Happy Belated Birthday Captions Quotes

Happy Belated Birthday Captions Quotes: Happy belated birthday Captions quotes, what are you doing here at the late hours. The day of your birthday has passed, so people could have wished you on Facebook or WhatsApp by now. But, if your friends are curious about how to wish you on your birthday then captions for photos are the best way to do it.

Happy Belated Birthday Captions Quotes

😘🎉Wishing the love of my life a happy belated birthday. Thanks for making me a better person and inspiring me to always stay genuine.


Happy belated birthday to our favorite little momo from Big Bird…🎂


Happy belated birthday, buddy!


TBT to when your mom brought you pasta for lunch in the rain. Happy belated birthday, Elaine.


Happy belated to my beloved sister-in-law! Here’s to celebrating together soon! 🍾


Happy birthday, my friend! No matter where you are or what you’re doing—you have an amazing year. 🌈


Hey, make it 50. A friend like you is way too important to celebrate only once a year. Happy Birthday!


Wishing you more happiness and love than any one person can handle.


While the path may have been windy, while the journey may have taken us a little bit of time, we’re so happy to celebrate your birthday with you today.


Hope you had a great birthday, and I hope the next year is even better!


To friends, a great man turns another year. 🎂 🥳 🥳 ❤️


Wishing you many more happy returns of the day and hope that you have a year that’s filled with even more joy.


Wishing you a day of giving thanks and celebrating with family and friends


Happy belated birthday—you’re a year wiser and better looking. 😏


Happy Belated Birthday, have an amazing year ahead! 🎉


Happy belated birthday girl 😉 I hope you had a wonderful day! And that this coming year is filled with all the things you want it to be. ☺


Happy belated birthday, old friend!


Happy Belated Birthday 🎂 🍰 🎉 #mybirthdaycakeisbetterthanyours


Seriously, it’s their birthday. Say hello and wish them a happy birthday!


So glad that you are celebrating a birthday today! Hope the day is full of love, joy, and new beginnings. 😊


I hope the day was filled with everything that makes you smile, laugh, and dance.


Our 1st birthday was a blast. Thanks for celebrating it with us, guys! Let’s hope this year is as fun as the last one.


Congrats on having the time of your life 🥂🤗


Yesterday, you were less than a mile away and I didn’t even know it. 😊


For a witty sounding yet elegant, take on that age-old question of what makes us the same and what makes us different, we invite you to join us as we celebrate our people’s diversity 🦄


Go big or go home—you already made it through the hard part, so now it’s time for cake.


You know I’ve missed you when I google, “What is sour cream made of?” 🤔


Make your goals. Make it happen. Happy Belated Birthday.


Happy belated birthday to my Mr. ✨🎉


Happy belated birthday, friend! Here’s to another year full of wonderful memories and more laughs 🎂 🤣


Hi, big bro! Happy belated birthday. Wishing you all the love in the world! 💖👬


Shoutout to the cool kids who have birthdays after Christmas.


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays—the ones ahead and the ones behind.


While we’re wishing you a happy birthday and celebrating with cake, there’s one thing we have to mention: You’re starting to get old 😜 Congrats on another year!


Ain’t no party like a birthday party because a birthday party doesn’t stop! Happy Birthday🎂❤️


I’m climbing higher and higher because the view is grander 😎👨‍🎤 🥂 #hennessyhappybirthday


Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous year. Birthday wishes to a wonderful person.


How good are you at birthday celebrations?


It’s always a good day for a birthday ☆


To my dearest friend on this earth. You’re not just my best friend, you’re also a part of my family. No matter how many miles separate us, you’ve always been right by my side. Love ya to the moon and back❤️


HBD. Thanks for all of the laughs.

Happy belated birthday to the sweetest, kindest, most incredible man I have ever known. I love you always and forever.


Happy belated birthday and many more! 😘


Happy belated birthday to a true original. Cheers to your health, happiness, and everything you make possible for others. We love you! 🎉


We’re wishing all of our amazing clients and partners a very happy belated birthday! Let’s rock the rest of 2018. ❤️🎉


Wishing a sweet #HappyBirthday to this beautiful lady and friend…she’s always so much fun to be around! 😄😁👑🥂✨


Happy birthday to my favorite Mr. 🌈👑🎉


you are a gift from the universe and no llama shirt is required, but thank you for being you 🌟 💛


Wishing you a belated but no less joyful happy birthday! 🎁


It’s your birthday but we’re the ones who should be celebrating 🎉🎂


Don’t forget to wish your friends a Happy Anniversary, whether they’ve been married 50 years or just continue to make each other happy every day.


HBD to the homie! You’re a year older and still only as cute as the day we met. 😎


HBD ⛅ We hope you’re having a lovely week so far; not to mention all the beach weather ☀…


HBD! Sending you lots of love and happy vibes 💘


HBD @wweathletics! We’re glad you’re in our life. #UFAB


What’s that fancy in-between day for? 🎂 🍂

I don’t know how you do it, but you’re one of the most unique and out-of-the-box people I know. I love that about you—and your birthday is just a reminder of that. Happy belated! 🎂


HBD BF! Happy belated birthday to the best of friends, the gift that keeps on giving, and the one who will always be there to pick you up when you fall.


Hope your day was filled with all the things you love most. Happy belated birthday!


Andrea, we love you! Happy belated birthday. 😍


Wishing you a happy belated birthday, dear friend!


Hi there, friend. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year, and we’re not afraid to show it. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, BFF! Hope it was a day/week full of fun! 😘💃


Oh, wow…you’re officially a year older. Here’s to another year of laughs and adventure. Happy birthday.👯


Wishing you a year that’s packed with happiness + love 🎂


Big ❤️to my baby brother @dorian_nassri for his new haircut. All the best to you in your future endeavors!


While it’s true I have seen brighter days, and my hopes have been pinned on a few spikes, the joy you bring to me stays as bright as anything in my life.


HBD, your majesty. Have a great day! 💃👑


You’ll always be the greatest girl…to skateboard in Central Park with.


HBD, BFF! Let’s get a few drinks and catch up because it feels like we’ve been apart for years! 😘💃


 Sorry for Late Birthday Wishes

sorry I’m late with my birthday wishes! Happy belated birthday! 🎈


Sorry for being late on the birthday wishes! Hope you celebrated in style and had a great weekend—you look fabulous!


@name we haven’t spoken in so long. Just wanted to say happy late birthday! We haven’t seen each other since your party 🎂😊


Haven’t heard back from you, maybe you don’t wanna talk about it. It’s ok, I know you are busy. Just remember though: I care about you so much. Happy Birthday! ❤️🎉✨


Hope you had a great birthday! And I’m sorry it was a little late, but hey, you can celebrate turning 21 over and over again


Thinking of you on your birthday hope it’s filled with good surprises! #HappyBday


Better late than never! Happy Birthday, old friend 😊


Happy birthday to your favorite power couple in the whole town! Wish I could have made it to that gorgeous party—next time for sure.


Happy birthday, friend! May this year be your best one yet.


We wish you all the best for your birthday, may you get everything you want 😊


Happy Birthday. Hope it’s a special one!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE! I miss you and am so glad I got to see you last week! Hope you have an incredible day. 🥳


Happiest of birthdays! May this year be filled with all the delights and adventures you’re capable of—and more 🤗😊🍰


Thanks for the congrats on my birthday. I lift my glass to make it to another year. 🍸🎂 #happybirthdaytony


Happy birthday and all the best to my talented makeup artist friend you inspire me and make me laugh ☺😘


missing my best bud on her birthday last week. hope the beach was wonderful and you’re having a great weekend ❤️☀🌴😎


Hope you had a wonderful birthday—if you feel like having a ‘do-over’ (💃) – we’ve got some great offers this week!


Happy birthday, friend! See you at the bar soon.


Happy birthday, friend! Sorry for being a few hours late with this. We’re all caught up in the weekend like…


Can’t believe it’s already your birthday!


You look so #summers to me… Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to the best future husband ever! 🥂 🍰 🎂




Birthdays are made for the living. Here’s to you on your day. 🎂🍾😁


Happy birthday, friend! What an inspiration you are—I think of you often and we gotta catch up soon!


Happy birthday! We hope you have an awesome year filled with some of your favorite things. We know this season can’t pass without some ice cream and Christmas lights 😉 ❄🎂


HBD to the bald boss!!!💯 (I think I’m going to try this one on my Dad)


Sorry for the lateness of this, but thanks for being a good friend. ❤


HBD my #boyfrin 😉 remember that time we went to Eau Claire and you almost died -_-.

Wishing you a warm, gregarious, joyous birthday and all of my love.


Happy birthday! We’ll be sure to cheers all night with your favorite black coffee blend. 🎂🍵


happy birthday to my best friend! hope you had a great day. XOXO


Happy birthday, dude! I miss seeing you!


Happy Birthday, Jess! May your future always be bright ✨


Hope you have a great year, you beautiful person. Hope it’s full of wonky moments, smiley faces, and more.


Happy birthday! You’re a super awesome human. Here’s to many more years of having fun, talking about math, and eating tacos. 🍕🥂


HBD! 😘🎂👼🏻 Not sure if you’ve heard from anyone yet, but we wanted to make sure and wish you the best.


Take a minute to glance back and reflect on all your hard work and how far you’ve come. Keep shining bright. 💫 🍰 🥂 🎈


I’m just now getting around to wishing you a happy birthday, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t stop by with a little something…


Happy belated birthday! I know, I’m super late on this one 😂🥳


I’m glad we can spend this birthday together my brother. Have another round of shots and let’s keep going until the sun comes back up.☀ #ManCrushMonday


Just a simple message letting you know that we’re thinking about you today and sending every kind of wish your way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂


Sorry for being late on the birthday shoutout—we were just working with other social media accounts, and it got crazy. Hope you have an amazing year 😘


Happy belated birthday! We’re so glad you got to celebrate with us—and now it’s time to blow out that candle… 😋🎂 #HappyBirthdayDan


Happy birthday to a friend who is always there for me, and whose friendship I’m truly grateful to have.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Carolyne Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you a wonderful day and week with lots of hugs and kisses 😘


Happy 1st Birthday to our bestie! We love you and miss you dearly. 🙂


I’m always here if you need to talk or vent. You’re awesome.


Thank you for everything, we love you!


Hope you had a great day yesterday, friend. Thanks for all that you do.


HBD @xxxxxxxxx you’re one of the true characters of our industry and I wish you a day full of hip-swinging joy 😎


 Sincere Belated Birthday Wishes Caption

happy belated birthday from all of us here at [Company], we hope you had a fantastic time!


Happy belated birthday to one of the most genuine and selfless people I know. You mean a lot to me and I wish you all the best. ❤️🎈


Happy belated birthday, We hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed your celebration … She’s such an awesome person and friend—we wish her all the happiness in the world. 🎈🎂🎉


Happy belated birthday! We hope the rest of your year is just as great—here’s to hoping these next 12 months are all you could ever want and then some. 🌟


It’s his birthday today, and we want to wish our friend a very happy birthday for all your amazing contributions to the worlds of social media and fashion. Hope you have an amazing bday 🎉


We sure do love congratulating this person on her birthday today!


It’s your birthday. The BEST day of the year. We’re so excited to celebrate you with candles and songs, cake and beer 🎂


It’s no big deal that you missed my birthday 🎂—it’s the thought that counts 😞


Your birthday is always a day that celebrates you, but it’s extra special when it falls on the same day as your anniversary. Happy #AnniversaryToTheMostPerfectBoyfriendEver!


On this day of your special birthday, I’d like to thank you for being in my life and wish you all the best. May God bless you abundantly as you celebrate this day! ❤🎂❤


As we pause to celebrate your milestone, we want you to know how appreciated and treasured you are. You’re a shining star in our lives 👑


We hope that this birthday finds you doing what you love—because, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.


Sorry for missing your bday! Stay humble, stay hungry! 😀


Boom! You blew out another candle – but you’re still burning the same bright 💛 🎂


Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a great day, even if it was a little belated. 🎂


Happy belated birthday to my favorite person who shares the same name as me. Hope you had an amazing day, I’m so glad to be celebrating your day with you.


Happy belated birthday! We hope you had a great day.


Happy happy belated Birthday brother! We all love you and hope this year is the best. #HappyBirthdayBro


Wishing you a belated happy birthday 👏🎈


Late but never too late to say happy birthday. 👯


Congrats on The birthday girl/boy. Here’s to a super year that’s already off to a great start! 🎉👬


Congrats on your birthday, friend! May today and always be filled with joy.


From the moment you were born, you made every second count—and we’re going to keep it that way. Happy birthday, cousin!


Just in case you missed it, Happy Birthday, friend! Hope it was filled with fun and love.


Ms. W♥️ Where have you been? I’m sitting here slightly tipsy, thinking about our conversation from a year ago today.


Congratulations on your birthday. We hope your day is filled with so much love, joy, and happiness! We can’t believe you’re another year older but we couldn’t be more proud to call you our friend.


Hey, buddy 🍻 wish you have a great day and a whole lot more birthdays to come.


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! May your year be filled with all that you wish—new adventures, good health, and lots of great friends Fun Facts about Coffee


Happy belated birthday to my darling, paralegal turned Real Housewife! Here’s to wishing you more right now moments on this fleeting earth.


Happy belated birthday to the girl who always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Wishing you an wonderful year this season and many more to come 😊 #shesgreat


Happy belated birthday, friend! Hope your celebration was fantastic.


Happy belated birthday, friend! Hope you had a great time this weekend. I hope we can do something soon to celebrate your special day, see you soon and keep in touch.


💕Happy belated birthday!


Heading into fall, we’re thinking of you. Hope it’s been a good year so far and that your birthday was especially lovely. 😎🎈


We wish you a belated Happy Birthday and all our best wishes for another year of big things to come 😊


Late but never forgotten – thank you for the memories and here’s to many, many more. 🎂💕


Happy birthday to our office cat/princess, who has learned how to sit pretty on command! 😸


The sun sets on another beautiful year— one filled with fun, family, and friends.

Happy belated birthday, Bill! Wishing you all the best wishes and good fortune this year—you deserve it! ♥🎁


Sorry, I forgot that you were born, but happy belated birthday to my best friend! 🥳💕😊


Hey there! Looking for birthday wishes that pop? We’ve got you covered. Cheers to another year with your best bud 😎


an empowering way to say happy birthday 👑


♥️It was an honor to get to know you. Whenever there’s a lull in a conversation, I know I can count on you telling me about how your brother loves dragons or how you were once named the ‘dumbest smart girl in class 6’ by school bullies and I won’t feel awkward at all… just happy.🐉😘


Thanks for all the awesome times, laughs, and inspiring words! We wish you a happy birthday in advance. 🍻🎉


Hey, how’s it going? I just realized that it’s your birthday today 😳🎂 May you have a great day! Thx for being such a good friend.


You are always beautiful, even on your worst days.


I hope this fall finds you feeling lighter, cleaner, and happier than ever before.


Still thinking about you. Happy belated birthday, Cup! 🎂


Happy belated birthday to the most radiant, lovely, fun creature I know. 🌞🎂


Happy belated birthday, little brother. Like all your birthdays, this one is amazing. 😊🎂☺️


We always say it’s never too late to be the best version of you. What an inspiration you are! Happy belated #Birthday 👑 …


Sorry, it’s been so long since I last commented on your page. I ran across these photos from your birthday and thought of you. Hope all is well.


We’re sending extra hugs your way since you missed out on a proper celebration. You’re absolutely everything to us and we’re so happy you turned another year older with us. 😘


You make us happy. We hope you have a great birthday and we can’t wait to celebrate with you again on an actual day. 🎉🎂


Happy Birthday, we can’t wait for the day you get to taste our brownies for real 😃🍩☕


Happy birthday, friend! Hope this day finds you feeling especially joyful and loved. ❤🎂


Happy birthday! I am fortunate to have you as my father 😊


Happy birthday, friend! As you were celebrating on the big day, my thoughts and wishes were with you. Have a lovely year ahead. 😊


We are so happy to celebrate your special day today. Hope it was wonderful and we missed it! 🎂✨


Many happy returns of the day!


Let’s celebrate your birthday twice by giving you a well-deserved day off 😋🍰👍

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