Pre Birthday Wishes Quotes Captions for Instagram

Pre Birthday Wishes Quotes Captions for Instagram: If you’re looking for some pre-birthday wishes quotes captions,  you’re at the right place. Here is a collection of the best wishes messages that you can use to share how excited you are for your friend’s upcoming birthday on Instagram.

Pre Birthday Wishes Quotes Captions for Instagram

it’s your birthday is coming up and I just wanted to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎈 🎂 🍰


Treat yo self, you’re worth it. 😌💖


It looks like someone is turning another year older. We hope that today is filled with happiness and adventure. 🎂🎈❤🎉


Hoping all your baby (or bachelorette!) showers are full of yummy cake, sweet tea, and plenty of time for girl talk


Treat yourself this September to all the things you deserve. 🎂💥


Looking forward to celebrating you on your big day! We wish you all the best, old friend. 😘


👑Happy bday, Jack! You deserve the best because you’re the best me I know 💁


You’re never too old to enjoy being surprised on your birthday. 😊


Happy happy birthday, thank you for all the wonderful things you do.


Remember the times you’ve spent with friends, family, and loved ones—and looking forward to the newness that’s yet to come. 🎂🎂🎈


Wishing you a day of happiness and good health.


If your birthday party on this summer’s day, don’t let us come empty-handed; bring a perfectly ripe mango, some fresh berries, and peaches all from our side of town.🍑


Happy birthday, buddy! Stay true to yourself, and keep your glass half full. 😎👍


Happy weekend, birthday boy!


Count down to your bday with us! Find the nearest location to you, and get ready for some donut shenanigans. 😍 #NationalDonutDay


Throw back to the weekend before your birthday when you get to dress in all your birthday gear. #nbd ☺️😎


I remember the first time I saw you. You were so small and fragile, but I knew then that I would always be there to protect you. Happy Birthday, sweetie! ❤️ #tbt


Happy birthday, beautiful. You’re the kind of woman that pulls your family, friends, and everyone else together for a great night 🎉


Hope you have a fantastic time celebrating your birthday while doing something that brings you joy! Have a magical day! 🎂🎉


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY (insert honey’s name)!😘🎉🎊


You’re a year wiser (and hopefully more stylish). Here’s to the best year yet. 😎❤️


you’re getting so close to another year of awesomeness, y’all.


We’re the first to wish you a happy birthday… 🎂 🎉 💕 🎁


Life is best when spent with the people you love. Happy birthday, friend!


Just a few days more and you’ll be wishing happy birthday to yourself. Have fun and celebrate the big 3-2 😉


Turning another year older…♥ but only another day older because I’m going to spend it with you 🙂


Wishing it were the weekend already 😴💕


Happy birthday to you! Let’s have a cake big or small, your choice. 😃


Here’s to every birthday, to every year of your life, and to each thing that taught you something.


Wishing you happiness and success. Hope your special day is filled with fun, laughter, family, and friends 🥰😊


You’ve got one birthday coming up and here’s to celebrating another year with you! 🎂🎉


Happy Birthday to our very own Queen of social media.


Happy birthday to my favorite person 🎂😘


Here’s to you! In the past year, we’re sure you’ve found a number of interesting ways to shed years off your age. Luckily, you won’t have to break a sweat with our Grown and Grounded Coffee ☕ #WholeFoodsGrownandGrounded


Lol, you’re officially one year older! May this coming year be a great one.🎂


Happy birthday to my BFF—you always make me laugh and I can’t wait to celebrate your special day. 😉


Mornings are impressive but so are you. Have an awesome day! 😊


Another year older, but the same amount of awesome. Happy birthday! 🎉🎂


I’m not sure what your wish for the new year is, but mine is that more people are able to live in a safe home. We all deserve a safe space where we can uncurl from the world and be our best selves.


Have a great birthday, from all of us at #your_favorite_coffee_place 🎂 🎉


Just a little reminder: your birthday’s almost here. We cannot wait to celebrate with you this weekend!


Always wear sunscreen – not just on the beach, but everywhere. 😎


Good morning, gorgeous! Swipe up ⬅️⠀⠀ to get started on your journey to make this a birthday that rocks 😎


HAPPY DAY BEFORE YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great day, my friend—and here’s to the year ahead! 🎂☕👼🍦


Wishing you a happy birthday and many more to come! Here’s to the next one. Hint hint. Wink wink. ☺️


Happy early birthday, handsome! ❤️


Birthdays are always special … Hope your birthday is super awesome! 😊☺


#happybirthday to my favorite person on earth, @me.


Hope your day is everything you want it to be! 🎂🌹❤️


Happy birthday, @name 🎉 We wish you all the best in every turn and adventure that awaits. ❤️


Birthdays are for the young at heart. Here’s to coming back around for another year #HappyBday


Have a super [name of the person] day! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓


Wishing you all the best this 53rd year of being rad and fly.


I’m just so proud of you, after all, you have been through. Now it’s time to celebrate and begin your next chapter.


My favorite people are those who light up when they talk about the things they love.


And since that day, you’ve had my heart


I wish you the best day ever! 😊Happy birthday in advance. #innocentaf


No one does birthday better than you. Happy birthday, friend. Wishing you an amazing year ahead. Today is your day to celebrate, enjoy it.


Happy belated bday, The only number you need to know is 25 years. @25_years_young


The start of a new year has me thinking about what stories I want to tell and who I want to become in 2018. Happy Birthday, universe—let’s do this thing. 🌏✨


We’re celebrating your birthday all year long. (Happy Birthday)


To the birthday girl and boy, all the best—here’s to a year full of new adventures and friends


Thanks for the memories, the laughter, and the friendship. Have a happy birthday! 😊


How’s it going, Birthday? Up to anything special today?


Let’s put a dent in that bucket list and get you to where life takes you ✈️🌎


Turns out, you were a pretty good child after all. Congratulations. 🎂🎊


Happy bday to our favorite customer, coworker, and friend. Enjoy these 🎁 🎂 🎉 from all of us at the cafe.


I’m happy to be celebrating all things fall with you, pumpkin. Hope your weekend is as sweet as you are.


Count down to your birthday. One more day to go until it’s the BIG 2-5. 😮 It’s never too early in life to keep track of all those birthdays you have ahead of you. 🎁


🎂 Wish your loved one a happy birthday filled with laughter, excitement, and lots of cake!


Wishing you all the best for your birthday and beyond! 🎉 🎂 🎁


Oh, you turned 31 already? We celebrate your past and hope for more great things in the next year. 😎


Stay strong and keep pushing through your goals. You’re worth it. Happy birthday, to the awesome you⁉️


Happy birthday, @! Hope it’s the best one yet. !


Don’t let the small stuff get you down, it only weighs you down. Happy birthday to my best friend. May all your wishes come true, and good things always come to those who wait.


Happy birthday! May this day be filled with all that you desire, and all the days ahead be fantastic. 🎂🤗


Happy birthday, friend! You are a gift to all the people who love you.


Happy birthday, y’all. Happy birthday to my twin-ness soul sister ❤️🎂


Happy birthday to the real gem of our family.


We’re one week out from your birthday. What are you excited about this year? Let us know in the comments below or tag us @oneteaspoon_desserts.


Forgetting birthdays is a sin.


Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear [user name]. Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuuu!

In 7 days, it’ll be your birthday. Celebrate with a gift from us. What’re you doing on December 6th? Let us know by tagging @instagram and using #IGBirthday


Don’t forget to wish your bestie a happy birthday and make sure you comment about how stunning she is.


Say cheese. 📸 Today is your day, make your birthday wish 🎂 🎈


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best big sister there is. You are always there for me, even when I lose sight of what’s important in the world. You have your head on straight, and I can’t wait to see where you go next. I love you forever. Happy Birthday <3


Can’t believe I turn 31 today. Time goes so fast!! But hey, I’m #prettydamndirtyold already so 31 feels pretty good.


I can’t wait to see you on the other side… You’re halfway there sweetie.


Happy birthday, cutie pie. I hope it’s the best one yet! 💕🎉


This weekend, let’s do something awesome! Time flies. You’re now another year closer to your GOALSfihdgsjkfghadf 😎


Happy birthday to our dear friend, you’ve always been the rock in our family and we hope your day is filled with so much love and joy.


Hands up if you find yourself saying “yes” every time a coworker calls out sick—we feel ya. 🙋


Nothing compares to the warmth of a smile from a friend – and one more day celebrating with you. Happy birthday!


A big happy birthday to my favorite human. I hope today is your most shining day.


You see a birthday as just another day, I see it as an experience. That’s why you don’t have many and I have so many.


And just like that, it’s your birthday. Here’s to the next chapter! 💕🎂


Hands down, the best part of fall is (count ’em) endless apple picking options. We’ve chosen our favorite places to go for all your apple needs 🍎🍏🍐


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays.🎉🎂


Birthday vibes 🎉Sunny and 75 🌞 💕 It’s your day so have a good one, babe!


Wishing you a season of birthday celebrations, laughter, and cheer. Happy day after your birthday from @Yourquote.


HBD to all the b-day boos who make our lives so sweet! 🎁🎈


Today is the perfect day to make all of your wishes come true. Good luck at 3! 😊


Get all dolled up, girl! You’re gonna be FABULOUS at your party! 💋


For my best friend, on your big day 🎂 💕 ❤️


Mom, happy birthday! We wish you all the happiness, love, and everything else that your heart desires.


Happy birthday, buddy! Hope your day is a great one. Love you!🎉


Today marks a year of friendship and for sharing your life with us. We’re looking forward to finding out who you are and how you’ll inspire us next.


Happy birthday to the coolest brother on the planet. Hope you have an amazing day!


It’s your birthday, and the number doesn’t define you. Happy birthday, old friend!


This weekend we’re wishing you a year filled with everything good—love, laughter, and lots of cake 😃


Happy Birthday to us 🎂, the sleepover and all-night party wonder twins 💕


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… That’s more. 😍✨Tag a friend you’ll be celebrating your birthday with this weekend ❤️


HBD to the biggest deal maker I know. Celebrate with this man by mixing him up a fantastically fizzy gin cocktail 🍸 🎂 💜


Happy birthday. May the candles on your 🎂 🍰 🎁 light up all your wishes this year.


It’s your birthday! Here are twenty-five things I love about you. Happy birthday, sweetie! 🎊🎁❤ #BirthdayVibes


Our birthday balloons are always up to celebrate your special day! 🎉🎈


You are someone we celebrate, you are special and there’s no one else quite like you. Cheers to a happy birthday from us. 🎉🎂❤


Nothing beats the week before your birthday. Happy Birthday, from all of us. 🎂🎂


Happy Birthday, Jason. We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate your day with you! 🎉🎂😘


Wishing a happy birthday to @mattdamon—you’re one of the coolest people we know. Hope you have an epic day! 😎


Ready for December to come so I can fulfill all my birthday wishes!


Happy birthday! I hope your day is filled with sunshine, cookies, and cake 🎂🍰


Happy 🎂🎈 birthday, my friend. Here’s to another year of adventures and laughs together. 🎉


We couldn’t celebrate your birthday without wishing a special Happy Birthday to our beloved Lolo 👬


Happy birthday, friend! We have plenty of cake and frosting.


Even though you’ve been cool since the beginning of time, we need to celebrate your upcoming birthday because we love you. 🎂🍰▫️


Sending birthday vibes 🌟 to all our lovely followers! Hope you have a great day!”


Not only did your mommy survive the sleepless newborn phase, her first stretch marks, and every other milestone so far, she’s also still thinking about you on this very special day🎂


Happy bday to the coolest BB in tech ☀ #happybirthdaybrian


May the new year treat you with magic, happiness, love, and joy🎉


Wow, there are only a few more weeks left until your birthday …


Happy belated bday, babe. You’re a gift to me each and every day. #birthdayboy


Birthdays are always better with friends ☀️🎉


Happy birthday to a true blue beam of inspiration and light, who is also my twin 💙


May the light of your birthday shine brightly—for you and all those around you. 🙂


I can’t believe it’s that time of year again… 🎈😱I guess I’m officially old now 😪


Happy birthday, you old thing! 👵🎂


Happy birthday! 🎉🎈 🍰 While you’re blowing out the candles, remember to try a new bite!


What’s better than celebrating your birthday with a celebration of pumpkin spice? 🎂

Wishing a friend a happy birthday on their special day with the most thoughtful Insta-wishes. Happy Birthday!


Today’s the day you celebrate 🎂 🎉 🎈 and my birthday message is all about celebrating your uniqueness! ☺️ Click the link in our bio for more of @hay___oh ’s captions.


Treat yo self this month with 20% off beauty 💇‍♀️😘. Birthdays come just once a year, so treat yourself


Happy Birthday, wish you all the best🌺


Happy birthday to our favorite month. We love you! Hope all your dreams and wishes come true this September


Celebrate your birthday, and every day, in the most delicious way. 🍫 🎉 🥛 🥰


Love the life you live. Live the life you love. 🙌🎉


In one month, we’ll celebrate your birthday again. To prepare for it, a bunch of people got together to throw you an early party.


Lucky you! It’s your birthday today!


Happy birthday! We’ve been friends for so many years, we feel like sisters. Here’s to another year of friendship ✨


With every year, I’m getting stronger and smarter 😎 #HappyBirthdayAdam


Happy birthday to my favorite firstborn.


Happy Birthday to my one and only! Thank you for always being such a good friend, lover, and all-around beautiful person. I am so grateful for you and for the love of our life Brooklyn (and Chum Chum!).


Happy birthday, old friend. Today is for you and the ‘could be’ that’s still ahead of you.

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