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Bodyboarding Captions for Instagram with Quotes

Bodyboarding Captions for Instagram with Quotes:

Bodyboarding Captions for Instagram with Quotes

I’m bodyboarding like it’s my job.

In bodyboarding, the waves aren’t just waves. They’re friends who are always there to meet you halfway and push you out of your comfort zone.

There are no rules in bodyboarding. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

We’re not just a bunch of ratty surfers. We’re the best bodyboarders in the world

Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting out on the water, tearing up some waves, and having a blast.

If you wanna ride a wave, you gotta have balls.

I can’t stop swimming, even if I wanted to.

There’s no need for a map, just get out and shred.

You just can’t resist the urge to shred.

Nothing is more freeing than feeling the wind in your hair and seeing the sun glisten on the water.

Life is a wave, so ride the hell out of it.

The right board can make the difference between a good time and a great time.

When life gets you down, just remember that your body is made up of water and air.

There’s nothing to stop you from charging down the line and making your mark.

Done. I’ve finally made it

If you’ve got the guts, stamina and confidence to ride the world’s biggest waves, then you’re ready for bodyboarding.

You can’t fake bodyboarding. You either got it or you don’t, man!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane.. But it’s a bodyboarder!

Wake up in the middle of the night and grab the bodyboard. You never know what’s gonna happen

I’m the queen of bodyboarding

Nothing better than a good bodyboard session to get your day off the ground.

The right bodyboard hits the right spot every time.

Hit the waves and make it a wave day.

The only way to really get the feel of a wave is to jump in.

Every day is a chance to go bigger than yesterday, just come out of the water like you mean it

I’m catching some serious waves

Go out into the ocean and feel like you can do anything.

We’re always looking for fresh faces, new tricks and a whole lot of fun.

Get out of your comfort zone. You know you can do it.

The only thing I care about is bodyboarding.

What’s better than a day of bodyboarding? A whole week in Hawaii.

I’m the only one who gets to do this (one of my favorite bodyboarding spots). #surflife

The best feeling in the world is when you are shredding bodyboarding waves, making you feel alive.

The most badass way to enjoy the beach.

I feel like I’m finally getting my body to where it needs to be.

I’m not worried about getting hurt or even about what other people think of me. I’m in this for the long haul.

All riding the waves with you.

Life is short. Have fun while you can.

I’d rather be the wave than be washed ashore.

It’s not about being the best you can be, it’s about being the best version of yourself.

Life is short, live it to the fullest.

Let the wind take you where it wants.

Strong, focused and free.

Life is all about the vibes

Bodyboarding is our passion, and it’s in our blood

The best part of summer is bodyboarding.

#bodyboarding isn’t just about riding waves, it’s about hanging out with the people you love and having a blast doing it.

If you don’t have a bodyboard, you’re not doing your job.

This is what happens when you take bodyboarding too seriously.

Every time I take to the waves, I feel alive.

You don’t always have to be afraid of the waves. You don’t always have to be afraid of the ocean. You don’t always have to be afraid of going out there and just being yourself!

Life is a wave. Surf it.

When life gives you a wave, catch it.

You’re not just waves, you’re a wave.

Don’t be afraid to dream big, and keep paddling on.

Life is better when you’re out there, rolling.

These waves have my heart and soul.

With a day like this, I can’t imagine what the rest of our week will be like.

The perfect way to start the weekend on a sunny note.

I’m a pro in the art of bodyboarding.

Find your bodyboard and ride the waves

The world is your bodyboard, so get out there and shred.

The only thing better than watching the waves is being out there with them.

Nothing like a good old body break to make the stress of the day vanish

When the waves are really big, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

The ocean is calling. Answer with your boards and barrels.

So much fun, I almost wish I could board everyday.

Go big, go bold and fill your dreams with water.

I’m getting hyped for the weekend.

When your body is a beast, you don’t even need to power up.

I’m in the zone.

When the waves are small, but the anger is big.

The best way to change the world is by giving back.

Riding is my meditative state

Bodyboarding is the only sport where failure is a success.

We know how to bodyboard.

It’s not about the wave, it’s about the ride. 🏂 #Bodyboarding

I just took a bodyboarding lesson and the instructor said I was doing great. What part of the body is he talking about?

Water, waves and bodyboarding. That’s this week’s theme.

Get outside, turn up your music and paddle.

Life’s a beach. Eat it up.

Do it for the wave. Do it for the glory.

Life is too short to miss a wave.

I love the feeling of the water on my face, but that’s not all I’m loving.

Not every day is a good one. But everything about today was great.

I’m coming for you.

Do it all day

You either get it or you don’t.

I’m not the best but i’ll be the one who tries harder.

When you’re bodyboarding, it’s the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see.

The best part about bodyboarding is that there’s never a bad day of the week.

Life is a bodyboarding session.

Life is full of good memories and bad memories. But when it comes to bodyboarding, the memories are all good ones!

Live the life you love, on and in the water.

Nothing compares to the rush of a huge wave.

The moment you realize your body is capable of so much more than you ever thought.

“In the ocean, I am free.”

You can never go wrong with a Banksy.

It’s just us against the ocean.

Life is a series of waves, you either get up or you drown.

Go big, or go home.

The feeling of letting go of everything and feeling the water’s embrace.

No matter how good or bad you are, you can always be better.

The water’s never going to be the same.

The perfect way to cool down from a long day at the beach. #bodyboarding

I have a thing for bodyboarding!

The bodyboarder. The surfer. The rebel. Surf’s up, dude.

A day in the life of a bodyboarder.

I’m a bodyboarder, not a surfer. I rip through the water and get my momentum going from the first wave to the last.

Don’t think. Just bodyboard.

No matter how big the wave, there’s always more to surf.

Here’s to the waves that make you feel like a kid again, even if you’re not.

The feeling of the wind in your face, the sun on your back and a day full of waves.

When life gives you waves, you make an epic ride.

A perfect moment on the water.

The best feeling in the world is adrenaline.

The ocean never seemed so big.

Don’t be afraid to go big and try something new.

Open your mind, the world is endless.

I can’t stop smiling. This is why I love bodyboarding!

What’s your favorite bodyboarding spot? Tag #mybodyboardschool to share!

You can’t beat the rush of bodyboarding back-to-back with your crew.

A perfect day on a perfect bodyboard beats a million days on any other board.

Don’t be afraid to dive on and catch some waves

There’s no better way to spend a day off than with your best friends on the water.

The thrill of the ride is what keeps me coming back.

Life’s a beach, why bother with anything else

Look at all these waves.

Even when you’re not doing anything, you still have the best job.

Life’s about the moments before the next one.

You can’t keep a good man down.

Let the good times roll.

You think you’re dreaming now? You’re not even close to being awake.

Endless summer days and endless nights.

Nothing in this world, is more fun than bodyboarding.

Bodyboarding is life.

I don’t care what the haters say. I am the best bodyboarder there is.

A bodyboard is like a surfboard, but it’s shaped like a boogie board and it won’t let you fall off its back.

A bodyboarder is someone who surfs and bodyboards at the same time.

Clap your hands if you love surfing as much as I do.

This weekend get out of your head and into the waves.

Life’s a beach, and we’re just trying to make it there.

I’m so connected to these waves and my board, I feel like I can fly.

I ride the waves and i’ll never stop.

Life is all about balance, and that includes your board.

You’re not ready yet. You will be.

It’s all about the flow.

You never stop learning, you just get better and better.

Bodyboarding is all about balance, flow and confidence. Keep your head on straight and let the body do the work.

There’s no better way to get your mind off of things than to bodyboard.

“There’s nothing that can kill your bodyboarding like waiting for it.” – Willa Fordy

What’s better than two-wheels, water and waves? BODYBOARDING, that’s what.

Surfing’s not just about catching waves. It’s about the feeling of being alive.

I don’t take life too seriously. It’s just a surfboard.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself. You’ll never regret a moment spent in the water.

Exciting to be back in the water this week.

Riding waves, looking for the perfect ride.

Life is all about riding waves—seize the moment and ride the wave.

Go big or go home, but often it’s the little things that make us fall in love.

I’m living for the moments when I get to feel the wind in my hair and pass over the falls with a smile on my face.

I’m kicking it old school this summer 🏖

I used to be afraid to fall in love but now I’m just afraid of not falling in love.

What goes up must come down

The only thing sexier than a surfer is a surfer with a bodyboard.

My main goal when it comes to bodyboarding is to compete. I want to get in the finals of competitions and I want to be the best at what I do.

I’m a bodyboarder, not a surfer.

I’m in my bodyboarding zone.

That feeling when you can do the impossible #bodyboard

I’m a surfer, and I can’t be stopped.

I’ll do it, i’ll do anything in this world to stay in the ocean.

It’s all about the body, baby.

I’m not afraid to get out there and try something new.

It’s time to let go and have some fun.

Life is a movie, and I’m the director.

It’s always better in the picture.

You can only die once. Live life like you were going to die tomorrow, because you are…

The pleasure of the ride is in the riding.

Don’t look back. Move forward, always keep eyes on the horizon.

The most beautiful thing about bodyboarding is the people you meet along the way.

I’m in love with the ocean and life, I think it’s time I embrace my freedom of bodyboarding

The true secret to a good bodyboarding session.

The best feeling in the world? When you feel like you’re flying, and your board is going with you.

Wetsuit, headband and all good vibes

We’re pushing the limits of what’s possible on the water.

Life is one big wave. You gotta go harder, faster, and longer than anyone else—and that’s the only way you’re going to win.

I was standing on the edge of a cliff, when I tried to take a selfie with the ocean behind me. It didn’t go so well

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop pushing your limits. Get out of your comfort zone. Find what inspires you and ride it like there is no tomorrow.

I’ve never done anything on this board, but I’m definitely going to try.

Let’s get out there and explore this summer, together.

It’s not about how good you are, but how bad you want it.

The wind in my hair, the sun on my face. Life is good.

When life’s not waiting for you, it’s speeding up.

Life is about two things: losing your mind, and finding it again.

If a wave is a friendly face, then bodyboarding is the smile that comes with it.

Life’s about balance. And bodyboarding is about who gets to choose the balance.

You can’t stop the bodyboarding, but you can push yourself to try harder.

The bodyboarding way to live life is to enjoy every moment.

There’s no better feeling than being in the ocean, with the waves crashing against you, and the wind lifting your hair. It’s also a great time to make friends on the open water.

Life is a beach, and we’re paddling into it.

Life is better when you’re riding an ocean wave

I hope these waves will save me from my skin, because I need more of it.

There’s nothing in the water that i can’t handle, so let me take you there

Life is good.

Go big or go home

Life is all about living it, not watching it.

You’re only as strong as your weakest spot.

Life’s journey is not about arriving to your destination, but rather the adventure along the way.

Bodyboarding will never die. It’s like the big red ball in life, it keeps rolling and rolling.

Bodyboarding is like kicking the wind in a really small boat.

You better believe I’m getting in on this body-boarding thing.

I’m getting into that zone where no one can tell I’m not actually bodyboarding.

Swipe right if you aren’t scared to bring your board across the street.

You don’t need a beach, you can get your surf on any day of the week.

Stay on your feet, stay off your board.

You don’t need a paddle to go big.

The only thing that’s bigger than my heart is the ocean.

You know you got it when your waves look like chopsticks.

*cue dramatic music* 🏄🏻 🏛

If you’ll let me, I’m gonna get up and show you something.

You don’t need a lot of tricks to make it look like you’re doing something.

Live your best life

This life is a turbulent ride.

Let’s be real, the only thing that’s missing from bodyboarding is waves.

Those who bodyboard, we salute you.

Not only is this bodyboarding the most fun I’ve ever had on a wave, but it’s also the second-best thing that’s happened to me all week.

Better than a TV commercial, better than the ocean.

Get your hair wet and land in the ocean. It’s one of the best feelings on earth.

You can’t stop a wave, but you can learn to surf it.

The only thing better than a wave is a single wave.

It’s the smell of salt in the wind, the taste of freedom, and the feeling of being alive.

The moment you feel the first splash of water, you know you’re home.

Don’t fear the water. It’s been with you all your life and it’ll be there when you’re ready to give up.

Waves, peeps, and a little donut action.

You don’t have to be perfect to start. But it helps.

The way to my heart is through your chest.

The wind tames me and forms my face.

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