Hilarious Belated Birthday Captions Quotes

Hilarious Belated Birthday Captions Quotes: Happy Belated Birthday! Now, are you still looking for a book of funny captions quotes to describe the belated birthday celebration? If so, this article will be helpful for you.

Hilarious Belated Birthday Captions Quotes

Happy belated birthday. Now we can stop talking about your age and get back to talking about my drinking problem. 🍷


Happy belated birthday, dude. We missed you!


I’m not late. You were just early 😂 Happy belated birthday!


Only a year late! Happy belated birthday!


Yesterday was your birthday. Happy belated ;]


Wishing you a belated birthday a day late 🙂


Thanks for being such a close friend. You’re one of my favorite human beings. May all yr dreams come true


Hey birthday boy, it took me 10 years to make a wish that worked. ​👥🎇🏆


Birthdays happen in a year. But it’s the thought that counts. And the cake. 🎂🍰


If rain was my present, that would be a sweet way to celebrate my birthdate. {{humorous and sarcastic}}


Happy late birthday. I know it’s not your birthday but I like to celebrate birthdays whenever I get the chance!


I regret that I’m late, but we’re not late for the party—it is only just beginning!


Life’s short- Celebrate! 🎂


Still celebrating my birthday last night 😜🎉👯


HBD to the past 📆🤳


What kind of fool thinks it’s funny to send a belated birthday card…which arrives after the fact?!


Happy Belated Birthday, and may it last a whole lot longer than you had planned.


Happy belated birthday! We were too hungover to wish you a happy one yesterday 😩 but here’s a warm fuzzy picture of us all to brighten your day. ☺️


Happy Birthday, so belated, like a certain godfather movie


Your belated birthday wishes are so sweet! 🍰🎂


It’s your birthday and I’m late, but now I’m finally taking you out to lunch. Here’s a gift card so the next time, I don’t have to be. 💵


I’m just in time for your birthday, or so I’ve read. Happy Birthday!


Happiest of birthdays to my main man, the one, the only (drum roll please)…


Hope you’re having a party as big as your grin, on this special day.


Happy 40th, Dad! We know this is a little late but you know how busy summer gets. 😜👑🥳


HBD to the best big sister. 🥳🏆


I usually don’t miss anyone’s birthdays, but I thought I’d make an exception. Happy birthday!


Slow motion: that moment when the clock ticks to midnight and you remember, it’s not your birthday anymore. Happy belated birthday.


Nothing like a belated birthday cake 😃to make up for a day you forgot to wish your bestie a happy birthday. Happy late birthday!


Happy belated birthday! Hope it’s as good as you think it is. 😂❤️


It’s never too late to be the person you should have been. Happy belated birthday.


I’ll forgive you for not remembering my birthday this year. Just promise never to forget it again. 🎂


I came, I saw, I forgot your bday. Oops! Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! We thought you were celebrating today. Haha Hey, we’re still happy to celebrate another year of your life. Cheers!


You hate when people say that time flies. It’s always the last time you saw someone!


Just a taste of what I wished for you … 😜


I’ll throw you a celebration…to make up for the one I missed


Sorry for clinking my glass. I thought everyone else was


Honey, I left the cake out in the rain💃


Happy belated birthday, buddy! Wish I could say you look ___ years younger, but in your case, the fewer the better. Wishing you a great year ahead!


Just kidding, you totally had me fooled. Happy belated birthday! 🎉🎂


Even if you’re born on the fifth, it’s never too late to celebrate your birthday. Happy belated! 🎈🍰


Happy belated birthday, bro! Sorry we missed the actual date. 😂😗


It’s never too late to celebrate a belated birthday with an epic adventure. 😎


Wishing you a belated birthday… sorry it took so long. 🎂🍰


Good morning 😀 I hope that it’s a great one! I tried to think of something clever to say for your birthday but I realized the most clever thing about you is how little needs to be said. Happy Birthday, #friendgoals ❤️…


I can’t believe it took me a year to see how funny the first thing you said to me was.


You’re one year older and all we got you was this ‘nice try’ card.


I’m a year older and you are still the same age as last year. Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday! We’re a little bit late, but we have perfect timing for the party this weekend. 🎉🕺🏻


I couldn’t be there to celebrate your birthday in person, so instead, I got you a gift that’ll last throughout the year 😁!


Happy birthday, you old crumbum!


Another year older, but the same amount of rad.


This is the best picture ever! You couldn’t have told it was a year old? #belatedbirthday


happy belated birthday! hope you had a good one ! 😐


Looking for a last-minute birthday card? No need to stall—we ship same day. 🎂


Got that birthday love on the brain! We’re positive this will cheer you up. 🎉😜


Happy Birthday, Flappy Bird! Your 7th of July birthday is finally in the appropriate month.


This was the most epic birthday in the history of birthdays! Hope you have another one just as special next year. 😊


Double tapping for the bday twins


Featuring a three-part harmony of birthday girls 🎂 💕 🍰


Happy birthday, you’re officially over the hill!


Thanks for the birthday wishes, @username. We’re celebrating 10 years of friendship today! 💕


Congrats on making it to another year, here’s to all the other birthdays you have left!!!😎


n this world, there is nothing more cool than being kind -kind of like ice cream 😍😍😍


Didn’t expect you to come back this summer, but now that you’re here, we can have a night like last time!


Have a belated birthday and many more (you’re not getting older, you’re getting better)


Happy belated birthday buddy! 😜


Happy belated birthday, Mom. Sorry, I forgot.


I’ve said before, I’ll say again, another year older and still in denial. Happy belated!


CONGRATULATIONS on your belated birthday—you totally deserve it 😲🎉


There’s nothing like a summer birthday – except perhaps a belated one in December. Happy Birthday !


Hope your birthday was everything you wanted and more. And that it came with a bunch of confetti 🎉


You’re not late, I’m early. You got old, I got beer. You snooze, you lose.


Happy bday, oh wait. We’re four days late ☺️🎂


Throwing a birthday party for an excuse to eat cake.


So cliche. How was yesterday? Wish I was there.


Hope you had a great time, it was really fun being your friend today.


Caught a glimpse of myself this morning…looks like I’ve grown up, who knew?! Hope you have an amazing year! 🎂


can’t believe you’re actually in your twenties. Happy belated birthday, we still love you anyway.


Happy belated birthday! I hope that day was filled with pie, Great Aunt Mildred, & being held captive by a crazy person


late, but not least: Happy belated birthday to my fav human @jack👍🙌


Happy Birthday two days late. I’m gonna throw you a belated birthday party in my head. ❤️


Don’t have time for a birthday cake? Make sure you have time for this cake-shaped candle holder.  Birthday wishes from the team.


Happiest of birthdays to you and


Today is your day—enjoy it to the fullest and don’t worry about a thing. Happy Birthday!


Just one of those days where I can reaffirm that I’m glad no one is looking down at me from above.


You’re old enough to drink. Horns up! 🍾


Please don’t spread the word that I had a couple of drinks too many. #drunk #drunkme


Life gives you lemons? Life gives you lemons.


Free Funny Belated Birthday Caption

happy belated birthday! i missed your party but the celebration isn’t over yet!


Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but I’d like to toast to the photographer who got this shot before your cake did. Happy belated birthday!


Happy belated birthday to you! We hope it was the bomb 😉 #freebirthdaywishes


wishing you a belated birthday. celebrate with a smile and a laugh


How it feels to get home after the birthday party when there is no food left online😒😒😒


You play a part in the validation that makes my heart sing. Happy belated birthday.


Thinking of you and a belated happy birthday. ❤️


You’re a year wiser, and also a year older, so here’s to all the birthdays you haven’t had yet. Happy belated birthday! 😂🎉


took the garbage out and realized it is someone’s birthday today. I hope your day was trashy.


i’m sorry it took me so long to notice your birthday was yesterday.


Happy Birthday, I hope it’s everything you wanted it to be!


Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you… Happy BIRTHDAY, dear FRIEND !!!


Happy birthday, you’re special like a snowflake! 💕


Happy belated birthday from all of us at the office! We’re rushing this card to you but we wanted to at least take a moment to say thanks for being such a cool coworker and friend. Happy birthday🎉


Happy belated birthday! I’m late but always on time for your next bday 😉😉😉❤


Happy belated birthday, we hope you enjoyed it! 😁🎉


Sorry I’m late with the birthday celebrations—I left my watch at home. Happy belated birthday! 😜


Hi, yes it’s belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Enjoy your day!


Sorry I’m late to the party, but here’s a belated happy birthday.


Belated happy bday my beautiful baby girl—here’s to your many more. 🎂🎉


It’s your birthday. We wanted to let you know it’s your special day, so we’re letting everyone else know too. 🙂


Is it your birthday today? It’s too late to wish you a happy one! Hope it was good anyways 😊 #bday


Being late is my superpower. #SorryNotSorry


Happy birthday, and happy belated birthday, bro.


Belate it, don’t late it. It’s not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday.


Happy belated birthday to my lovely, wonderful friend! I haven’t seen your face in too long and it was great to spend time with you today. You’re the best!! #bestiegoals


Way too busy partying to remember your birthday?


If you’re reading this, your birthday is finally here. Hooray! It must be crazy being old enough to celebrate your own birthday, huh?


This is wayyy better than my actual birthday present. I can’t believe you’re almost a year old!


we cannot believe it’s been a whole year since your birthday. how?!


You look like you’ve seen a ghost! It’s just your birthday.


It’s your birthday, and you can cry if you want to…or celebrate with us. You’re an angel in our book either way. 🌞😜


Happy birthday from me to you, from me to you… it’s your birthday, happy birthday!


you’re only as old as you feel ‼️ so until you want to cheer up – maybe it’s best that I don’t see you ☺🎂✨


We missed your birthday but we still want to celebrate you and be part of spreading the love. Happy belated birthday!


The fact that we’re both still alive would be reason enough to celebrate, but here’s a cake anyway. Happy belated birthday!


Happy belated birthday. Better late than never, am I right?


It’s your birthday? I didn’t hear about it. Happy belated!


Happy Belated Birthday to the birthday lady who can’t be here in person… if you eat too much try not to groan… 😜☺


Happy belated birthday, #1! What can we get you on your half-birthday?


Some of the best things in life are belated, even after all these years! Happy birthday to the best husband ever.


Oh well, Happy belated birthday ! 😝


Happy belated birthday! Sorry it took me a bit to post this 🥳 🎂 🍰 🥂


Hi, thanks for the birthday wishes. This is a belated one from a couple days ago. 🎉👯


Hey, it ain’t your birthday but I’m gonna wish you a happy one anyway! hope your day was excellent.


Late but happy birthday to you. 😂🎉


Sorry I was too busy laughing in a rainstorm to wish you a ‘Happy Birthday!’ 😆


One year ago today I found out what the ‘D’ in BD actually stood for.

happy belated birthday @almostpublic! hope you had a great weekend 😎


Like a fine wine, you get better with time. Happy belated birthday! 😎🥂


To those celebrating a birthday between March 21st and April 13th: We’re so sorry this is late, but we hope you had a great day!


Hey, remember that one time six months ago when you blew out your birthday candles? Yeah, us neither. Happy Birthday!


*A belated birthday toast to you – may all your birthday wishes from now on come true!*


To a brother who always pushes me to have fun…


Oops, I forgot your birthday! Hope you enjoyed the day anyway. 😉


What a treat it is, to celebrate you on your special day! (🎉🎊😉)


Like I would’ve told you… if I knew.


Woohoo! I’m an older woman now! *pause*… What was the question again?


It’s never late to say, Good luck in everything you do!


10 years ago today, a little prince arrived 🦜👑


Late 🎂 but it’s always the thought that counts, right? ����


It’s #NationalDogDay, so I just wanted to remind you that animals have birthdays too! 🐶Remember to tell your furry friend Happy Birthday! 😃


Happy belated birthday to you, free free free!


Happy positive belated birthday!


Happy belated birthday. It may be late but it’s here.


Hey, you! When’s your birthday? Because it’s yesterday. That’s right, we’ve got YOU a cake…


Had so much fun celebrating your birthday last weekend! Hope you had an amazing day #happybirthday


Happy birthday from afar to someone who has always been a sweet friend.


Sorry I couldn’t get to your party—I was busy getting older.


Happy birthday you hunk of burning love 🔥🔥😘😘


You’ve finally made it to the weekend, so get out and enjoy it! Have a happy day.


You’re late to the party… but better late than never 😍


It’s never too late to celebrate! HBD # 4 😃


Just remember, nothing gold can stay.


How come you don’t want to celebrate your belated birthday? Because it’s not actually a day. It’s just a code word for Happy Birthday now I’m late 😊


Well, I guess it’s time to share the cake—all of it. Because this cake is for you. Happy belated birthday!


From growing up together to us growing old, I’m glad we’re still buds! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.


You may be two years old today, but you were twenty-five minutes late to your own party. Happy belated birthday! 🎂🎈


Wishing you a happy belated birthday and many more to come!


It may be belated, but it’s still sweet: thinking of you on your birthday 🥳


Our deepest condolences for having to celebrate your birthday so belatedly 😉


It’s too late to say happy birthday, so just have another drink 😉


Happy Birthday, but so sorry it’s late 🎉


I wan’t to wish yo Grap a very Happy Birthday. You were late but you are always worth the wait!


I’m not as old as a lot of people think I am, but I am definitely older than a lot of people.


Happy birthday, we seriously thought you were born in December 😉


HBD! Hope it was awesome for you, and that TODAY is just as brilliant and bright.


Happy birthday, my friend 🎂🎉 I’m so happy to have another year with you. Cheers to the best year yet!


For some people, it’s the thought that counts. For you, it’s the distance you traveled. Wishing you an unbirthday ❤️ 🎂 🎉

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