Hilarious Birthday Prayer for Daughter from Mother

Birthday Prayer for Daughter from Mother: Today is your daughter’s birthday and you want to say a prayer for her. Worry not buddy, we got you covered. You can use this prayer to inspire the right words each time you say a prayer for your daughter.

Hilarious Birthday Prayer for Daughter from Mother

Dear daughter, May God be with you in good times and bad. May he protect you from any trouble, and guide you to the right path. You are very dear to me and my heart is filled with pride at the sight of your happy smile. Please keep looking back always with gratitude towards me. Birthday, as always will be a day of sheer enjoyment for both of us.

Dear daughter and best friend, I present to you a prayer that you will always be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. May happiness pursue you always and never depart from your home, family, and friends. God bless and keep you at all times! Happy birthday dear daughter!

My dear daughter, may you find all the happiness on earth. May you find your dreams and make them come true. May God bless you with good health and rich blessings. I wish you a very happy birthday with endless joy and surprises!

Dearest daughter, thank God for blessing you with a wonderful mom like me. I want to wish you a very merry birthday. May this day be special to you as well as the wonderful people who share it with you including your partner and family. I love you more than ever on this special day and every day of your life. Happy Birthday, dear!

My dear daughter, I want to pray for your success and growth on this special day. May the Lord continue to bless you with renewed vigor and longevity of life. Happy birthday!

My daughter, I am grateful for the happiness and love you have gifted us with. May you find peace and success on your road of life. May God shine his bright light of heaven upon you. Let’s joyfully celebrate your birthday, filled with lots of dreams and happiness now and forever!

When I look back at life, the biggest achievement I have achieved is raising you. You were a great daughter, friend, and sister. Some people call me their mother but other than my womb of origin, you are the best thing in the world to me. You should be proud of who you are; you are my laughter when there are only tears around. Happy birthday to you.

Dear heavens, I pray that your life is filled with endless happiness and good health. I pray that you are guided towards the right path and happiness in this new year of your journey through life. I wish you a very happy birthday!

My dear angel, I am proud of you. You are a wonderful daughter, my best friend, and the apple of my eye. I appreciate the love and kindness that you have always shared with me. Through you, I have learned to love myself more and to believe more in God’s plan for my life.

May you be blessed by the kind and merciful God. God had made you in His image and likeness. We are grateful to God for making you a woman of substance. Today, please do not forget that you have a mother who loves you with all her heart; so let your heart be filled with love as well. Fill our hearts with happiness and peace.

Dear daughter on the day of your birthday, I pray that you find success, love, and prosperity. May God bless you with good health riches and harmony all through your life. And may He always keep you in his care and shower every blessing, good health, and limitless happiness on you throughout the year.

Dear daughter, you are a special blessing from God and I thank Him every day for choosing me to be your mother. As you grow older and stand on your own, know that I am always here for you. Wishing you a heartwarming birthday!

Thank you, my dear daughter, for the wonderful birthday card. I’m proud of you and love you so much. God has blessed me with a beautiful daughter like you. I can’t wait to see you at home after the final exams. Stay happy and healthy my dear and have a fun time.

Dear daughter, I hope you get all that you wish for today even if it is a million miles away. Your happiness is my most cherished wish and your joys are my happiest moments. I hope that every dream of yours comes true on this special day. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. I love you, dear!

Dear daughter, today you are turning one year old. This is a day that fills our hearts with more joy and excitement than we can express. You have completed a full year of life on the Earth, which means you are now old enough to begin making your own decisions. We love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday!

Dear daughter, the Lord has blessed me to become a mother of a beautiful girl like you. You are my everything. I just want you to know that someone in this world loves you so much. Today and every day, I thank God for you.

I pray that you will find true happiness today. May the joy of the day renew your spirit and may you find the peace and love you have been longing for! Happy birthday!

Dear Lord, thank you for giving me a daughter such as Kate. I don’t know what I would do without her. Please protect and guide her through everything she does. On this day of celebration and lovely dreams, give me the chance to spend it with my dear child. I love u! Son

My beloved daughter, I thank God for bringing such a beautiful miracle into my life. Although growing up without a father can be an extremely hard road to travel, you have always pulled through that journey amazingly. Thank you for making me proud and for being there for your siblings when I wasn’t able to.

Thank you, god, for giving me a daughter like mine. I will never forget the day she was born, and how excited I was to be her mother. I thank you for your creation, it never fails to amaze me. Please let me continue to be a good parent and guide my daughter in the right direction.

Dear daughter, you have brought a lot of joy to my life. I would like to say “thank you” with this lovely prayer card that I have made especially for you. I know you might not follow these words but they came from the bottom of my heart so I just had to say it anyway. I hope next year we are celebrating this day together. Happy birthday!

Dear Daughter, I wish you a happy birthday and pray that all your wishes will be fulfilled. May God always bless all the days of your life with happiness and health.

Dear daughter, I am thankful for the fact that God has blessed me with a wonderful child like you. Let’s be on our knees and thank Jesus for such a beautiful gift. May the love of God continue to shower down upon you forever. Happy birthday.

Dear daughter, you are the darling of my life – the apple of my eye. May you experience all the happiness in the world. Your presence in my life makes me feel blessed indeed. You are a guiding light who brings hope and courage to me whenever I am down and out. Have a wonderful day!

Do not forget that you are always loved and appreciated. I have been there for you throughout your childhood, teenage, and even adult life. Your mom is proud of the smart and loving daughter she has raised into a successful young woman. Happy birthday, dear!

I pray that your life may be as beautiful as the day you were born. I pray that you may always have a reason to play and smile. Always remember to love and try to bring joy and happiness to all you encounter while on earth. May many blessings be yours through the years. Happy Birthday!!

Glad that you are here. Though it has not been a long time we have seen each other, I feel like the presence of my daughter has always been with me. I love this feeling and thank God for it. You are my princess and my source of strength. This special day is dedicated to you and to the blessings you have showered on me. I love u little one!

Dear. I just want to thank you for your unconditional love and help as you always stood by me through thick and thin. Thank you for being with me in my good and bad times! May God bless you more than you could ever imagine.

O Lord, keep this baby girl safe and sound, protect her always and make her enjoy a very happy and blessed life. Be with her always, hold her hands and guide her always through life.

Dear daughter, my wish is that you always remain happy and joyous on this birthday. May this day be one that you will always remember because it brings you to your dreams. I pray for Allah to guide you.

Wow! The day you were given birth feels quite distant. Now, I am already speaking to a grown-up girl who has a mind of her own and can represent herself in society. I am very proud of you and happy that you have become such a wonderful daughter.

My dear daughter, God has given you a special place in my heart. I love you so very much and feel that my world would completely fall apart if you were not around to make life a happier place. Peace, trust, and love will always be what my feelings are for you. Happy birthday, darling!

God has given a precious gift to me, your daughter. From the time you were born, I grew up watching you and feeling proud of how beautiful you are. You are my pride and joy, my precious gem. Thank you for being in my life! Happy birthday, dear

When I look back on all the good times that we have shared, the challenges we have overcome, and the love we have given and received, I feel so blessed to have a daughter like you. All my hopes and dreams for your future are coming true right here in front of my eyes. May God bless you more than you can imagine. Have a great birthday!

my dear daughter, your dad and I cannot express our love for you. Your happiness, health, and success are our biggest concerns. We pray that a year from now, you are still safe, in school, and not pregnant.

I hope your birthday is filled with laughter and joy! I wish you a joyous celebration, filled with all the smiles you deserve.

I would be praying to the almighty God to shower you with his continuous love and care. I pray that you grow up to be a wonderful woman who can take care of herself and her family. I pray that your decisions in life are guided by what is right and never by evil. I wish you a happy birthday, my dear. May God bless you always!

Dear daughter, even though I know you are grown up now, still I wish you the same birthday wishes from your childhood: May you have many friends and great fun, may your heart always be filled with sweet dreams, and may God keep you in His care wherever you go.

Dear daughter, on this day, let me wish you a very happy birthday! I love you for all that you are. I know every year is like a reset button for us, as we start all over again with new hopes and dreams. Let us work hard together and make memories that will last forever!

Darling daughter, you twinkle like a star and shine bright in my life. Your beautiful eyes and hair make you look like an angel. I pray that this day you will receive the best from God, that you may live a long, healthy, and prosperous life, that you may enjoy all success to the fullest, and never experience failure.

Oh, my dear daughter! Today is very special to me. I know your life is full of stress, but I hope someday you will always look back and cherish this special day. Wish you were close to me now and I could pray for you.

Dear daughter, thank you for the prayers. May God visit you with all his mercy; may he provide you with a way to do all the things that you have planned for today.

Dear, my daughter, today is the day when I ask God to help you to find peace. Help you to let go of your past. And give you a new life full of self-awareness and reflection. Help her to love herself again! Dear Lord, I thank you for the fact that she has been born to me! Happy birthday!

God gave me a blessing, he gave me my daughter you on this day. Thank you for being such a great mom and bringing so much joy to my life. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world!

Dearest, you shine brighter than a star. It is no surprise the world has its eyes on you. I am blessed to be your mom and I thank God for the gift of you in my life. God has truly been gracious to me. I pray he continues to shower his blessings on you forever. I love you dear and may you have a celebration that is fit for a Queen!

I am sending this sunshine to brighten your day a little bit and remind you of God’s love always. I pray that your heart always remains pure and free from all the worldly pressures. If you are having a bad day, just remember that God is always by your side. I love you.

Dear daughter, on your birthday, I pray for you to find what you are looking for in life. Be it money, success, health, or whatever it is that you desire. I want all of your dreams to come true. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday.

My dear daughter, from the day you were born, you brought happiness to my life. Your beautiful smile makes me happy and your laughter fills my heart with joy. I pray that God blesses you with all that is good in this world and keeps you joyful, healthy, and protected through your journey called life. Happy birthday.

Dear daughter, your birthday is a special day. Good morning and afternoon wishes on your

My angel, I have the honor of being your mother. On this special day, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. May God grace you with all the happiness and goodness that life has to offer. May you enjoy every moment of your life, and may God bless you with joy and success.

Daughter, today is your special day. I pray for you to have an encouraging journey, filled with blessings and happiness that you always deserve. Dear child, may this new year bring success beyond your dreams. May you be happy every day of your life. May you be blessed abundantly! Have a very happy birthday!

You must have become my daughter again today because the big fat age number is displayed before my eyes. I am happy to see you step into yet another year of your life. I am glad that you value me as your mom and treat me always with respect and love. Thank you for always being there for me. I wish you nothing but the best in everything you choose to do.

Sun shines for two and so does my love for you! I am blessed to have a wonderful daughter like you. Let this day be one of the most special days of your life full of many loving and memorable moments. Thank you for being an awesome doting daughter and a loving sister to me.

I have always admired the capacity you have to love. You are genuine and have magical abilities that I don’t. You are always there for me. I would like to wish you a very happy birthday!

When I look back at my beautiful life, all the moments spent with you blossom into a beautiful rose garden. The time we spent together is something I will treasure for a lifetime. My dearest daughter


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