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Romantic Missing You Love Message


Romantic Missing You Love Message


Romantic Missing You Love Message: There is no better feeling than to be in love and to lose the person you love. It feels like a part of your soul is missing. But instead of worrying about it, some good advice is to remember the time that you enjoyed together. This will help you realize that it’s not the material things that are important; it is how much you love the other person. It will also help you move on. Here are some tips.


Romantic Missing You Love Message

• I am missing you so much. I have been missing you since the first day we started to be away from each other. I miss your smile, the beauty of your eyes, the smell and taste of your skin. I want you here with me now, looking in my eyes, holding my hands, kissing me, and telling me how much you love me too.


• My love, it is been two weeks since you left and I’m missing you more than ever. I want to wake up to your cute smile every day, I want to laugh with you until the sun goes down. I want to hug you, and kiss you and never let go. I feel like half of me is gone, I feel incomplete without you. You are my devoted lover, my partner in crime! I cannot imagine my life without you.


• My mind is a jumbled mess of thoughts of you. Is it time for us to talk again? The entire day I wait patiently for the sound of your voice… the simple joys in life, your laugh, your smile; they are all the things that make my heart flutter.


• You are my light, my love, and my life. I could never imagine being without you. I feel so lost and empty when you are away, yet whenever we are together time passes too quickly.


• Sometimes even I don’t understand the magnitude of my love for you. It consumes me and overwhelms my senses like a drug that cannot be replaced. It could be within your smile or your eyes, your laugh or your touch; but in that exact moment, everything else is lost to the world and it’s just me on my knees looking up at you. The depth of my adoration for you is endless, unquantifiable, and most definitely indescribable.


• You are my sunshine. You are my moonlight. You make everything beautiful, and I would be nothing without you. It’s not possible to love you any less than I do now, even if I tried.


• I’ve fallen hopelessly, passionately in love with you. You turn into my everything, my reason for being. I can’t imagine life without you! My heart aches and breaks every time you leave, but then I remember that you will return to me soon and it’s the happiest moment of the day.


• You are my everything. You fill my life with joy, excitement, love, and happiness. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had not found you. My whole world has changed since I met you. You are now the shining star that guides me down the right path, shows me how much love exists in this big world.


• You are the love of my life the reason I smile when I find myself sad. The aching in my chest is caused by a feeling I’ve never felt before, it increases with time. My feelings for you have grown to a point where they can no longer be explained. I’ll start by saying I love you and end by saying your eyes will be the end of me.


• I am on my way to the airport. I hate being away from you for even a second, but we’ve talked about this…not seeing each other for long periods can make the heart grow fonder. It is hard not to look at my watch…but I know that if we were together right now, I would be late for my flight. I miss you baby and wish you a wonderful day. I will be on cloud nine until I get to hug you again!


• I just wanted to thank you again for all the sacrifices that you have made. You’ve never complained once, even when your back was hurting. I just want you to know how thankful that I am to have met someone so compassionate and caring. You are so beautiful inside and out which is one of the many reasons why I can’t get you out of my mind. I love you so much, baby!


• I know that it’s only been a week since I saw you last, but I miss you so much! To see your smiling face is the thing I long for the most. The more time that goes by the more love I have for you. Every time we are together, every moment, only makes me want you even more. It feels like forever since we first kissed, and now it’s like we’re one soul that can never be parted.


• You are the first and last thing I think of when I wake up, and the only face that runs through my mind all day. You are everything to me. I will always, and forever love you!


• I never thought that I could feel like this, that someone could make me feel this way. I love you, and I don’t care who knows!


• My everything, my one true love, I am so far away and yet you are with me always. In my head, your sweet voice always whispers that I love you. My heart aches for you. I miss you terribly. Thinking of you gives me comfort and makes the time go by faster. I love you!


• I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I wish we could spend every waking moment together. I would do anything for you. You are my life, my everything, and my inspiration. No matter what happens I’ll always love you and there will never be anyone else for me.


• Whenever I close my eyes, all I see is you. Whenever anyone touches me, all I feel is you. Whenever I think about life, all I want is you. You are my dreams; the reason behind my smile; the person that makes me complete.


• It truly bums me out that you have to leave me to go on tour. I cannot wait for the day where we can travel together. While you are away I wish all the best to you and your band. When you come back, we will be celebrating a whole lot! Lots of love to you.


• It hurts to have you so far away. At times I feel like my heart will break from missing you so much. I thought that being apart would make it easier, but every day is harder than the last. All I want is to be with you and nothing is keeping us apart except distance.


• My love, I wish that I could magically transport us to a place where life would be perfect. Where ever we went, there would be rainbows and sunshine. Where ever we were, there would be a beautiful garden. Where every adventure was, it was filled with you. And where ever we laid at the end of the day, our bed would be made of rose petals and trees would gift us with endless shade.


• I’ve been thinking about you all day, babe. Ever since I woke up and found you gone I have been in a puddle. I miss you so much!


• I miss you. I need you. Your love is all I can think about, all I want, all I dream about. I just want to spend forever in your sweet caress and the feeling of your arms around me. You mean everything to me, please come back.


• You are always in my heart & I miss you so much. It is like a dream to love you. Will be back soon, sending hugs and kisses.


• Hello, dear. I have missed you so much. I love you madly. I think about you every minute of the day, and I need to see you. My heart aches for you all the time, and I hope to see you soon so that can free it from this burden.


• I’m Missing You I am painfully aware that life is moving on, hour by hour, without you here with me. My days are empty and my nights are long. I lay awake waiting for you to come home from a trip that only exists in our memories now. It’s just not fair to spend the rest of our lives apart from each other.


Romantic Missing You Love Message
Romantic Missing You Love Message

Romantic I Miss You Text Messages

• I will be missing you every minute of every day! I love you with all of my heart. I am happy we have been blessed to spend this precious time together, but it is sad to think that we may not see each other again for a long time. Life is like that sometimes…but if it were up to me I would stay here in your arms forever.


• Just because you are away doesn’t mean that you are gone. Your memory is like a picture I can hold in my hand. You are always here beside me, within my heart. And whenever I miss you, all I have to do is close my eyes and think of you.


• Your endless love has made my heart overflow. Thank you for all the joy and happiness you bring to my life. You are my one true love and I love you endlessly!


• The rain outside is a sign of my love for you, it’s falling from the sky but all I see is you. You are my world, my light, my guide. Never ignore what your heart feels, it only happens once. When I think about us, our love, and the future I can’t help but smile, and that’s all I want to do forever with you by my side.


• You are so much more than the love of my life, more than the air I breathe, more than the water I drink; you are my soul mate, my everything. And I will love you and hold you in my heart and my dreams forever!


• I will never ask why you walked away. The reason is simple, which is that I was not good enough for you. What I am asking is when will I see you again? I’m missing your voice, your face, and your beautiful self.


• I don’t always say it, but… I miss you. I miss the way you kiss me and hold me. I miss the sound of your voice and all of the inside jokes that nobody knows about. The love that we share is one of a kind, and none other can compare. I love you more than anything baby.


• I can hear the rain against the window, the rumble of a distant thunderstorm. It sounds sad to me, angry. Why do I feel this way tonight? When I know you’re a thousand miles away in another time zone, another country even. I watch my clock as it slowly ticks by, torturing me with every minute that passes. The rain has let up by now and I realize it’s past midnight here. I glance at your picture smiling back at me.


• I think of you often, but when I do I remember all the amazing times we had together. I think about how lucky I was to have you in my life and tears well up in my eyes. My only hope is that someday you will know how much I truly loved you.


• I am missing you, my love. Just wanted to let you know that your smile brightens each day for me. You are my comfort when times are hard and my happiness when I am blue.


• I will miss you from the first second of today’s sunrise until the last ray of light disappears from yesterday’s sunset. When our days apart are filled with happiness, I will think of you and miss you more. When I am sad, I will wish upon the stars to bring you in my arms again soon. When everything is right with the world, my thoughts of you complete me.


• When I miss you my heart starts to ache and I feel this emptiness inside. Like a lost soul wandering in the darkness, my life feels incomplete without you. Living without you is hard when you are all I think about when your love is all I need to breathe.


• I’ve thought of you all day long, I can’t wait until you get home. Being away from you only makes me realize how much I love you. I miss your laugh, your smile, your touch. Everything about you is special to me. You’re my one and only, sweetheart!


• I can’t stop thinking about you. I want to be in your arms and feel your warm eyes staring into mine. I can’t wait until we’re together again.


• All my life, I have searched for someone to share my deepest passions and dearest hopes with. At first, I was pleased to find a man that understands me. That was not easy! Now, I know it is you. You are the one that is truly mine, and I am yours.


• I’ve made it through everything without you, but I don’t want to. I need you in my life in every way. You are the one thing that I can’t live without. I love you with every fiber of my being.


• My love, I miss you every single day. I miss how you laugh, how you smile, and how you make me feel like the most important girl in the world. A piece of my heart is missing since you are gone, but it will be fully mended when you come back. Till then my love, I wish you the best while you are away. Know that I love and miss you something terrible, and can’t wait to hold your hand again soon.


• I am missing you so bad right now. thinking of you keeps me awake at night and in the day when I close my eyes all I see is your beautiful smile and everything about you that I love.


• I’m missing the warmth of your embrace, I’m missing the twinkle in your beautiful eyes, I’m missing every part of you, my love. Every minute we apart seem like centuries to me, my body burns with desire, yearning to feel you near me.


• Hi. I have been doing a lot of thinking these past couple of days, and I want you to know how much you mean to me. You are the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming. How did I get so lucky as to meet someone as wonderful as you? When we are apart, I think about you all the time. And when we are together, it’s like paradise on earth.


• Although we are far apart, I am never far from your thoughts. You are always in my heart and my dreams. I miss you so much…


• Hello Sweetheart! Just a little note because baby you are not here with me and I miss you so much. I love seeing you at the end of every day brighter than the next. You motivate me, inspire me, and you push me to be better every day. Even though we are a world apart I am always looking at the stars and wondering if they are shining as bright for us as they are tonight. I love you, Hun!


• I miss you so much that it hurts. I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep because all I think about is you. I love you more than anything else in the world.


Romantic Missing You Message

• I know we’re far away from each other but I’ll always be here for you my dear. I remember how our life used to be like, everything was a happy bubble and I loved it. Now I feel lonely and sad but I can deal with it because of the thought of having you all to myself again.


• Honey, I miss you so much. I love and need you so much. I am worried about you too. Be safe and take care of yourself yes? I love you too much to imagine my life without you. Please come back soon!


• I am always by your side, even when we are far apart. I hope you know that my love for you will never change. I miss you and think about you all the time. Always remember that I am here for you no matter what and that I love you with every bone in my body.


• I think of you every time I see the sunset or watch the rain. I feel you in the breeze that brushes across my face. I look for you in the stars and hope I find you before dawn. My days are empty without you here with me and my nights are restless as well. Every morning when I wake, my first thought is of your lips, and every night before I sleep, it’s your arms that hold me tight.


• I miss you so much, you’re on my mind always, day and night, I can’t stop thinking about you, I hope you know that you are so special to me. This is what I want to say to you: I MISS YOU. I love you in silence every day and every night. These words might sound simple, but they come from the bottom of my heart.


• I can’t help but miss you when I wake up in the morning and you’re not there. I want to snuggle with you in my arms. I wish you were here with me. I love you more than anything and I miss you so much!


• I can’t stop thinking about you. When are you coming home? I miss you so much, my love. How is your trip going? I am counting down the days until you return to me. Can’t wait to spend some time with you!


• Even though we’re far apart, you are still the one that I see in my dreams. I dream about you every night and think of you every day. My love for you will never fade away.


• This is just a little message to let you know that I’m thinking of you and missing you. I hope to hold you in my arms soon.


• I live for those moments when I can look into your beautiful eyes again and kiss your soft lips. Each day that we’re apart is a day that my heart breaks a little more. I miss you so much, baby! All I can do is wait until the day when we are together again. But even then, every time you leave my side there will always be a part of me missing…


• Every morning I wake and you are the reason I do so. You are everything to me and I love you more and more each day. I will never stop loving you!


• Hi baby! I miss you so much! I wish you were here so we can cuddle under the blankets and just fall asleep in each other’s arms. It’s been a long day today and it would be so nice to have you here with me. I love you and hope to see you soon!


• I was so happy when we got married, and I was never happier on the day we exchanged our vows. The happiness that was felt in the room that day will always be remembered by me, and I will cherish those moments for eternity. You are my heart and soul, my everything. Our love is one of a kind. It is true and pure, I will love you forever and always, my sweetheart.



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