Art Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Art Captions and Quotes for Instagram: It’s funny how art mirrors life in many ways. Sometimes it’s a slight change of perspective, and sometimes it’s an overhaul of our current perspective. But there are certain things about life that we all know is true — like how love brings us together and how we can be brought to our knees by its absence. And one thing is for sure: art inspires us all to live on!

Art Captions and Quotes for Instagram

First things first, art is life.

“Your style is your signature. The ways in which you express yourself on a daily basis will always be unique to you because you have a one-of-a-kind personal style.

Art isn’t something that you simply look at. It’s something that you feel, touch, taste and smell.

Art is a way of looking at things. It’s not the thing, it’s how you look at it.

Art is my therapy, coffee is my energy.

The creative process is like love. It makes you want to run to the nearest surface of water, drown yourself and then jump up and scream: “I’m alive!”

Art is the only way to see things clearly.

Be bold and daring in your work, always pushing yourself to get better and not settling for the status quo.

The next time you see these words, think about how much you’ve grown.

We all have our own stories.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Since we have to work with what we have, when life gives you lemons make lemonade and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

What do you wonder? What do you seek? What are you willing to risk in order to find your answers? What would it take?

When you create art, it becomes more than an expression of your ideas, more than a way to communicate. It’s a window into who you are and a window into the hearts and minds of others.

Bring out your inner artist.

Art isn’t just a pretty picture, it’s the power of emotion communicated through time.

You don’t have to be an artist to create art. You just have to have a dream and the courage to follow it.

Capturing a moment 🤩

Art is a mirror—the world you see when you hold it up to your face.

Imagines🖤 ‘Cause life is too short not to go against the grain.

Only in the hands of an artist can a piece of clay become a sculpture.

I’m the color of lipstick, and the scent of fresh sheets. Life is but a dream. So wake up and smell the coffee!

It’s not how much you achieve, it’s how much you enjoy the process.

Our lives are made of the things we choose to focus on, and the things we ignore. Be inspired. Be brave. Be bold.

Travel like a local, eat like a nomad, sleep like a monk, and wake up with no regrets.

The best way to find joy? Let it in through the small spaces.

Life is too short to be ordinary

Capture your best moments with these art captions and quotes that are sure to give you a good laugh.

Capture your most beautiful memories with these art captions for Instagram.

Quotes. Art. Inspiration. Tag a friend who needs it.”

Finding your own art inside everyday life is the best way to find your purpose.

There is no greater feeling than being captured by a piece of art.

Life is too short not to laugh. Tag a friend who makes you laugh and put #WhenLifeGetsEmotional on Instagram. (via)

The best way to capture your ideas and send them out into the world is through the written word.

Sometimes life is a series of endless possibilities that you can create with just a single word.

We all need a little boost every now and then.

Here’s to your dreams and here’s to making them come true. Happy New Year!

If you’re going through a rough time, look at things in a different light. If you see beauty or have an idea, share it. #quote

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

The best part of today is the seconds it takes to become something tomorrow.

The meaning of life is to find your gift, develop it and then give it away.

A little bit of uplifting art, a dash of inspiration and a pinch of motivation are what we need to get going each day.

Art Is Not Something You Buy, It’s Something You Create

What do you think art is? It’s the expression of a thought, a feeling or an idea.

Life’s best moments happen when we choose to live in the moment and stop waiting.

A little art can go a long way.

Art is the only one who can make you feel something.

A quote to set your day off on the right foot.

Don’t forget to Follow Your Dreams, you never know what they might lead to.

Life is a series of choices, every one of which has its consequences. Rather than hide them, we must embrace them as gifts and move forward with grace.

The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.

If you’re not living on the edge, you’ll never know how far it is. #quoteoftheday

He’s a man of few words, but when he speaks, people listen.

Life is an adventure, not a destination.

“Forget what you were told, forget where you came from, forget who your parents are and go somewhere new.

Art is a mirror that reflects your soul. It’s the stuff of life and dreams, memories and moments, moments to be treasured.

Life is Art. Use your imagination and create something beautiful in every moment.

Art is a mirror. If you don’t like what you see, change it; if you can’t change it, at least look inside to see who else is looking back.

The secret to a good life is good friends, a good book and great coffee

The artist who creates a masterpiece is like the artisan who carves a statue.

There are no words to describe the beauty of the moment. You have to see it for yourself!

Life is like a picture, with the caption “I love you”.

When inspiration strikes, it’s best to be ready.

No one is perfect, but be mindful of the imperfections that make you beautiful.

Life’s too short not to enjoy the little things.

The journey you take to get from point A to point B can be far more interesting than the destination.

Art is the mirror of the soul, *but* the soul is more than a mirror.

You only have one life, so make it count.

Art needs to be beautiful, bold, and explosive—just like you!

A picture is worth 1,000 words. But my art is worth over 100,000, because I’m not afraid to say what needs to be said and show something that needs to be seen.

“Art is a man’s record of his thoughts and feelings. It is no less a part of himself than the expressions on his face. As such, it should be protected with care.”

When you’re a #WorkerBee, you put your heart and soul into every project you set out to accomplish.

The best things in life are free. Take a moment, refresh yourself, and smile..

What is the secret to your success? Tell us how you’re going to make this month even better.

We’ve been through some ups and downs together. And always, somehow, you’re there for me. I love you more than words can say.

When you’re on a roll, sometimes it’s best to let the pen do its thing.

Capturing a moment isn’t the same as making one.

When you find yourself on the floor, look up at the sky and laugh.

Life is all about balance. Keep your head on straight, we’ll take care of the rest.

Keep your eye on the prize, and don’t come to me with your excuses.

The higher you climb, the farther you’ll see.

Words of wisdom from the masters.

Since we’re all about upcycling and recycling today, here are some art supplies you can use to create your own unique quote that shows off your personality.

Capturing the moments that make us laugh and fall in love with our work—that’s the best part of my job!

Life is a canvas, so get painting!

Art is a mirror that reflects your soul—the more you know about yourself, the more you know about art.

Art is a mirror. It reflects our own moods and feelings, and it can inspire new thoughts and emotions.

Your sunshine is waiting for you in the fall.

Let’s be honest, the best part of fall is all the pumpkin everything.

It’s been said that art can be a way to express soul, but it can also be a way to get from one place to another.

Life is better with a good quote on it.

Never be afraid to live your best life.

You don’t have to be an artist to create art. #allcaps

Looking for the perfect caption for your next photo? We’ve got you covered.

Nothing is more inspiring than great art.

“Like weeds growing in the cracks of your sidewalk, creativity thrives in unexpected places.

Life is more fun when we share it with you. #FriendshipIsMagic

Find your true north with the right art and a little positive push.

“I just can’t get this picture out of my head. I’m gonna find a way to use it.” – Coco

Hey there. It’s been a while, huh? We miss you too! But fear not, we’re back and ready to show you what we’ve been up to (and what we’re working on next).

Be the art you wish to see in the world.

I live for the moments when you can close your eyes and step back into a scene from a favorite movie.

#quoteoftheday: “Beauty is not in the face; it’s in the whole of a person.” -George Bernard Shaw

Inspiration is like dew on the morning grass. It’s there, but it doesn’t stay long when the sun comes up.

“Make the most of your life. Start early and make every day count.” –Virginia Woolf

There’s no such thing as a boring day—just boring people.

It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

Art doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be yours.

“A photograph is a way of looking at the world. It’s a moment frozen in time, representing a specific view of reality. A naked truth.

The art of life is simple. Open your heart, spread your wings and fly.

When you’re truly happy, it’s like everything around you is smiling.

The only thing more beautiful than a sunset is the smile on your face.

“Sometimes the best way to celebrate a moment is to stop and notice all the things that surround it.”

The best thing about life is the journey. The destination is not as important as how we got there #liveauthentic

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. #wanderlust

The greatest beauty is the ability to love and be loved.

Life is a learning curve, not a straight line.

Embrace your inner artist. We all need to create, especially in the digital age.

Inspirational art quotes and quotes that evoke feeling and emotion.

Our hearts are filled with art.

When you’re in the right mood, art can make you feel better.

The power of a caption lies in it’s brevity—your words must be so relevant that your audience can’t help but take action.

Our lives are like art. Life is hard to define, but we can learn so much from our mistakes and failures.

Art is a reflection of our soul. It always has been, always will be and always will say more about us than we want it to.

In the art world, it’s all about presentation.

Art is a way of looking at the world.

Art is never finished. It is either the beginning of something that will last forever or a scratch on the surface of what already exists.

All great artists are rebels, but the rebel that makes you think is the greatest artist of all.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Art is the only definition of perfection that is not relative. –Arthur Schopenhauer

There’s no point in staying in your comfort zone.

Don’t forget to live your life to the fullest.

We are all just a little bit different. That’s what makes us fun to be around, and that’s why we like Instagram so much

The only thing better than art is more art.

As your best friend and mentor, I know that you have it in you to become whatever you want. Don’t let anything stop you from chasing your dream. Tag your friends and family.

It’s a good day to be alive, and I’m feeling it.

Inspire your audience to be bold and brave with #quoteoftheday.

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

Don’t let your time be wasted. Make the most of every single moment and take action.

If you want to inspire people, show them what they can do. If you want to be inspired, look at the things that inspire you

Life is like a rollercoaster, if you didn’t count the moments of stillness it would be boring.

Don’t ever stop chasing your dreams. If you don’t keep pushing, someone else will pass you by.

Once you stop looking for it, you’ll find it.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Moment of self-reflection.

The greatest achievement is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall.

We are all different, but we are all the same too. Art is a way of expressing our differences and similarities through the beauty of simplicity.

Don’t be afraid to let your inner artist shine through.

Capturing the world through photography is one of the most inspiring things I do. Each day, I’m inspired by new ideas, people and places.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it only took one to inspire this piece.

All great art is intimate.

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page. #Traveling #explore

Sometimes it takes a while to find your voice. But when you do, you’re sure to tell the world how you feel.

How do you feel when you win?

The secret to creativity is knowing you are never going to be completely satisfied. You always want more.

Art is a mirror. It shows you yourself, but in another way.

You are a flower. There is no end to your beauty and splendor. You are the most perfect creation of God…

Sometimes it’s best to stop and take a minute to appreciate what you have. Keep your head up and look forward to the future, because things are looking better than ever.

Life is too short not to dream big. For every thing that we lose, we gain something else of equal value—endless possibilities.

A story is never finished, only abandoned.

The best part about art: it makes me feel good to make it.

Life is too short to let anyone kill your passion. ✊🏼

“Art is the only truth.“–Diderot

Art is not a mirror, but a hammer. It reveals what you are, not what you look like.

Art is the only language in which we can all be asked to live together.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain. – Anais Nin

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

The only thing that stops you from doing your best work is yourself.

I believe the true measure of a person is not how much they have, but rather how much do they care about others

If you don’t create your own light, then you will never see the shadow.

Always remember that the only thing that gets you to the top is hard work and determination.

When you’re ready, the world will open up to you.

The most successful people are the ones who can see their successes as an opportunity.

When no one believes in you except the one who is standing right in front of you, then do it anyway.

These amazing quotes and captions for Instagram will inspire you to create your own content.

I believe in the power of art and people. I believe that every single person has a unique and special purpose in this world, and I want to help you find yours.

Life is short. Love your art. Teach it well.

Bold statement made with a piece of art.

Artists are a society of rebels. They break the rules, and they deal with that guilt by translating joy into art. – Georgia O’Keeffe

This is what it feels like to be #blessed.

We are all made up of stories, and the only way we can live them forward is by writing our own.

“Beam it up.” – @devnullofuncertainty

For the moments when you feel like this world is too big and you need a break from it.

The best advice I ever received came from my late father. He told me: Show people what you value, and they will seek it out for themselves.

Let’s stop being afraid of what people think and start being our true selves.

The art of life is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather, joyfully and sanity intact.

I don’t always have to be the strongest, but I can be the bravest. #quoteoftheday

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

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