Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother Greetings


Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother


Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother: Your brother means a great deal to you. His birthday is a special day for him, and you can wish him on his birthday by sending a belated birthday for brother wishes. I have listed some belated birthday for brother wishes.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother Greetings

• Belated birthday wishes for the best brother in the world! I am sorry that I had to make you wait for a week but at least, here I am wishing you a very happy and belated Birthday! Hope we get to celebrate it together this year!


• Belated birthday wishes for brother! There’s nothing I can say or do now that can make up for all those times I wasn’t there for you. Life is never easy, but I am sure those who love you will take good care of you. We will celebrate the next time we get together. Hugs, and kisses, and I love you.


• Happy belated birthday, dear brother! I know you are busy with work and cannot make it to my party. Since you are not here to celebrate this special day, cherished thoughts of you have made this birthday more special for me. Thanks for bringing so much love to our family!


• Belated birthday wishes to my dear brother! What would have I done without you all these years?! You gave me the courage to face life’s challenges. You were by my side when I needed cheering up and held my hand when I was afraid. Although we have not been as close as I would have liked, I fully understand your situation. And, today is the time for us to patch things up once and for all!


• My brother, we have gone through a lot together. Over the years, you have become my best friend and confidant too. We have shared many laughs and hours of tears. Thank you for being there for me through all the difficult times that I had to go through in life. I love you and wish you the happiest birthday ever!


• Thank you for standing by me and being the person you are. I appreciate that you love me for who I am. Thank you for choosing me as your sister, and making my life easier. I wish you a very happy birthday, brother!


• happy birthday! I cannot believe your birthday slipped my mind! I have been very busy and forgot about it. Hope you had a great day. Sending you love and hugs!


• Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day dear brother. I pray to God to bless you with peace, prosperity, and happiness all through life. After all, since we are together today, there are many more wonderful years to come.


• It’s been a long time since we spoke and I hope you remember the times we will cherish. Catching up on old times has never been this easy and I am glad to finally hear your voice. With all that is happening in life, it is good to know that your brother is always by your side. Today, thank you for touching my life in so many ways; my heart truly belongs to you! Happy birthday once again!


• When I look at my brother, I see a man who has supported me through thick and thin. He has brought laughter into my life and taken away all the sadness. You have stood by me through every turn of life, and that is why I will always share a special bond with you. That is why I always try and be there for you no matter what comes in between. Happy birthday!


• Your brother is your first best friend in the world. Your brother is everything you ever need. On this sad day, I wish you a happy birthday.


• I know you would not believe it but I am celebrating your birthday belatedly and trust me, it does not matter that the time is wrong because what matters to me is that I make it special for you. I love you, bro!


• Happy birthday to my brother! You have been a source of strength for me and the backbone of our family. I am so grateful to have you as my brother. May God bless you always!


• Today, I want to tell you, that you are the best brother ever! You always try your level best to make me feel special and loved. Thanks for being a great companion and a wonderful friend. I am extremely lucky to have a brother like you and hope we stay this close forever!


• It’s a big day for me, and I just can’t spend it without wishing you the most special person in my life. You are my brother, my friend, and my life. I thank God for bringing you into my life. Happy belated birthday!


• Belated birthday wishes to my dear brother. Brother, I do not need to tell you how special our bond is. We have been through some ups and downs, but that has not come in the way of our beautiful relationship. Happy birthday!


• You are my brother, the one person in this world who knows me better than anybody else. Your heart is pure and your soul is kind. You are always there for me, no matter what I do or do not do. We share a special bond which only you and I can understand. Happy birthday! Much love to you today and always!


• Happy happy belated birthday, brother! This day seems to be a long time coming. I am grateful to have such an awesome brother as you and shared so many great memories with you.


• What can I tell you about my brother? He is the guy that is always smiling, confident, and who will always believe in you when no one else does. He is someone who has a heart of gold and these words cannot do justice to how much he means to me. May your birthday bring you joy, laughter, love, and most importantly health!


• You came into my life when I needed a friend the most. You never let me down and stood by me and for that, I am forever grateful. Happy birthday to my brother!


• Bro, in my eyes you will always be a little kid who asks for free treats! But whatever you grow up to be, I will always have a special place for you in my heart-big or small. Keep dancing to the beat of your drum and never let anyone bring you down. Wish you a happy birthday.


• Happy belated birthday to my brother! Even though you were never there physically during my growing up years, time and again, I wished you could be there with me. Brother, we have so much in common and I love our similarities. I only wish I would have had one more chance to share a birthday cake with you! Keep clicking Happy SMS for all your loved ones on this page only after accepting my friend request if you want to see more messages like these.


Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother
Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

Best Belated Birthday Wishes

• I hope all my future cards to you are not belated. This birthday message is a bit late, but let me first say your profession suits you. You are an avid learner, are hardworking, have a passion for every field of life, and never give up till you achieve perfection. I am proud to have a brother like you. Wish you a belated happy birthday!


• Belated birthday wishes for brother. We have always shared a special bond and you have been my role model all along. You are such a caring soul that you’d put your happiness behind yours. My brother, I feel proud to call you mine. Wishing you many happy returns of the day!


• My dear brother, I regret that our last meeting was a little bit unpleasant. I am hoping and wishing for the next time we meet each other, it will be much better in every possible way. I hope you liked my belated birthday wishes for my brother that I bought for you today.


• Your birthday is no ordinary day. It’s a special day where you stop time and reflect on the past, present, and future. So even if I can’t make it to your birthday to wish you, I’d like to say a belated happy birthday to the finest brother I could ever ask for. Love you!


• Happy Birthday to my very dear brother. I realize we don’t get along very well now, but what matters is that you are always there for me when I need you. I love you and hope you will have a fantastic year ahead. Wishing you a belated birthday!


• Happy belated birthday to my sweet and lovable brother! You are our hero and we are always proud to be seen with you. You are always there for us and as a big family, we feel safer when you are around. I hope to continue being your little sister until the last breath in my body. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you the most.


• I always looked up to you, never to let me down. You have shown me that love is unconditional and I should always aspire to be just like you. Thank you for being the best brother in the whole world. Have a lovely birthday!


• Happy belated birthday to the man who made my childhood carefree and fun! I’m so blessed to have you as my brother. I love you!


• It’s your birthday and I’m not there to celebrate! I will call you right away, to make amends for my absence. After all, you are my brother and even though we fight and bicker, all is forgiven in the end!


• Belated birthday wishes for my big brother! I am grateful to you for making my life an awesome one. You have always been a guiding source of light through tough times and have stood by me in all the celebrations. Your unconditional love has made me stronger than ever. All the best on your birthday!


• My dear big brother! Wishing you a splendid and very happy birthday! As your little sister, it has always been my dream to gift you with something special. I wish to fulfill this dream on your big day. It may not be perfect, but I want you to understand that you are loved and cherished by everyone.


• Belated birthday wishes for you, brother! I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to your party. But, in my heart, you are the greatest gift of God to me. Love you.


• Your caring and loving heart are what I admire the most. You are like a flower blooming in winter days, not waiting for spring to come but flowers come where you are. I wish you a belated birthday and hope that you get all that you deserve!


• Brother, on your birthday, you are not only the extension of my family but also my banner. When I look at you, I see our mother and daddy. You can be certain that the smile on your face is the same kind of happiness they felt for me. On this special day, I wish you as many birthdays as you have given to me. May God’s blessing forever shine on your head!


• Belated brother, the years are ticking away faster than you can imagine. Life takes its toll on us all, regardless of what you do. Every move we make is a step forward or backward, it depends on where we’re heading to. When I found you here, I thought you forgot my birthday again! Anyway, happy birthday.


• Belated siblings like you are few and far between! Belated, but never forgotten. I hope all goes well for you and wish you nothing comes in your way. I hope this belated birthday brings a stream of joy your way tonight!


• Today is a milestone not for me, but for you! I’m so proud of who you have become and the man you are today. You have grown to be a good friend, great brother, and a decent father; my heart couldn’t be prouder. Wishing you all the happiness in life! Happy birthday, dear brother!


• It has been a long time since I wished you a happy birthday. These days, I miss my brother a lot. Wishing you a very happy birthday!


• On your birthday, may you be blessed with gifts beyond your expectation and joy that is hard to put in words. Live long, my dear brother, I hope you enjoy this special day to the fullest!


• On this special day, I pray to the Lord to grant you all His blessings. I am praying for your happiness and prosperity forever. May the almighty God shower his love on you and fill your life with joy, love, and warmth! I wish you a very happy birthday!


• Happy belated birthday! I don’t know why we are celebrating it so late but I’m glad you’re still alive to enjoy this cake and the company of your friends. Hope you are having an amazing time.


• Happy Birthday to my brother! I am so proud of you. You have grown up now and are ready to take on the world. I am glad that I was part of your journey. Aside from being a great older brother, you are also a great friend. I love you and wish we could spend more time together.


• What can I say, my brother. You are great and I am not saying this because you are my brother, but because it’s the truth. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed someone. Your love and care are what always helped me achieve what I never thought was possible. Happy birthday, bro!


• Your presence in my life has made me realize how important a brother can be. A real brother is one of the most wonderful gifts one can ever ask for. You have given me so much happiness in life that I fail to describe in mere words. Hope you have a great birthday, bro!


• I have watched you grow from a small kid to the young man you are today. I am glad you were born. Happy birthday, bro!


Belated Birthday Brother Wishes

• As time goes, you have realized that people come and go, but your brother is with you through thick and thin. No one like you stands by me in the brightest and darkest of times. I wish I could live without knowing your value for all eternity. Even though we see each other after a long, the short we spend together eases my spirit. I love you.


• Brothers like you are rare. After so many conflicts and painful memories, you chose to stand by me until this day. I have nothing but one request from you that is to stay beside me to protect me from all the dangers ahead of us. You are a gift from the heavens above and I am grateful for your existence! Today, I wish you a life full of happiness and peace!


• happy belated birthday to my brother! I should’ve wished you earlier. But better late than never, right? I want to thank you for all the love and support. I could not do this without you by my side. I want you to know, I don’t ever take your presence for granted. You are my inspiration in life.


• Belated Happy Birthday, Brother. I know, your life always revolved around me and my happiness. You have taken care of me and made me who I am today. Thank you are small words compared to all that you have done for me.


• Belated Happy Birthday to my dear brother. I hope you passing by this send-off, and I hope it makes your day great and even better! You’re older now, see you!


• You just turned one year older and it’s a big deal. I would like to wish you one very happy belated birthday and tell you how much you mean to me. I hope that we spent time together today as well.


• For a brother like you, I am not sure even words like ‘thank you’ are enough. You have always been there for me and made my life so much easier. Not to mention, you never complain about anything I throw at you. I promise to return the favor when I can. Thank you for all your love and care, happy birthday!


• Happy belated birthday to a bro who never fails to put it at ease! Thank you for all the times you have stood by me through thick and thin. Your calming presence has brought peace to my life.


• Hey bro, I hope the day went well on Saturday night. It was late by the time I got home. I am sorry for keeping you wait so long. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your help in decorating my room. Your advice and suggestions have made a big difference! Have a happy birthday!



• Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother!!! You are my favorite brother. You are always there whenever I need you. I feel blessed to have a brother like you who has come into my life in a time when I seriously needed a sibling. Now, look at us, we have become the best of friends. Wish you a belated birthday and many happy returns of the day!!


• Happy belated birthday to my brother! I hope you had a great birthday party, it was so hard to attend the event knowing it is your birthday. I know you wouldn’t like me celebrating your birthday with big celebrations and all but I just want you to know that I will always be there in every way possible.


• Happy birthday, my dear brother! I should have sent you a card on your last birthday, but somehow, it slipped my mind. I hope you will forgive me for not sending you a better card on your special day. Please accept my belated birthday wishes and I hope you had a wonderful time.


• Years may have passed you by, but you are always in my heart! I wish you a very happy birthday, my dear brother, and hope that you never forget all the love I am sending your way!


• What a special brother you are! I want to put on record how much you mean to me by dedicating this day to you. No matter the distance we have come from or even if we fight and disagree on so many things, one truth remains: you will always be the closest person to me. You have been my pillar of strength and always supported me through the rough patches in life. I proud of you for what you are today because you never gave up once.


• It’s been so long since we last spoke. I know your busy but it hurts me to feel that you have forgotten me. I miss the times we used to spend together and wish we could do it again soon. No matter how far you go and how hard life gets, remember you have a brother who is always there for you.



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