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80S Themed Party Captions with Quotes for Instagram

Our ideas for 80s theme party captions, 80s style ideas, and the best party themes come in handy when you get stuck trying to figure out what your guests want. Everyone loves a good costume and it’s hard to find something that works with your theme until you find the right caption which gives you a lot of great ideas.

80S Themed Party Captions with Quotes for Instagram

Bring the 80s back with a unique party theme.

Life is one big 80s party…

If you’re going to 80s party, make sure to come in a costume.

We’re digging this 80s theme party. We love how you didn’t forget your favorite movie quote in the caption, and how you used it to compliment a festive backdrop.

Headed to the 80s party? Tell us what you’re wearing and we’ll make a picture with it.

The 80’s were a time of rebellion, hair metal, and neon. Remember these days with us by wearing these shades at your next party!

Wanna be an 80s toy? I’m a candy and you’re the one that makes me play so come on and hit me.

Sink your teeth into the 80s. (no pun intended)

Let’s party like it’s 1983.

Living in the 80s again, its like a flashback

I’m 80’s throwback to an unforgettable decade.

The hardest thing is choosing a song when the dance floor is flowing

When you meet your soulmate, you don’t need to worry about how they pronounce your name because they will always say it right.

Get ready for the best 80s themed party of your life!

Make every photo and video more fun with 80s party photos

Who needs a song when you’ve got your 80s party theme to keep the party going?

80’s party, 80s theme, 80s music

We’re turning up to 80s party in style.

Hey, where’s your parachute? Because we’re having an 80s party and we want you to join us!

80s are back in style. #throwback

The 80s are back in fashion.

Let’s face it—80s nostalgia is the only thing keeping us together these days.

I feel like i’m in an 80s movie.

Hey, did you know the 80s were big in hair?

Dance like nobody is watching. Partying like it’s 1983

Hairstyles that make you feel like you’re on the disco floor, music that makes your heart dance, and a whole lot of fun.

A throwback to the decade of your youth—where everything was done in black and white, and people had 8″ faces.

We’re not just 80s pop icons, we’re also party hosts. So come on in for some sweet 80s tunes and great company

We’re living for those ’80s party captions

Classic, yet iconic. We love a good 80s party to celebrate our favorite decade.

You’re invited to the 80s theme party of the century—a celebration of all things from the era of saturday night fever, he-man, and flashdance.

Are you ready for the big 80s party?

80s is back! Get ready for a night of 80s music, dancing and plenty of neon.

The 80s were the best decade of all—we miss you!

Raise your hands if you’re ready to party like it’s 1986.

Cheers to the ’80s, when things were so much more fun.

When you’re 80 years young and your friends are 20 years younger. #80sproblems

Hey, it’s time to party like it’s 1988.

You’re never too old to party like it’s 1987

It’s time to get crazy and have a blast!

He’s not quite sure what’s going on, but he’s having a blast.

Life’s better when you’re having fun with friends and family. So, plan your next party at one of our 80s themed events!

80s party or not, we’re all here for the vibes

We’re gonna lace up these kicks, put on our lipstick and show ’em what we can do! #80s#80stheresomethingawesomeaboutbeingyoung

We can’t take sides. We’re all just celebrating the 80s!

The 80s never die. They just go back in time and get all nostalgic again.

Easy breezy ‘80s!

You’re the 80’s and i’m the 90’s, and we’re dancing to your song

Stylish? Yes. Retro? Definitely…

Remember when life was all about the music? When it was a party every day. And we didn’t just dance, we partied.

Good enough is never good enough. If you’re not having fun, then that’s too bad. We’re gonna have fun tonight!

If you want to go back in time, wear a tie. If you want to stay in the future, rock it loose.

A party is not a dress rehearsal, but a celebration.

Let’s get this party started with a bang—fire!

Let‘s get high, not on our own supply but the way we do things.

We’re on the cusp of something big. Let’s take a moment to look back at some of our favorite 80s themed party captions and leave a few of your own for us to share with the world!

80s -are you ready to party? We are!

This 80s party is all about the hair, neon and glitter

We’re bringing back the 80s for a night of fun and nostalgia. Let’s do this again!

Time to get your 80s on

We are the 80s. We are like, totally here for it. Don’t you love our mullet? You should because 80s is back and we’re all about it.

Rock the 80s! #80smemories

Let’s go back to the 80s and feel those feelings again. Let’s make a party like this.

It’s time for a throwback to the 80s, when everyone was still trying to be cool. Let’s party like it’s 1984!

Hey, the 80s are back. And we’re ready for another round of ninja warrior.

There’s nothing like a good party to get ready for!

That’s what happens when you let your hair down in the 80s

If you’re not having a blast at the party, then why are you even there?

How do you feel about wearing a dress like this?

80s themed party captions…these are the words to live by.

What happens when you combine 80s fashion and 80s party themes? The answer is a retro-tastic party that everyone will be talking about. Come on down!

Rock out at the 80s party!

It’s party time and we mean it. You might want to bring your best 80’s gear if you want to get down.

If you don’t like the 80s, i will fight you.

All the glitter, glam and glitz of the 80s

80s style, no matter what decade.

It’s the 80s all over again.

Who’s ready for a party?

Party hard or go home. Those are my only two choices, so i’m going all out.

I’m sure these caption would fit perfectly on your retro slides

You’ve got the look, we’ve got you covered.

The decade that changed everything.

When you’ve got a sharp suit and shades on

Let’s do 80s party like it’s 1983.

The 80s are back in fashion, so party like it’s 1989.

Do you like 80s music?

The 80s is back in town!

All that glitz, glamour, and excitement of the 80s. Where did the decade go?

The 80s were so long ago, but the memories are still with us.

When you’re 80 and all dressed up, there’s no telling what you might do.

The 80s is here to stay—and that just means one thing: there’s still time to get your hair permed!

Eighties style is back in a big way.

The 80s were so hot, i burnt my legs on the black annis.

Beep beep, it’s time to get back on the dancefloor.

We’re having a ball, so start yours.

80’s style party? We’re all in!

The 80s were a time of excess, extravagance, and beauty. Let’s relive the decade and throw the best 80s party ever!

Nothing says 80’s like a neon drink and a neon party!

Hey there! It’s me, the neon-lit 80s party you never knew you wanted. Let’s get wasted and have some fun!

80s were the best, and so are you!

Hey there all you 80s kids, we’re having a blast here. What about you?

You’re the 80s and i love you. #80stbt

You can’t see me. You can’t feel me. No one knows i’m here. But i’m everywhere. #80s

Let’s party like it’s ’85

It’s the 80s, and you don’t have to tell us twice.

Hey there, it’s me…the 80s. I was going to say “i’m back” but that would be a lie.

When you’re 80 and still in your 20s.

Throwback to the ’80s when everybody was on top of the world.

Cheers to the best decade ever!

80s theme for your next party

80s-inspired parties are the best.

80s music, 80s style and 80s party vibes don’t get any better than this.

Nothing goes together like a retro party and 80s celebrities.

The 80s were the best. #80sparties

The 80s are back, and so is the party.

Let’s get the 80s party started

The 80s were the perfect decade for fashion, music, and all things 80s.

Nothing says 80s then a disco ball and neon lights.

When the 80s collide with the 90s, it’s a party you can’t miss.

The 80s gave us way more than just crayons and hair metal.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes and talk in a monotone. Let’s be honest: 80s were the best decade ever.

Hey party people, it’s time to get down and boogie like it’s 1984!

Let the party begin! Dress to impress and make sure your hair is crisp and on point.

It’s 80s themed party time! Let the music blast and costumes fly!

1st place in all the best 80s theme parties. 2nd place in the 80s theme parties. And 3rd, 4th, or 5th place in most 80s themed parties.

The 80s are back! We’ve got the perfect 80s playlist, decorations, and party favors for your #80s theme birthday party.

“let’s get the 80s back! The only way to really celebrate the decade is live it.”

80s music, 80s fashion, 80s style. Let’s get down to it!

The 80s are back, baby.

The 80’s never looked so cool and classy as it does with our captions!

It’s time to party like it’s 1984

The 80’s never felt this good

This is the kind of party that makes you feel like a true star.

You’re only young once, so make the most of it!

You can’t stop what’s happening, so you might as well dance like nobody’s watching.

Let’s get together and go back in time.

“whatever you do, don’t wear white.”

80s themed party captions for you to use in your next party!

Nothing says “80s” like a cartoon party

It’s party time, everyone. Let’s get down on this 80s theme!

The 80s are here, and they’re ready to party.

You drive me wild with your 80s style, you make me feel like a kid again #80smemories

Who’s ready for the 80s

It’s the 80s, so let’s get crazy!

It’s the 80’s, so let’s turn up the volume and rock these party phrases!

I can’t believe i wore these jeans to a 80s party . #80s

When the 80s got out of control, but we’re still having a blast.

When you’re 80 and still hitting the clubs

Pump up the volume, it’s time to party!

This is a party for the king and queen of cool.

I feel like a star

I’ve got the right to be jaded, but i still love you.

Party like it’s 80s night!

You just gotta love a party with a theme that’s true to the 80s.

I’ve got a feeling you’re going to see some 80’s style at our party.

It’s time to rock the 80s party like it’s 1984

80s was the decade of flares, hair-gel and hit singles! Join us for an 80’s themed celebration

It’s time to party like it’s the 80s.

80s are back, and so is our love of all things neon.

Not even the 80’s can take away the magic of your birthday!

Let the party begin. We’re gonna have the best time ever

Let’s get ready to rock and roll.

This party is going to be the best 80s themed party ever. Get ready, because it’s going to be a #80snight!

Dare to be different. Dare to do the things you’ve only dreamed of. You can be anything but ordinary in our 80s-inspired party!

Lets get the 80s party started!

Even the best 80s parties have a few things in common: plenty of hairspray, neon lights and cool tunes!

80s style is back

We were looking for the 80s, and we found the 80s.

The 80’s are back baby! Let’s party like it’s 1989

80s never looked so good

You’re the 80’s! See you on the dance floor.

The 80s are back and better than ever. You’re welcome.

80s movie quotes are great, but a neon green balloon is even better.

Can’t stop dancing to the music of the 80s

You’re invited to the happiest place on earth. Let’s go back to the 80’s!

It’s like 1984 all over again.

You can dance like there’s no one watching. You can wear your hair like there’s no one seeing.

Let’s throw a big 80s party!

We’re ready to rock this 80s party… No matter what the decade.

It’s the 80s. There are three things that are certain: rock ‘n’ roll, mad men and twinks—and you’re invited to our party.

Your party is my favorite 80’s throwback.

Hello 80s, we’re here to steal your hearts.

It’s the 80s all over again.

Just you and me in a 80s fantasy.

Life is a party and i’m all dressed up.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Roll to the hill

When the 80s hit, you know it’s a party

Rock out and roll the night away in this 80s party!

So many ‘80s party ideas: hair, makeup, food, and more! Here’s a look at our favorite looks

80s the decade of excess, fashion and the 80s movies.

It’s time to get down and dirty with the 80s!

We’re giving you a reason to rock your 80’s attire again. This time it’s for a good cause.

It’s not just the 80’s. It’s the 80-ness of it all.

You’re going to want to party like it’s 1983.

80s: the decade of excess and over-the-top hair. But remember to keep it classy and not fall victim to the fad.

Let’s go back to the 80s for this one.

We’re having a blast. It’s so much fun we forgot to take pictures!

The best part of a 80s themed party? The outfits!

I’m making a party out of this 80’s themed party.

80s party ready, here we go!

Let’s party like it’s the 80s

80s party: all the attitude and none of the attitude.

Throwback! To the 80s and 90s with these awesome party themes.

Get ready to groove and party like it’s the 80’s.

The 80s called and they want their style back

I’ll be back in time for the 80s dance party.

Let’s get ready to party like it’s 1987.

The good old days never looked so good. #80s

You don’t have to be a teenager anymore…don’t wait for spring to get ready for fall.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

If you’re looking for a party that’s all about the 80s, look no further. We’ve got everything you need for a perfect night out!

We’ve got 80s nostalgia, we’ve got 80s party vibes. Let’s do this! #80sparty

80s theme! We’re 80s, you’re 80s, everybody’s 80s…you better watch out, it’s the 80s party tonight!

It’s time to get your 80s on!

Ready for the 80s to return?

Time to get out of the 80s; put on your hot pants and jeans and party like it’s 1992.

80s are back, baby!

We’re not just part of the 80s, we are a celebration of it. Rolex_watch

I’m not a pair of shoes or a dress—i’m a party!

When you’re feeling like a new arrival,

Gather up your party crew and get ready for a blast from the past.

We’re all about the throwbacks

Let’s get this party started.

In the 80’s, cds were signed by hand. In the 90’s, they were signed with a sharpie.

When life gives you lemons, throw them right back!

It’s a blast from the past!

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