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Happy Work Anniversary Quotes Funny


Happy Work Anniversary Quotes Funny


Happy Work Anniversary Quotes Funny: Anniversaries are first of all the celebration of the day that two people decided to give love a chance. The day when they said, yes, it is possible. And sometimes it was the last chance… If you are looking for Happy Work Anniversary Quotes Funny, this is the right place!



Happy Work Anniversary Quotes Funny

• Thanks for the laughs. Thanks for the opportunities given and taken. Thanks for the frustrations and arguments, now I know how to work well with you! Thanks for being a great boss, friend, co-worker, and mentor. Happy work anniversary!


• You and I have been working together for many years now. You have been a wonderful supervisor keeping us all safe and on track. It has been a joy to work with you as well as getting to know you along the way. I wish you all the best in your career and life!


• You are the reason I come to work with a smile. Thank you for always making my day brighter. I will never forget how lucky I am to be the one who gets to work side by side with you.


• My love, I must say how grateful I am for you. We have been through so much together and today I am proud to celebrate our first year of working together at BFC. This past year has been a huge blessing for getting to know you and work alongside you; getting to work with you has truly been an honor.


• I have so much respect for you and your ability to work so hard. Thank you for all you do! I’m so lucky to have a significant other like you and I can’t wait for our anniversary date night. You make this vacation go by so fast, I guess it’s because we are both having such a great time.


• Thank you so much for continuing to believe in my abilities. You have been a driving force behind the success I haveexperienced, and I applaud you for it. I am grateful for the opportunities that you present to me, and for the experiences that they provide me with. Your leadership skills are undeniable, and I am proud to call you my boss.


• You are a blessing I never knew I needed. You have enriched my life beyond measure, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. I love you more than words could ever express!


• You are truly the amazing person I ever met in my life. I cherish every moment in the office with you and every day that you come to me, ask me to speak to anyone with a smile on your face. I thank you for every time that you bring me a coffee (especially when I need it), all of those quick emails, your emotional giving hand, your support with work, just everything. happy work anniversary!


• Happy work anniversary! Thank you for all the support you have provided over the years. You are the reason I’m able to do what I love. I couldn’t be happier that I get to call this place my office! Here’s to much more happy work anniversaries to come.


• You are a great friend and I am glad we work together. I look forward to all the laughs. Thanks for always being there for me, and giving me the best advice. Happy anniversary.


• You are my best friend, partner, and lover. I am lucky to call you to mine, you give me so much happiness that I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I love every single part of you and look forward to growing old with you as a memory of the past, present, and future.


• Thank you and thank you again for everything that you do. I love my job because I get to work with the most amazing people, but you are by far one of the best. Happy Work Anniversary!


• Today marks years since I first started working for you. In that time we’ve had some good times and some bad, but through all of them, I am so grateful to have you as a mentor. Thank you for believing in me and being my friend. I wish you a happy work anniversary!


• You are the most amazing person I know. Your smile lights up my world and your laugh makes all my worries disappear. You make me so happy that I am constantly smiling. I love you and I can’t wait to spend all the rest of our days together.


• I want to thank you for being the best boss/co-worker ever! Although we may not always agree, you have always taught me how to grow as an individual and helped me along the way. I am very grateful for all that you have done in my professional life. I hope our relationship continues to grow and prosper for years to come.


• It’s been one year since you hired me. You have transformed my life and made it so much happier. I love coming to work every single day and could never thank you enough for all you have done to help make my dreams come true.


• You are my soul’s other half. Everything about you speaks to me and makes me feel complete. You make my life so much brighter than it was. I cherish every moment I have with you.


• I will always be by your side. I will always love you. I will always hold your hand and kiss you. I will never say goodbye; as long as we are together that is all that matters to me.


• You were the love of my life, my best friend in the whole world and I would have rather spent my last days with you than anyone else. Life wasn’t easy after you but I know we will meet again someday. I miss you every day and I love you forever. Stay safe!


• I wanted to give you a simple gift for our work anniversary. It’s got nothing fancy but allows me the chance to say thank you for all you do. Your kind words and lessons are what keeps me going in this world. I love working with you and hope that we will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you and happy anniversary!


Happy Work Anniversary Quotes Funny
Happy Work Anniversary Quotes Funny

Happy Work Anniversary Wishes

• You’re a great boss! You always know how to make the gloomy days go by quickly. You’re so easygoing that your staff looks forward to working for you. Your creative thinking skills are truly amazing and you always know what new change will work best. I admire that in a person. You have an enormous heart and it is without a doubt that you are an awesome boss!


• You are the best boss and person I have ever worked for! You deserve so much more than what you get. It’s so nice to work for someone who isn’t all about the money, but also about your happiness as a coworker. Thanks for being such a great guy.


• You are my best friend, my soul mate, the greatest gift I have ever received. I can’t believe that so many years have passed since we met. Our love has only gotten stronger with time and we have built a life together that we are proud of. We have been through so much, but you always put a smile on my face by simply being yourself.


• I love you because you are my best friend, my silly companion, my partner in crime, my confidant & my lover. You make me laugh like no one else, your smile makes me smile, and your warmth is an incredible comfort to me. Thank you for making every day a little better, brighter and sweeter, from the bottom of my heart, I love you.


• I love you. I look at you and feel a million emotions. 10 years have passed and our love is stronger than ever. Every single day I look forward to seeing your smile, hearing your laugh, and feeling your touch. I love you so much!


• Work has been a blast since I met you, and I honestly believe it reminds me of simpler times. You make this world an entirely better place because you’re in it. Here are many more unforgettable memories!


• It is in your eyes that I see a love I never thought possible. You are an amazing woman, the definition of love to me. It’s hard to find you even on this crazy planet, but we met and now we are inseparable. Everything we have been through has led us to this moment. A special, happy anniversary and I couldn’t be more excited for the future!


• I have no idea what I did to deserve you, but I am so glad that you came along. You have been the reason for every smile and tear in my life, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.


• I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I am so glad you are in my life. You mean more to me than words can express. You are the love of my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I don’t know if it was fate that brought us together or a beautiful accident. Whatever created this wonderful being, I thank them every day.


• Happy anniversary to the man who truly makes my heart smile…I know it is silly, but time just goes so fast…I’m not sure I have even felt half of what I feel for you in a year let alone FOUR!


• From your desk to mine. This is the place where work happens. It’s not what we have, but what we make of it that matters. This is where our dreams become reality, and this is where the best things in life are made. I’m lucky to have a desk right beside yours.


• Happy anniversary baby! I’m so glad that we found each other and started this amazing journey. I’m so lucky to have the most amazing wife in the world. You are my best friend and the keeper of my heart. So many more in store for us during this year, but I can’t wait to see what happens!


• Thank you for being such an amazing friend. I am so glad to have you in my life. You are always there, always listening and making me laugh. You are the ray of sunlight on my cloudy day, the laughter in my day, and the love of my life.


• You have given me the greatest gift any person could ever receive. You have given me the chance to see the love of my life blossom. You make me so proud to be your husband and I am honored to stand by your side. I love you with every ounce of my being and will love you for all eternity. Today is just another day in our long beautiful life together. You are the most amazing wife I could ever ask for.


• Thank you for always being supportive during the harshest times of my life. And thank you for always bringing that little bit of sunshine into my gloomy days. Without you, I would not be the person I am today. You are my soulmate and the love of my life!


• I love you so much and I’m so lucky to be with you. You bring me so much joy and happiness that words could never describe. I will always love you, I swear it on my life.


• I wish I was a book to hold your thoughts, or a comfortable pair of slippers to wear while you think. Or even a fire to warm you and light the way. I would be anything to keep you by my side. Our love is like a symphony, each time we meet it just gets better and better. Our love keeps growing each day. Happy work anniversary, baby!


• Happy work anniversary my love. I have enjoyed every minute of the last year and I treasure all that we have been through together since day one, so much more to come.


• You are the star that makes all my wishes come true. You are the breath that keeps me alive. I love you so much and I’m so lucky to have you in my life to guide me through. Thanks for always being an amazing friend and co-worker.


• You are a wonderful man, husband, and father. You are my best friend and my soul mate. I am forever thankful for you, with you my life is complete and each day I wake up beside you I am so grateful. This anniversary has special significance for us not only because it marks 11 months since we met, but also it marks 11 years of being together as a couple!


• My life has changed, change for the best since the day you came into it. My beautiful lady, I cannot wait to see what our future holds for us and I cannot wait for the adventure 😉 I love you with every part of me and am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.


• What a whirlwind of emotions you have put me through in the years we have been together. You bring out the best in me when I am at my worst. You give me everything I could ever want, look at, and need. You are my hero because you remind me that I am the most important person in your life too.


• I love you, my angel. It’s been a year since you came into my life and made me a happy man. I am grateful that you found your way to me, I couldn’t wish for anyone else but you. You are my sail in this stormy ocean – even when it’s rough, I know that we will find our way. Thank you for this beautiful year!


• Although we will be thousands of miles apart, I will miss you more than words could ever say. Your love makes me keep going and I cherish each moment we share. You are the most amazing woman I know, one of my greatest blessings in life.


• This is the best job I’ve ever had. The reason it is so good is that I have you to come home to every day. Thank you for being the best husband in the world and a wonderful father. I love watching our little family grow and couldn’t imagine life without you.


• Thanks for being a great friend. Thank you for always being there and for being supportive of me (even when it’s not what you want to hear). If I didn’t have you I wouldn’t be where I am today. You are an inspiration, and I love you very much!


Funny Happy Work Anniversary Pictures

• My love, 5 years is a long time. I am so glad we have grown old together and continue to be appreciative of this amazing love we have for one another. We are both still as in love today as the day we met. All these years have brought us closer and made our love stronger. The best thing about our love is that it keeps getting better and better. I am blessed and thankful, every day that you are in my life.


• I am so thankful to have you in my life. I don’t know what I would do without you here to hold me up. When I am feeling sad or overwhelmed, I always think of you and the warm smile you give me makes all my problems fade away. You are wonderful and no matter what happens I will always be here to stand beside you.


• Life is like a puzzle, filled with ups and downs. You were the missing piece of my life, add you in and it all completed itself. I love you with all my heart. Happy work anniversary!


• There is no one I would rather spend my life working with than you. You have been my best friend and business partner for all these years. Your advice and support have meant the world to me. Thanks for being there in good times and bad, for encouraging me when I need it, and for always helping me set new goals as we continue to grow our business together!


• You’ve changed my life in the most beautiful ways. Your friendship and love have made me into a better person. I am so lucky and privileged to know you. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and all the ugly sides of you, and I still choose to stick by your side even after all these years. I can never thank you enough!


• This anniversary reminds me of how lucky I am to be with you. I love you more than I ever imagined possible and couldn’t imagine my life without you.


• Thanks for all you do. You are a wonderful man and a great friend. I am glad to work alongside you as we take on the world! I wish you all the best this year and beyond.


• I wish that every day could be like this, I’m not sure how I got so lucky to have you in my life. You are such a good person and I’m glad we found each other. I love you so much and hope we spend many more years together.


• You are the love of my life. You are the greatest friend I could ever ask for. You make me feel like there is nothing I can’t accomplish, like no dream is impossible, even if they seem silly to other people. I love you more than anything or anyone in this world.


• Happy work anniversary. You are the most important thing in my life right now, even more than my job. I love you more every day.


• When I met you at work, I was still in a relationship. I didn’t have time for another guy in my life but you were so charming and fun; I couldn’t help but fall for you. It’s been three years since we started working together and honestly, they have been the best 3 years of my life.


• Every day I look forward to coming to work and seeing your smiling face. Knowing you are only a few feet away from me makes my day go by faster. Before you, I thought I could never be truly happy in my life, but you have proven me wrong every single day that we have been together. You are the most amazing woman I know and I love you so much!


• Happy anniversary, my love. Our first year together was amazing, this one will be even better. I can’t wait for a lifetime of memories the two of us share. I know we will face many obstacles ahead, but with you, by my side, and God above, I am confident we can conquer anything and have an amazing life together.


• Your anniversary is here and that makes me smile even wider. We are heading into the second year of our love and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be every bit as magical as the first was. There is no one I would rather spend time with than you!


• It’s been a hard year for us both but I love working with you. It’s kept us close and having fun while at work does wonder for keeping my sanity! Thanks for this great year – I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else!


• I love you more than anything in this world. The only thing I want is for you to be happy and that wish will always come true because I’ll forever be there to make sure it does. Thanks for being my life and my everything. Love you!


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