve and live the life of your dreams. I love you and wish you the best today and always.


Hey there, darling. I hope this card finds you well today. Wish you a great birthday; I also hope you get everything that you wish for today. Good luck!


Happy birthday to my beloved wife! You have made my life more comfortable with love, care, and patience. I am very proud of you.


Your birthday should be the busiest day of the year because you are a true friend and deserve the attention of others. I am sending you all the blessings and positive vibes so that this day will bring out all that is good in you. You are a wonderful person, and I feel happy to call myself your friend.


Dear wife, I have waited a long time to have you in my life and today that dream has been realized.  I don’t know why the world is this way, but it makes me feel alive to have you at my side! Thank you for being here and showing me what love means. Happy birthday!


I was thinking of what to write you but came up blank. You have always forgiven me and always had my back. Thank you for making me feel loved like a daughter and a friend. Wishing you all the best in life!


I have known you all my life, and I admire your ability to get along with every person. You have a very positive attitude about life and are always eager to help anyone who is in need. I was lucky to know you; it is an honor to call you my friend. Happy birthday!


wow! Three decades of your life have passed by in the blink of an eye. How do you feel about that? Not only have you acquired some new skills and experiences, but also well-deserved wisdom.


 Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Daughter

Dearest daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday! A lot of people will say that 30 is the beginning of second childhood, but I think it’s just the thing to get things done. I have always preferred goal-driven people over lazy ones.  I wish you a happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my lovely daughter! Your love means the world to me and I am so happy that God has given me an angel like you. I love you dearie and I hope that you grow old gracefully and live a life of satisfaction. I look forward to every moment we spend together, as your dear presence brings me joy and pleasure.


Here you are turning another year older, and I’m writing you another letter about how much you mean to me. You always remained a beacon of hope for me, and my future is rosy because of your kind words. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!


I remember when you were young and I used to take you out. I wish I could turn the clock back, I would have played more with you. Happy birthday! From your loving momma.


You are a beautician and a make-up artist for my emotions. We have been through thick and thin together, and I know that this is just the beginning of it. Your presence has always made me feel safe, and with you on my side, I always feel like I can conquer the world! On this special day, we wish you an illuminate!


I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come! I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for your support. You are a wonderful person and one of my best friends. Let’s celebrate this special day together!


I hope that you continue to find meaning in life and live it fully. Your hard work and persistence will someday come to good, and down the road, you will thank yourself for sticking to your goals. Happy birthday to you, dear!


The old cliche, celebrating you ’till the day I die, is not enough. I shall continue to celebrate you until the day stars fall from the sky! Rick and Morty will be a popular show for generations to come, but that does not matter much to me. I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


 Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Funny for Colleagues

It’s your birthday today and I thought it would be my best wish to greet you with a funny quote.


good morning! Hope that you are well. I hope you have a great day and stay happy. I just wanted to say: Have an amazing 30th birthday, buddy!


Happy birthday to the funniest person on earth, who always knows how to make people laugh. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, but something tells me that there is no one like you in this world. You’re an extraordinary human being. Some people are born clowns, others are made into one.


I have known you for 30 years. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a true friend. Happy birthday, dear colleague! Remember that there are always people like me who care about you very much.


Hey man, from one web developer to another, Happy birthday! You are a great colleague and I hope for your best. You are a role model to so many of us here and have been a big help to me too. Thanks for all the good work.


It took me some time to warm up to you, but since then, I have grown to love each one of your quirks. You are a jolly soul who brings fun to a mundane life. I am lucky to have you on my side and count myself blessed that God sent you into my life’s journey! Wishing you a joyous birthday.


Have a great year ahead and keep smiling always. May all your dreams, wishes, and desires come true! Keep chasing them and they will soon become realities. Have a fantastic day today my friend. Lots of love,


I will always remember the silly days of high school when we were together, but sadly those days are long gone. Happy birthday! As your friend, I know that you deserve only the best things in life.


Many thanks for being such a good colleague and friend. I know your kindness and understanding have helped me in my career growth. I appreciate every lesson you have taught me with patience and precision. I want to thank you for the fun moments we have shared while working together.


Happy birthday to the man who taught me the true meaning of friendship and a role model for what it means to be a brother. I feel very fortunate to have you in my life. Wishing you all the very best always!


I am proud to call you my sister. Even though you were away for a very long time, you continue to show your love, loyalty, and support. Today is a special day for me and I wish you a very happy birthday!

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