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Funny Captions for Donuts With Quotes

Perhaps you’ve noticed a definite lack of donuts in your diet, or maybe you eat more donuts than anyone should. Either way, I have just the remedy for you! Funny captions for donuts are sure to make your mouth water.

Funny Captions for Donuts With Quotes

The only thing better than a donut is getting one for free.

If you’re going to eat donuts and drive, you might as well have them both together.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that donuts are the best. 😍

Donuts are the best. You should try them every now and then.

Donuts are a thing.

The only thing better than a donut is two donuts. That’s right, we said it! 😜

This donut is a lie.

No, you don’t get chocolate frosting on the side. But you can have it on top of your donut if that’s what floats your boat. 😎

Don’t get too attached to the donut hole.

No words. Just donuts.

Need a fun new way to say, “Yum!”? Who needs coffee?

Donuts and coffee are the perfect combination.

The natural cure for a hangover is donuts.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but words never seem to go far enough.

Donut don’t always have to be a treat. Sometimes they can be a conversation piece.

Don’t let the ‘fro get your donut.

Don’t get too excited. It’s just a picture of donuts.

You know you want to eat donuts now.

Don’t let the name fool you, donuts are all the rage right now.

These are my favorite donuts. They make me happy, they make me smile and they even *make me* cry sometimes.

I don’t know who’s in charge of the donut, but #they’re always right.

You know you want one of these donuts because they are so good. #theyaregood

Don’t let the donut get away.

Your sweet donut breath is making me swoon.

A donut is a good excuse to be late.

Don’t let the shape fool you. These aren’t donuts, they’re just “donut holes” 😴

You’ve got to give the little things some love.

Don’t let your donut’s day be smothered.

the most delicious way to say “I’m hungry, I want donuts!”

When you’re in the mood for some donuts, but it’s been 2 weeks since your last appointment.

The best part about this donut? You can literally eat it, eat it and eat it again.

We’re telling you, it’s not a donut. It’s a donut hole!

Donut the right way to your inbox.

Do you know what’s delicious? A donut. Do you know what’s even better? No idea.

A donut is a delicious comfort blanketing any situation.

Don’t try to be a donut. You’re not good at it.

Donuts: the breakfast of champions.

Behold, the perfect way to start your Monday.

You don’t need a reason to treat yourself. You just need a good excuse.

For the ones who can never have too many.

Glazed and Confused.

If you’re not doing something with your life, you’ll just waste the rest of it.

There’s a fine line between the heart-attack selfie and the donut-inspired selfie.

the only thing better than a donut? A donut with your name on it.

If you’re thinking about donuts, you’re probably thinking about eating them.

There is no such thing as a bad donut.

Don’t sweat it. This ain’t a sad song. It’s just coffee with sugar and donuts

You ain’t got to be an expert to know a donut from a cupcake.

You won’t get sick of these donuts.

Donuts so good you can’t even tell they’re healthy.

We’re all about the donuts. 😋

Donut holes: the only thing that can save us right now.

A donut is always a good choice—but sometimes it’s the greatest choice.

Donuts are the cure for all life’s problems. 😀

When you’re looking for a sweet fix, but you don’t want the calories—here we go.

Don’t judge me, I just want to go out with a bang.

The only indulgence that will make you healthier.

Donut Me. You are here to eat donuts, not read about them.

You know you’re really onto something when your #donut selfie is better than the whole donut shop

Donuts are so delicious that they make you laugh.

You know you’re a real donut enthusiast when you’re only interested in the inside.

Donuts are the perfect breakfast food. It’s a good thing it’s also tasty, because you won’t want to waste any time before getting more! #Donuts

Donuts. I mean, who doesn’t like donuts?

The only thing better than a donut is many donuts.

Donuts are like a security blanket for the chronically lazy.

Nothing says “summer” like a big, fat donut. Also, less calories in the morning than coffee.

I gotta be honest, donuts make my day.

There’s no better cure for a hangover than a glazed donut.

A donut is a serious food. It requires you to wear a jacket when you walk in public.

Not sure which you prefer: a donut hole or a donut whole?

There’s always a donut in my bag.

Don’t worry about what I’m eating—I’m just happy to be eating it.

Donut eaters unite! We’ve got the perfect caption to get your Instagram feed going.

Do you need a pick-me-up? Then get a donut!

Just when you thought you couldn’t say donut anymore, we find another way to say it. 🍩

I’m not too late for donuts. I just need to shake off the last sugar coma from this morning’s donut run.

I’d love to take you out to breakfast, but I’m afraid you’ll try my donuts and we won’t be able to get our car seats in the back seat.

Donuts: the fluffiest, most delicious treat in the world.

If you’re not in the mood to eat donuts, just think of the calories they’ll burn while you’re eating them. 😃

I want to love donuts, but they’re just a little too sweet.

Donuts are the perfect answer to making a waffle party an even better party.

Don’t be a donut, be a donut hole.

Some people prefer a donut. Others prefer a donut hole. 😂

Looking for a little indulgence? Try the donut hole.

Your heart is a donut shop, there’s so many options.

The sweetest way to wake up on a Monday.

Sweet and simple.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner self-hater. Bake with us in the kitchen of our minds and try out these creative captions for donuts!

Donuts are not just delicious. They’re also adorable.

We’re here for all your donut-related needs. Get your daily dose of carbs and don’t forget to add sprinkles 🎉

Don’t tell the other donuts, but I’ve got a thing for you.

Don’t let your kids eat donuts all day, they’ll get sugar poisoning.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a donut. Except maybe that same donut plus a coffee ☕

Donuts are better when they come with a side of coffee.

The new donuts are here and they’re sugar-coated.

These are the donuts you’ve been missing.

Donut, donut,donut. I just can’t help myself.

It’s not a donut, it’s a donut hole.

Donut you’re my everything.

If donuts are the food of kings, then who are we? 🍩

A donut is a hole in the world, a donut is a hole in your heart.

Don’t forget the sprinkles. 😉

Have you had your donut today? Cause you’re gonna need a nap afterwards.

Crave-worthy donuts are one thing, but a craving for donuts is another.

You can never go wrong with a donut. Or should I say, you can never go wrong with that donut?

“We don’t just make donuts, we make the best donuts in the whole world.” -Snoop Dogg

Addicted to donuts.

The only way to tell if a donut is fresh is if it smells like it just got out of the oven.

The only thing better than one donut is two!

You don’t have to be in love to find a donut in your heart.

Donut of the day: Chocolate donut with sprinkles

Donut of the week: Croissant, cheddar.

The best way to wake up? With a hot coffee and donuts.

The donut holes are calling your name.

Donut of the day: The stuff dreams are made of.

Everybody needs to go to Krispy Kreme every once and a while.

No matter how much you eat, it’s never enough.

if you don’t eat your donut within 30 minutes, it will turn into a cupcake

This is the best time to celebrate, because once you get a donut in your hand it’s never going to let you go.

They say there’s no such thing as a free donut, but we’re not buying it.

You know you’re in a donut shop when things look like this.

In case you haven’t noticed, these are the most amazing donuts ever. 😍

If you’ve got the guts, it’s time to grab a donut.

How do you pronounce donut? Do you say it in the morning, or do you use special terms like “donut” and “donuts?”

Dunkin’ donuts is a place where you’re always welcome to come back

These donuts are like the Starbucks of doughnuts. They’re so popular they’ve got their own hashtag and everything. #bigsweetthedoughnuts

You know what they say … the bigger the donut, the better the cream filling.

I’m not saying donuts are the best, but they’re surely better than Taylor Swift.

The only thing better than chocolate is donut. 🍩

A donut is a small, round cake that’s filled with fruit.

The perfect way to start the weekend.

Donuts are so good, I’m almost embarrassed to put them on my Instagram feed. But I love donuts so much, I’m willing to share them with the world.

We’re not sure who said this but it’s definitely not us: The only thing better than a donut is two donuts

There’s no need for a caption because these donuts are just that ☝🏻#LetsGetDoughnutting

The only thing better than having a donut is receiving a donut on your birthday. Whoever thought of this is a genius!

Don’t forget to eat your donuts before they get stale.

If you order a donut, you have to have it. If you order two, then you better eat the first one right away.

Donut, we are here for you.

Donuts are not just for breakfast anymore.

I didn’t know donuts could be this good.

Call us, we’ll bring the donuts.

A donut is like a big hug. It’s soft, warm and never gives up on you.

Donuts are the new cupcakes.

this is the perfect way to start your morning: donuts, coffee and a dump truck full of money

These days, it’s not just about the taste. It’s all about the donuts, too. 😋

You know you’ve made it when your phone is not only full of donuts and coffee but also a bunch of calorie-free memes.

A donut is both a delicious and nutritious breakfast food. It’s also a fun way to break the ice with new friends when you’re feeling shy.

If you’re not making donuts, you’re missing out.

U don’t need coffee. Just go get a donut.

The only thing better than donuts is the look on your face when you eat them 😊

Donuts for breakfast, donuts for lunch and donuts for dinner. #noshame

Nothing says don’t talk to us unless you have donuts, coffee and a smile

Life’s too short to eat just one donut.

Donuts are the perfect food for when you’re feeling like a 2:1 double shot of espresso and chocolate.

A donut is the perfect treat for when you’re feeling down. But if you’re down and out, better grab a doughnut :-/

Don’t call them fried. They’re not. Call them “The Best Thing You’ll Eat All Day” or simply “The Best. (Giant) Donut. Ever.

Donuts are the best way to celebrate Saturday morning. 😋

We’re not saying it’s always sunny and happy, but these donuts are just a little bit yummy.

Caramelized on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside—the perfect way to start your day.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try one of these out and tell us on Instagram what you think 🍩

Don’t worry, we got this. We’re hilarious and donuts are the best.

These are the donuts that get you through tough times. #donutsofinstagram

You don’t need a reason to eat donuts. Just eat them.

Donuts are the same as every other food, except they’re better.

“A donut is a breakfast food that has four primary ingredients: egg, sugar, flour and milk. The combination of these items makes it impossible to say no.”

If you’re not happy with the donuts they give us, we’re not happy with you.

These donuts are so huge and stuffed full of goodness that you could probably roll them around in the street without getting a ticket😂

The donut that can’t be stopped.

Donut holes will never be the same.😏

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time to treat yourself.

You can’t spell awesome without Yum.

Crunchy, sweet and so good they should be illegal.

Don’t forget to put the icing on top.

If you love donuts and dogs, get a double dose of these happy companions.

I’m not here to take your order. I’m here to make your donuts!

Don’t be a donut. Be a donut legend.

The only thing better than donuts is a donut plus milk.

You love donuts, but you’d prefer to eat them with a side of coffee.

When you’re craving a donut but there’s nothing on the menu – just bring your own.

Donuts are great, but they’re not candy. They are what they are and they never change.

The only way to get out of bed on a Sunday morning: a large, glazed donut. The best part? They’re non-GMO, too

Hey, donuts. When you’re done with me, can you please be put on a plate?

You can’t have donuts without a donut shop.

Don’t be a donut. Be the best donut you can be.

The real question is, where do you keep your donut at home?

A donut without chocolate is like a sentence without grammar.

We don’t need no stinkin’ donuts. We’re good with just one!

Mmm, donuts. What’s your favorite flavor?

You don’t have to be a baker to make a delicious donut. #cooltattoos

Feeling frisky? Send over a box of donuts for me and my friends. 😜

Donut culture: a global phenomena that exists solely via Instagram and Snapchat.

Hey there, donut. We’re here to make you as happy and comfortable as possible.

Donuts are better with friends.

Donut of the day: a delicious donut that you didn’t order but is still good.

If you like donuts, you’ll love these 👍

You can never have too many donuts.

So have you ever tasted a donut? It’s like kissing your best friend. #munchmode

Donut with a side of coffee.

Life’s a lot easier when you can buy donuts and cream—for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

No donut is complete without a sprinkle of sprinkles.

You know it’s a good day when you can eat donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Life’s a donut…and so are you.

With all the free time I have iced coffee is the new brunch

Donuts are the best. You know what else is the best? Telling your friends you like donuts.

donuts are like your best friend’s face—they look better when they’re together 😉

Put a smile on your face. It’s what we do (and eat) here at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Let us help you wake up with a donut. ☕

The only thing better than a donut is the thought of eating one.

We have the donut you’ve been looking for—your daily dose of happiness

There is no such thing as a free donut.

To the cool kids at this party, the good life is a donut.

Don’t be fooled by this sweet donut. Inside you’ll find one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe: a human.

The perfect coffee mate for these donuts.

You a take the donut out of my life, but you can’t take the donut out of my hands.

A donut is happy when it’s dunked in coffee.

“The best donuts are the ones that you make yourself.”

Don’t worry, we’re here to save the day.

Don’t tell your friends, but you’re pretty much addicted to donuts.

Your face when you see donuts.

By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be in the zone for donuts.

Some people just put donuts on the table and let it be, but we give these babies some personality.

I’ve never been a fan of coffee, but I’m addicted to donuts.

It’s donut season! And I’m craving a dozen. What should I get?

Donuts are the perfect breakfast. If you don’t believe me, look up and down.

Don’t judge me, but I’m going to go get a donut now.

“Donuts are the sweetest, most delicious treats you can eat.”

A donut is a lighthearted pick-me-up that’s hard to resist.

If a donut has a hole, then who will fill it?

The donut is the new school snack.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a donut

A donut is a kind of donut.

If you’re reading this, it’s a good thing. Like really good.

Don’t let your donut get away. Tag someone you need to bring back.

We’re not sure what the donut industry is doing, but they’re making us laugh 😂

Donuts really are the best, huh? #donutproblems

Can’t say I don’t love my donuts…just saying

These aren’t just any donuts. They’re the hottest new thing to hit the sho.

Do you like donuts? I do too…

Don’t let yourself be seduced by a delicious donut. 🍩

Ok, so here’s the thing: It’s not very often that you get to eat a donut while also drinking coffee without getting sick of both.

Life’s too short for bad donuts.

Donuts are like a hug from the Easter Bunny.

Donut of the Day.

Bring on the donuts! We’re ready for this morning. 😋

A donut: the perfect sweet treat, especially when it’s warm and fresh from the oven. 😜

Don’t underestimate the power of #flavor.”

We all know that if you don’t treat yourself, who will? 😉

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