Death Condolence Message and Quotes

Death Condolence Message: Condolence messages are written to express the sorrow and sympathies due to the loss of a dear one. These messages may be conveyed through telephone calls, emails, or through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here is a sample condolence message that can help you convey your sympathy or words of encouragement.


Death Condolence Message and Quotes

I’m sending you this note to let you know I’m sorry for your loss. I know words seem useless at a time like this, but please know you are in my thoughts and my heart. I wish we could do something special to ease the pain. If there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask. All my love…

I am writing to express my sincere sympathies for the loss of your loved one. I know that this can be a difficult time, and I hope you find peace and will be able to truly reflect on all the great memories you have of [insert name].

Dear [enter the name of the recipient]; Although you are gone, you will never be forgotten. We all love and miss you very much. Your kindness and sense of humor will always be remembered. You will always be our special angel who is watching over us and guiding us through life.

I am so sorry for your loss..words can’t express how sad I am here right now. I know he/she is happy and free from pain anymore…You are stronger than you think my dear friend. Stay strong, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

I always felt a special connection with you. I always loved you and felt that in some other place we must have known each other or even been friends in another life. I just can’t stop thinking about how much I miss you and how empty this world feels without you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

My dearest, I’m sure that you are peacefully resting in a better place now. I will always remember your sense of humor and how you could joke about anything…you were a great friend to me and I’ll miss you terribly. May you find peace in the afterlife, but until then know that we will do our best to continue your legacy.

There are no words to express how saddened I am by the loss of a loved one. But even in the darkest of times I still hold onto a glimmer of hope that soon this will all just be a bad dream and everything will go back to normal. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.

Sending thoughts and prayers to the family of {Deceased name}. Mr. {Deceased first name} was like a brother to me and I am deeply saddened by his passing. May God bless you all in this time of sorrow and give you strength during this tragic time.

RIP it’s time to say goodbye. I don’t have the words, but I have thought of a good excuse for not writing for almost a year now. So please forgive me and take care of yourself. Bye[…]

Thank you for being a friend. You’ve been a great person to talk and text with, a shoulder to cry on, and someone I could go to for advice. I will miss our chats that ran ’til 5 in the morning because we were so engrossed in conversation. I wish you all the best of luck in life and with everything you do, and I hope that you one day find happiness again.

I would choose to be with you even if I had to walk through that dark tunnel into the land of the dead, because in this life and beyond, you are my one true love.

death is a part of life – he was fortunate to have such a great daughter – please accept our condolences at this sad time – sorry for your loss!!!

We are so sorry for your loss. During this difficult time, we want you to know that you are not in this alone. Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to help. Thoughts and prayers are always with you! We love you more than you will ever know… Rest in peace

I always thought she was special, but never in my wildest dreams did I think she would become my best friend. I love her and I miss her more than you could ever know. You will be missed terribly and forever missed by me. I already feel like we have lost a part of us and the house doesn’t feel the same anymore.

things do change and the person you love will always change. but don’t ever forget that their blood is running through your veins for a reason. and if you listen to it you will know what that reason is. don’t forget to cherish the good things you had with them.

I have never met you, but I can tell you are a lovely person by the people who love you and the way they talk of you. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

Life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel. It’s been a long time dear friend, but you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

I’m saddened to hear of your passing. It’s moments like these that show the true value of friendship and your life was a reflection of that. Thanks for sharing it with me.

I knew that you were different, but I never realized just how special you would become. You have touched my life in a way that nobody else ever has. I have been searching for all the right words to say so that I don’t make this sound too corny, but now that I see it all on paper, it seems so much simpler than trying to explain it from the heart.

We are sorry for your loss and cherish the memories of your loved one. We pray that this is a comfort in your time of sorrow. We will always remember them as a person who was special to us.

Your husband was such a sweet and selfless man, that I am sad he is gone. He touched my life in a meaningful way, so who am I to say goodbye. Thank you for allowing me to be friends with him for many years.

I hope you find peace in this time of sorrow. I am sure you will be reunited with your loved one someday and until then know they are in God’s hands.

You were the greatest father I can imagine. It is always tough to lose someone, especially someone so young. I want you to know that I love you and that I’m here for you and your family.

Our paths may have crossed, our hearts may have raced, but never forget that I will ALWAYS be here for you! Never forget how much I love and care for you. Time will never part us because I cherish every part of you and your being.

You were a great man who inspired people and died too young. You pushed your luck to the limit and lived life to the fullest. I will never forget you.

I’m sure you know just how sorry we all are for the loss of your dear, sweet little boy. I’ll probably never understand why God has to take things away from us that we love so much, but I do believe that he has a plan for every one of us and knows what he is doing.


Condolence Message on Death of Father

Dear, we are truly sorry for your loss on the death of your father. We know things might be difficult right now but we want you to know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Also, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.

Although I never was lucky enough to meet you in person, I feel fortunate to have known you and your son. He is a fine man, and it is no surprise that the two of you were so close. I’m glad to have him in my life and will miss you every day. Rest in peace father and know that your son carries on your legacy with pride.

There may be moments when you feel like breaking. The memory of your father will always be engraved in my mind, with the smell of his perfume, the way he looked at me, his smile, and his presence. You don’t have to be alone anymore because I’m right here with you.

Dad, you were the most amazing man. The last time I saw you was when we decorated your room for Christmas. how you were never tired of playing with me or listening to my big plans and how you could reduce my mother into a fit of giggles. You were everything to me and many things to

I feel very blessed to have had you as my father, someone I could go to for anything. You taught me how to be honest, hard-working, and to stand up for what’s right. I learned so much from you that I can carry on your legacy and follow in your footsteps. You are my hero, may you rest in peace.

You were my friend, my mentor and now you are gone. I will never forget you. You have helped me to become who I am today, for that, I thank you and surely miss you. I will always love and cherish your memory.

we feel for you at this moment, we are sure that all you miss is gone forever. but we just want to let you know that here, by your side, we’ll stay.

Just heard the sad news that your father passed away, please accept my condolences. We may not be close, but my heart sincerely goes out to you. If there is anything I can do please let me know. May he rest in peace.

A wonderful man has been taken from us. I cannot express how sad and sorry I am that this tragic event had to happen. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am here for you if you need me.

For a man who was so tough and strong, you were also tender and kind. I will miss our talks, the teasing and all the things that you had to say. I will miss you at my birthday party, and I hope we get a chance to talk in heaven one day, then I’ll count all your superstars! Rest In Peace.

Life is a journey and father, you were on a long one. I’m sorry we could never see each other again. You are in a better place now, watching over all of us as we continue. I promise to do my best to keep us on the right path, just like you always did.

I will always have a place for you in my heart. Carrying on our father-son relationship regardless of the circumstances. I’m willing to be there as a friend and to provide encouragement as well. The passing of your father is cause for sadness, but also happy because he is no longer suffering.

I just want to say I’m sorry for your loss. We had all hoped that he would see many more years of happiness, but life decided differently. Every time I met your father he was always so kind and generous with his time, it was quite obvious you take after him. Please know that we all share in this loss and that the world has one less angel in it today.

Thoughts filled with sorrow and pain, Memories are all that remains. The hurt still lingers deep inside, For only time can make it disappear. The ache in my heart grows stronger with each thought of you, I will be thankful for the gift of you in my life.

You’ve been such a great friend and godfather to my son. I can remember the first time we met when you looked over at my husband and said, “I’ll take that man”. And off they went biking down the street -at 11 pm- with your daughter in tow! I knew right then that you were someone special.

I am so sorry for your loss. I have a very special place in my heart for your family, you know that. You’re such a lighthearted soul and always manage to see the best in each person you meet. This is one of my fondest memories of you, even though it is a sad one too.

I remember the time we tried surfing for the first time. The waves were big that day but we tried anyway. We had tons of fun and got soaked in saltwater. Thank you, Dad, for being such a great father to me! You are the best dad I’ve ever had. Rest in peace, Dad!

I know you miss him, but I’ve always seen how truly lucky you are to have such a great father. He would have been so proud of you. But I hope it also helps a little to know that I think you’re an amazing guy and that I am lucky to call you my brother.

At this time three years ago, I was going on and on about planning a big surprise for your birthday. Now I’m going to be a few minutes late because of work but that’s the only thing that stopped me from getting here early.

It was so good to have seen you last year, just like I thought it would be. You were always a lot of fun to be around, and I’ll miss your smile. We will all miss you.


Condolence Message on Death of the Mother

Dearest Mom, You have left a great void in my life, but I am forever grateful that you took the time to leave this world and come into mine. I will never forget all the love you have given me, and I am so glad we shared 25 wonderful years.

I am writing today to extend my deepest condolences on the recent passing of your beloved mother. I never had the opportunity to meet Mary but I knew when I saw your post that she was a lovely person and one who inspired a lot of love wherever she went. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Time is not a healer, but it does help us cope with loss. I can’t even imagine what you are going through right now and my thoughts are always with you. You are not alone, your loved ones are here to help you through the rough times while they grieve over the loss of your mother.

My heart was full of sorrow and a tear pit of love and memories I cannot just get myself together. Mother, how could you leave me? It has been 10 years, 10 long years. Year after year all the feelings are still there. Stop haunting me!

It was so heartwarming to see the way that you cared for your mother in her final days. You were always by her side and it is because of people like you that make the world a better place.

I will always love you. I think of you often and miss you. When I see someone who looks like you or sounds like you, it brings me back to when I was young and things were simpler. Everyone tells me how strong I am for taking care of your children.

No one can take your place. No one can replace the memories that we share of you. I love you, and I will never forget all you did for me and all that we had together.

Tears couldn’t ease my pain, but your love has made it bearable. I can smile now and face tomorrow with the knowledge that you are never far from me – even in death.

Words cannot express the sadness I feel, I loved Linda with all my heart. She was my best friend and you two were always there when I needed you. I know she’s watching over us from above and we will be together again one day.

On behalf of everyone who knew you, know that we are all grateful for the impact you had on our lives. We will hold you dear in our hearts forever.

Before I could walk, before I could read and write, before I could speak a word, you were there with me. When the tears rolled down my cheeks, you pricked my finger to remove them. When someone was mean to me, you shared your food to remove the hunger. You kept me warm when it was cold outside.

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Words cannot describe the heartbreaking experience we all have to go through. A mother’s love never dies and that is something I know deep in my soul.

You are one of the most amazing and loving friends I have ever met. He is so lucky to have you as a mother, and all of us here should be thankful that you spend so much time with us! Rest in peace mom. We will miss you dearly.

I don’t know how to thank you. Thank you for being there as my mother, my friend, and my guardian angel, who was always there when I needed you. You were taken too soon and before your time. You brought so much light into this world, everything will be different without you here.

I know I don’t know you, but on behalf of my siblings and myself, we want to express our appreciation for your coming here to celebrate the life of our dear mother. The last time I saw her was when she retired from the human services office where they had a luncheon for her and we all gave speeches.

I will always treasure our memories, the pictures, and the love letters that you left behind. I miss you more than you could ever know. You were the world to me, and I am glad I got to share just a little of it with you. May God bless your soul, as we all wait till we’re together again.

I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. She was a wonderful person and I hate to see her go. I will always remember all the times we spent together and all the laughs she gave me. From now on, every time I see butterflies, I will think of her and smile. Thank you for being such an inspiring woman and thank you for showing me what it means to be a mother. Rest in peace.

I love you and I miss you so much. I have never been more proud of anyone than I am of you. You have been through so much in the last few months and we are all so grateful that you are safe and home with us again. Your Mama loved you so much, and she is so proud of all your achievements, both big and small.

I know it’s been tough lately, the pain of your loss runs deep and you feel so lonely. I am here for you. If you need to talk, call me any time. With love from…

I just want to tell you how sorry we are for your loss. What happened was a tragedy that should never happen to anyone, let alone someone so close to us. You have Margaret and all of us here for you to lean on during this dreadful time.

I am truly sorry for your loss. I lost my mother a few years back and I know the pain is still fresh. She was a great woman, who loved you dearly and always had the best wishes for you guys. She will be missed by many but never forgotten. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Although you are gone from this world, I will always remember your beautiful words of wisdom and your inspiring guidance. You will never be forgotten but live on in my heart forever.

I feel so lucky to have your mother as a friend. I’ll never forget the great times we shared. I’ll always treasure the memories of her being there for me through all the ups and downs and being an awesome mother to you. Will greatly miss her!

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. I don’t know what to say except that I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I don’t know if words can express how much it hurts. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I will keep you all in my heart.

Death can never erase memories. It’s horrible when you lose someone you love and care about. The best I can do is say that I’m sorry for their passing and wish you peace in your heart.

In times like this, we need the strength of our loved ones to hold onto. You are not alone in your sorrow. You have many people here to stand beside you and support you in your time of need. We will miss her warm smile, her kind heart, but most of all missing her hugs so much.

I don’t know what to say except that I am so sorry for your loss. I hope this letter finds its way to you and brings some small amount of comfort knowing that those left behind will never forget her… I think about Sarah every day and still, remember the day we first met.

We are so sorry to learn of your mother’s passing. We pray that her passing was peaceful and painless, and we will forever remember the wonderful woman she was. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this very difficult time.

She was a pretty amazing woman. She had many talents and accomplishments, but her greatest gift was the joy she brought to others. It is true what they say: it is better to give than receive. I am lucky that I got both from my mother.

You’re so strong and noble and selfless. I love you and I will be here for you always, no matter what.


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