Creative Art Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Art Captions and Quotes for Instagram: Art quotes for Instagram are exactly what you see! With these art quotes for Instagram you will never be bored or lose motivation again. I have collected the best artists, writers, and experiences from my own life and put them on one big list. Enjoy the best of art.

Art Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words, may have never seen the photo below.

Art is not a mirror held up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.

Art makes us think, feel and see clearly.

You can’t see the forest for the selfies.

These are the moments that define you.

Some days you just need a little reminder of how bright the future can be.

There are no rules. There are just breaks.

When life gets busy, slow down and enjoy the view.

The world’s a book and every page tells a story.

We’re all a little wacko, but we can be great.

There is always a new beginning, even if it is sometimes just an old one.

No matter how old your wisdom is, it’s always better than yesterday’s.

When art is everything, there’s nothing to fear.🌿

Designing, creating and sharing are all a lot of fun. We help you do that in style.

Let’s stay in tune with the rhythm of life and create a new art every day.

The power of a picture is to make what you have seen real.

Life is more beautiful when you’re surrounded by other beautiful things.

Let’s embrace the small moments in life and live in the NOW.

Life is too short to spend it on stuff you don’t love.

Sending you a little dose of motivation to #KeepDoing.

You can’t see the beauty of a flower unless you stop and look at it. The same is true of life.

Life is a series of ups and downs. But don’t worry about the downs, worry about how to make the ups feel better

A place where dreams are made of and those who dare to dream can achieve anything.

Where would you go if you could choose?

It’s not where you start but where you finish that matters.

“A bad day is better than no day at all.”

The key to life is not holding on, but letting go.

Art is the ultimate definition of freedom. It’s a mental escape, it’s an emotional escape… Art really connects us to nature and other people.

Life is a canvas. Create your masterpiece

Capturing the real and authentic feelings in life is what we do best. #timeless

A quote for every mood and I’m sure you will find the one that fits you best. Happy Monday my fave!

I’m always and forever in search of more light, more freedom and more joy. So even when I can’t find it, I’ll keep looking until I do.

“There is no better time than right now to fight for what you believe in…make a difference.”

Always be yourself, except when you can be a unicorn

You’re never too old to be a kid at heart.

This is what happens when you really listen.

Life is more like a camera than a microscope: you have to hold out your hand and make everything happen.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Art makes you smarter.

…and the world is full of art, but the only way to find it is by looking.

“Life’s a journey and art is the destination.” – Marianne Moore

Our lives are the art we live, and the art of living is simply to see the best in everything and everybody.

We all have the power to change and inspire others.

Art is the only religion that has survived.

A good life is one full of adventure, challenge and love.

There’s no better feeling than being able to choose where you live.

Life is full of surprises and happiness. Be ready for them, because they are coming anyway.

Go where nobody else has been. That’s the only way there is anything new to see.

We are only limited by what we believe is possible.

There’s no effort needed to be kind. You just have to start doing it.

You’ve got to keep the fire burning.

The beauty of art is that it can be interpreted differently by each viewer.

Art is not so much the creation of beauty as the recreation of wonder.

Your life is the art and you are the canvas, live it to its fullest.

Sharing all things beautiful with the world.

Sometimes the best things are free. Other times?

Capturing the beauty of nature and trying not to get too sentimental.

Life. Art. Everything in between.

I will always be inspired by the beauty of nature, and the strength of my family and loved ones.

When I look at my life, the things that make me truly happy are my relationships with people who matter most.

Don’t let the outside fool you…it’s all about the inner beauty.

Life’s too short not to be happy. But too long to be sad. So have fun, laugh a lot and make the most of every moment.

Just because you follow your passion, doesn’t mean it will always be easy.

You can go as far as your mind will allow.

Be kind to the earth, for you are only doing what the earth wants done.

Make art a part of your life. Make it a simple, daily habit. #dailyhabits

Let’s be inspired by the best art, and feel the love in their words.

Life is but a dream away from becoming art.

When life hands you lemons, you make a lemonade 🍋

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

I’m not done growing. I’m always going to be learning and growing.

Not everyone has the same kind of soul that can wear the same kind of shoes.

You don’t have to be good—you just have to do good.

I am following the stars by night and the days by day.

If you want to become great at something, you must learn how it became great.

We’re all made of stars.

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” – William Shakespeare

You can’t see what’s behind you until you look over your shoulder.

Capture the beauty of everyday life with these Instagram captions and quotes to inspire your account.

Art is the perfect place to find your next tattoo.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

“Every day is different. Every moment is unique, and we could all use more time to live in the present.

Art is not a mirror; it’s a hammer.

The best things in life are like a pair of shoes. They fit perfectly, they’re comfortable and they make you look great.

Only in the best moments, do your favorite quotes make sense.

Like a breath of fresh air, you can change someone’s day.

Only the creator can stop creation.

Life is about finding the balance between getting what you want, and being happy for others.

one of life’s greatest pleasures is a good glass of wine.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Happiness is not something that just happens. You have to go out and get it.

Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

My own personal definition of art is anything that inspires, intrigues and amuses me.

With no rules, you create the best art.

Art is the only way to see things as they really are.

Inspiration lives in the most unexpected places.

Life is too short not to have #workthatfeelsgood

The most beautiful things in life aren’t color, but rather joy and laughter.

“Always remember to smile. It is a cheap and easy way to charm everybody around you.”

Everything is waiting to be discovered, except the present. #LiveInTheMoment

I don’t have any words to describe my feelings, but I have plenty of time to think about them.

Live the life that you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not about the destination, but about the journey.

It’s all about perspective.

Boldness is the only way to begin and the only way to grow.

The only way to grow is to let go of the past, so future can start new.

Life is a daily practice of transformation.

A tree is known by its fruit. So let your words be trees of fruits

Art is life. Life is art.

Artists are sensitive to their medium, like lovers who become more invested after the first date.

The only thing more beautiful than an image is the story behind it.

Art is long and life is short.

Art is the lie that enables you to see the truth

An artist always creates with his/her heart.

We all have those moments that we’d like to keep private, but at the same time, we don’t. And that’s okay.

Our hearts are open to anything you want them to be.

Life’s too short to let the small things get you down.

The art of being a great friend is to know when to stop talking.

There are two kinds of pain. The kind that breaks you and the kind that leaves you exactly where you were before it happened.

Life is a journey. The destination has to be worth the trip.


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