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Funny Graduation Advice Quotes Caption 2022

Funny Graduation Advice Quotes Caption: Graduation time is a big step into the big, wide world. It can be scary and frightening. With this in mind, you need all the advice you can get! These funny graduation advice quotes can help. They are perfect for your best friend that is graduating this year!

Funny Graduation Advice Quotes Caption

All we can say is ‘Congratulations, you made it’ #graduationseason


Don’t wait for the world to recognize you—let your hustle make some noise.


When it comes to grad dress, there are rules. 👕😉👕


We are so proud of you! Don’t forget to celebrate your graduation with the people that mean the most to you. 😊


Congrats, grad! As you move forward in life, remember to never lick a chainsaw.


Congrats, grad! But don’t forget to be humble.😉


I swear that I was never cool. Now if we could just figure out a way to get these sunglasses to stop fogging up every time I look at my diploma…


Whatever you do, remember: there’s no place like home for a good reason. More than anything in the world, high school will be FOREVER.


Congratulations—you’ve graduated! This means it’s time to learn what not to do in the real world.


Congrats on your 🎓! Here’s some advice to make the most of the next chapter.☝️


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, so let’s see what you’re made of. 😉


Congratulations on your hard work and you deserve an awesome, non-soggy, ice cream cake!


Congratulations, now the real fun begins.


Congratulations, thanks for being a friend…but not in that way. #GraduationQuotes


Congrats! Now that you graduated from college or high school and made it to adulthood, here’s a helpful list of advice for you as you begin your adult life.


Throw a party and celebrate the end of college at the same time. You’re done! Now you can be whoever you want to be. Just kidding, please don’t buy any ostrich eggs.


It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish that counts. Congratulations grads!#grads #graduation #graduatetoday ##graduationparty #college ##collegeteam


It’s time to party 🍾 and graduate 🎓.


Congratulations on finishing school! Now that you have your degree, we thought it’d be fun to share our tips for crushing it in the real world.


Since 1976 we have been a family business dedicated to helping graduates connect more, share more, explore more 🏙 📸 🎓 🌟 #welcometothefamily


Congratulations again to all the grads! Now that you’ve had the limelight, it’s back to business.


Just because I won’t be there to hold your hair back doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for help.


Congratulations on this huge moment in your life, friend! If we’re missing the chance to celebrate with you, please message us on Facebook or Instagram so we can send a virtual hug!


American Idol is this week, but you already know how to sing your praises 😎


Congrats on your recent achievement. Allow me to provide some wisdom (I’ll try not to sound too much like a grandpa).


May the force (of your wealth) be with you.


Congratulations on your graduation! Now that you are officially an adult, feel free to start using hashtags again. 😊


Are you thinking about graduation? We can’t help you with the diploma, but we can help you wash your hair. Haircuts—you’re always welcome to have one.


Happy graduation! We hope you do at least one of these 20 things before you’re 30. 😊


Congrats graduates, here are some funny pictures that say it all…


Walk it off! Don’t let the pressure of finding a job keep you from celebrating your last day of school with fun ☺


Finally did it. One step closer to that thing I was talking about. #graduation #college #wisdom


Congrats (insert name)! There are certainly a lot of unknowns in your future, but at least you know your way around an Excel spreadsheet #graduates #seniors #classof2018


Graduating is nothing but a stepping stone to learning something new. Don’t stop.


If someone hands you an envelope full of confetti, you better not lose sight of them. 😎


Congratulations! You’ve made it. Now, heed some words of wisdom from the pros:


Congrats on graduating! Now the hard part—figuring out what to do with your life. 😜 🎓


Congrats grad! Life is going to be strange for a while but stay calm and take it all in. 🎓😀


Seasoned grads—who were once green themselves—say the best way to avoid post-grad slump is to make friends, get a mentor, and pursue personal interests.


Get a head start on these grad fashion mistakes so you can be proud of your look through the rest of your life 😝


Congrats on graduating from the school of life! 🎓


Congrats! Now that you’re a grad, hang on to that feeling of pride. Here’s what else you should do:


Graduation Day is a new beginning, so be sure to not just look at the past 😀


Congrats on finishing school! Remember, life always ends up making more sense if you take it one day at a time. 😉


A few words of advice for a successful career: No matter where you go or what you do, find time to smell the flowers.


Don’t trust a shade of lipstick that doesn’t match your personality.


Finally a word of advice from those who know: no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.


We all have to start somewhere. And keeping things in perspective can make all the difference when you’re just starting.


Congrats on making it this far. Now, don’t screw up the last part.


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ― George Eliot


Congrats grads! We hope this quote makes you feel nostalgic ⛩ and ready to start a new chapter! 📖 That’s right, we’re sending off another batch of newly minted graduates 🥁 and we wanted to say congrats.


Graduation day outfits in 3, 2, 1 … 😆


Congrats on finishing school, now here’s some advice to survive in real life. 👀👂☝


That moment when you realize the day after graduation is just another Monday. We all got this.


Congrats on Graduation! Take a second to breathe and kindly take in the fact that you can do ANYTHING now that your hard work is done. JUST DO IT!!


Congrats on the big step! No need to rush it, but maybe go ahead and start updating your professional network profile?


Don’t listen to that guy who says money can’t buy happiness. I’ve got shoes. And a car. And I’m pretty sure there’s a girl out there for me. I just need to find her coupons first.


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression but you can mess up the follow-up.


“It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you go in life, it’s what you do with what happens to you.” – Zig Ziglar


Just when I look down at all of my notes, I’ll realize how much I don’t know.


You’re done with school and ready to set the world on fire. This advice is like that kid who stayed back a year. Graduate and get out.


Graduation season is upon us. Time to party 💃 So here’s the deal: the sun will rise, you will cry, make new friends, and oh, grow a beard! 😜


Congrats to everyone who graduated this year and welcome to the real world. We hope you have an amazing time and enjoy the ride!


To the class of 2017: Congratulations—and welcome to the real world. It’s going to be emotional. 😳


Congrats grads! Now the real world awaits. Don’t worry- we’ve been there and there’s no map, but here are a few things you’ll need to get by. 😉


Congrats on the big day. Now there’s at least one thing you won’t have anymore: Time for #instamorning ☕


If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. – Marilyn Monroe


First Murphy’s Law: You don’t have to graduate. Second Murphy’s Law: If you do graduate, it’s an accident.


It’s been real. Now don’t let your parents down.


Don’t worry about being perfect. When you are old enough, you will see that your parents weren’t either.


Congrats! Now don’t grow up too fast 😉


Nothing hits the spot like an ice-cold glass of ‘me time.


Graduation advise from the wise guys…


You might have graduated, but the lessons have just begun. Happy Graduation!


Wanna have the best graduation of your life? Don’t listen to what your dad wants for you or what the internet says. To find your tribe, and follow their lead. 🍑🎓


Good luck, but keep in mind: you’ve already won. I mean, you’re graduating 😎


Congratulations –your graduation doesn’t mark the end of learning, but rather the beginning. Surround yourself with good people who will challenge your mind and encourage you to become a better leader every day.


When you wake up and see a ton of photos on your Instagram story, don’t panic—it’s just your family and friends sending you memes 😂😁


I’d be lying if I said there weren’t some things I didn’t like about college, including…


Congratulations! You’re graduating from college, so you might as well graduate from the mentality that you are a special snowflake.


The most important thing you will ever buy is sunscreen, so have a sip and reapply.


You’re not done learning yet. Keep going and make sure to take more photos along the way. 😎


Congrats! Now go learn something.


Congrats! You’ve finally finished something. You get a B in the effort!


Some days all we can do is toil and some days all we can do is trust that the toil will bring us one day closer to the things we want most out of life.


Congrats on rocking the talent show and graduating middle school. Now it’s time to continue your education but this time with better grades and real homework.


We’re finally graduating and now it’s time to advise you on all the ways NOT to suck in the real world.


Congrats Grad! Now get out there and make a mark ❤


Congrats, grad! Sunlight is overrated anyway 😏 #graduation


You don’t need a degree to lead an awesome life.


Good Luck in Your Next Few Steps to Success.


If you can’t take your prescription with apple pie, then I have some advice for you: DON’T EAT THE PIE!


Treat yourself to something from our range of travel-sized products ✈️👽 Say goodbye to teeny shampoo bottles and tiny tubes of toothpaste.


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax. Abraham Lincoln


Congratulations on the end of one chapter and the beginning of many more. Here’s to what lies ahead 👍


Graduation Season is here and Grad school and College Bound Students can now let everyone know “Who Is Set To Graduate.”


These are my graduation tips— heed them well, you’re gonna need all the help you can get. 💭🎓👉


Class of 2020, you’ve already got this. 💪 🎓 🍾 🌲 #graduationday


Congrats on your graduation! Here’s some advice to keep in mind as you start the next phase of life…


Congrats, it’s time to move out of the basement! Thank you for all your hard work, your little sis is graduating from high school! Hope these tips are helpful.


If you find yourself in a classroom environment post-graduation, keep on learning there are no limits to what you can learn.


Time to graduate from this place!


Congrats on the big day! Just remember your old pal, caffeine, will never let you down. ☕️


Congratulations! Enjoy your walk across the stage and don’t trip! 😜


Congrats! Now here’s some well-meaning (we promise!) advice for the next step in your life.


“It’s your life—and it’s not a dress rehearsal, so dress accordingly.” – Mary Engelbreit


Congrats on your graduation 👏👏 Hope you had a killer party. And no worries, we’ll forgive the hangover


If you are a student and you want to get inspired for school: (put here funny saying)


Between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the temptation to overshare our lives can be overwhelming. So what’s a soon-to-be grad to do? Tips for making your social media presence more low-key and private.


Congrats on your first year of school! Kick off the celebrations with some festive shots. 😎


Congrats on getting your degree! Now to figure out how not to lose it in a gas station parking lot ☺️


Congrats, You made it. I can’t believe you’re about to go find life without me. Life without me…Life without me.


Wishing you the NERVE to live life full throttle, a BRAIN to always learn more, and a HEART that never stops growing. Congrats in advance!


Congratulations! You have choices ahead. Make the most of it.


The road ahead is long and full of hairpin turns. Getting there will be a challenge…but so worth it.


When you are in trouble or hurt, go to the poor people. They understand the pain and will help you forget your troubles for a while.


Congrats, You’re Graduating! Now What?


Congrats, grad! Now get out there and find a job you love with this advice from our newest baristas.


You know those pre-and-post graduation nights can easily turn into the craziest of all—so here’s a little trivia that might send you back to school.


Congrats Grad! We’re here if you need wisdom beyond these four years 💁


Congratulations, you have survived your twenties. Now go out and make something of yourself.


Congrats, buddy! You worked hard and you deserve all the good things life has to offer! Just don’t get too caught up in making money that you forget to make memories.


Congrats on finishing school…


A college student reflecting on the past four years and looking forward to adventures ahead 😀


Enjoy the little things—success doesn’t have to be Starbucks. 😉


Before you have a plan of what you’re doing next, it’s hard to be motivated to tackle the rest of your life. More at GQ


The hard part isn’t finding your purpose. It’s figuring out how to live your life so that you’ll have time to do what you love.


Make sure to follow your heart and not let anyone tell you what to do. At the same time, don’t listen to everything your heart says.

Congratulations on your graduation! We bet you’re ready for life in the real world. Just remember, you never graduate from 🍔 😎


A graduation gift from us to you. Five tips for a job search that doesn’t suck 👔


Congratulations graduates! Now go put your degree to good use.


Congrats on your big day! Whatever project you’re taking on next, we got you covered with all the tools you need: fabric, needles, and threads. Happy Graduation!


Congrats on a major milestone on the road to becoming someone who’s deeply weird.👩❤️💕


Congrats, grad! Shipping out and looking for advice on how to stay cool? Here’s some wisdom: Stay chill and kick it at the same time.🍻


Congrats! You made it! And now what? Here are a few life pro tips to help you keep growing into the best version of yourself.


Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., no matter where or what you study, there are always lessons to be learned as you embark on your new chapter in life 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓


We’re going to miss you, but don’t forget to make time for friends in the “real world.” We’ll always be here if you need us. <3


Whatever the next chapter holds for you…Never put off doing the things that make you happy! And remember, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s about learning to dance in the rain 🌧 🎶❤

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