2 Month Birthday Quotes and Caption for Instagram

2 Month Birthday Quotes and Caption: There are so many different quotes to celebrate the 2 month birthday. We have gathered a ton of the best 2 month birthday quotes and caption that you can use for your 2 month old baby.

2 Month Birthday Quotes and Caption for Instagram

Birthday girl, you bring so much sweetness and joy to our lives! 💘 #2monthbirthday


Swinging into the third month of summer ☀🎈 Happy 2 Month Birthday, I’m a huge fan! #meandbaby


Congrats to the baby on their 2 monthly birthday! We hope they’re enjoying all the ways that life gets better as we learn more about them ❤️


I can’t believe we’ve only been hanging out for 2 months, but I hope it’s a long and great friendship! Happy Second Month Baby!!


Happy 2 month birthday 👶🏻! You’re officially 3 weeks older than da Vinci and 4 months away from the next millennium.


2 months old, how is that possible? You’re growing so fast! Happy birthday little one!


Sometimes, our best friends know us better than we know ourselves. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BESTIE! We can hardly believe it—you’re already 2 months old!


We’re 2 months old, 2 months went by so damn fast and it’s been a blast!


So you’re 2 months old today! We can’t wait to catch up when we meet again at your 3-month milestone on the weekend. Until then, here’s to many more happy months full of firsts: giggles, cuddles, and rolls galore.


Congrats, Baby! You’re officially 2 months old today so you’re officially on a solid food diet. But don’t worry, Mom and Dad will continue to love you even though you won’t be the baby anymore. 😓🥰


Proud to report that our little star just turned 2 months old! And he’s already conquered his first travel adventure—2,071 miles (and counting) across the country via plane and car. We’re amazed by the rate at which he is growing. Keep up the good work, Egg—you’re doing great!


Two months old already! I can’t believe it. Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂


It makes me feel great to see you get stronger and healthier every day. You’re getting more playful and you’re starting to recognize people when they come in and out of the house- sweet little man! We love you so much!! ❤️🥳😘


Congratulations to this proud parent and baby. We’re so happy to be a part of this amazing family!


You’re the finest, cutest, most yummy little 2 month old in the whole world 😻


Happy birthday to our favorite little bundle of joy 🐣! We can’t believe you’ve been in the world for 2 months already! You’re growing so much and we couldn’t be happier… #2monthbday


How time FLIES when you’re covered in a thick layer of drool. Happy 2-month birthday to our sweet 💙 🎂 🐻 #BabyIs2MonthsOld


Happy 2 month birthday, baby! Sorry, we’re late for the party, but here’s a gift just for you. We’ll be there next month for your 3-month celebration…hang in there! 😸🎂😻


Double the joy! You’re 2 months old today 💙🦄


Wishing you a wonderful 2nd month in the world, little dude. We love you to the moon and back. 💕


Looking back on baby’s 2 months, it’s all so clear: how cute you are, the places we’ve been, and how much we love sharing this cool adventure with you.


YOU DID IT. You’re 2 months old! 🎊🍼


Oh, look at you! You’re 2 months old now and we couldn’t be happier! #2monthsofyoursquid


Happy 2nd-month little one.


Waking up to this milestone on the day before Thanksgiving. 👶🤳Happy two months, my love! 💙


Lookit, you! 😍 Nearly double your age and playing with toys that are just half yours. 😆 You’re growing up so fast, but we’ll try to keep up. 💕


Happy birthday to our bundle of joy! 🎈


🎁 Happy 2 month birthday to the cutest little prince 👑 in the world!


It’s your 2 month birthday today! Is it just me, or is your smile getting even brighter?


Happy 2 month birthday Ainsley! You are the sweetest & happiest, little girl. We love you so much ❤️


Two months old already! 😙 #twomonthbeyond


Tiny human, 2 months old. You are the perfect mix of your parents, and we’re so lucky to get to know you #HappyBirthday


Here’s to 2 months of eating, sleeping, showering, and generally spilling happiness everywhere you go.  We love you little one!


I know you’re only two months old, but it seems like we’ve been together forever!


We’re so excited to celebrate with you today 2 months of joy and wonder 💗 ☺️ 😃 🎈 🥰


Turning 2 months old today! How time flies 🌅 😍😘💚


And the adventure begins! Happy 2 months, little one 👶🏼 ❤️


Congrats on your 2nd month! Thanks for being part of the family. We are going to spend many happy moments with you together 😃


These may be the best 2 months of our lives. You are a joy, a challenge, and a bundle of curiosity.


All babies are miracles, but thanks for being ours.


You’re the coolest, most creative kid on the block. We can’t wait to see what you do next 📸


One year from now you won’t remember your parents being tired. But you will remember how much they love you. 💙


🐭We’re celebrating your 2-month birthday! Also, did you know you’re growing up to be just like us? So cool. 🤗 Congratulations on this big milestone, little one. We love you so much . . . and we can’t wait to see what’s next! xoxox


HAPPY 2 MONTH BIRTHDAY, LITTLE BLOSSOM 🌸 We’re so happy to be celebrating with you! 🎂 We are so lucky to be your parents and we love you more than words can explain. 🧡


You’re growing up so fast! Celebrate your 2 monthly birthdays with our sweet congratulations 🎉


Happy 2nd month, Baby! You are just too cute!


Baby’s first birthday is 2 months away!


Greetings, Earthlings! You’re 2 months old today. 👶👵🏻


I shared milestones with you from the very beginning. Celebrating 2 months: 👶🎈👶 #milestonebirthdays


You’re already two months old! So much new to learn, discover, and explore this season. We love you! 💗🐣


Caption for 2 Month Old Baby

Turning 2 months old today! You’re growing so fast baby, can’t wait to see what comes next! Unsure of what to get your new favorites? We have a few ideas up our sleeve. Stay tuned for the latest from “What’s in our Diaper Bag!”.


Did you keep track of his/her firsts? 2 months is as good a time as any to compile them all in a keepsake book. ❤️☺️


Happy First Birthday to the little guy who’s already kicking such grown-up legs.


Growler🍼: Wanna go swimming? Petunia🍇: Of course I do!


I can’t believe I get to shop here!  Yay, you!


Happy 2 month Birthday to the best little firecracker this world has ever seen. We love you more than all the stars in the sky. 💙🎉✨


The best milestone of all #2MonthBday1stTweet


Happy 2 months little buddy. We love you so much. XOXO 😘💙


Check out this handsome little dude celebrating his 2-month milestone.


Woo-hoo! Baby boy is Two Months old today and we can’t believe how much you’ve grown! 😘


2 months ago you made your entrance into the world…and our hearts. Not a day goes by when we don’t think of you and the joy you bring. We love you, A


Happy birthday, little one! You’re 2 months old today and as cute as ever. Here’s to many more months of laughter, snuggles, and squishy bums. 💓🎉


You’re now 2 months old – how we’ve grown! We can’t wait to watch you grow and learn every day 💙


You’re turning 2 months old today! Whoa, how did that happen? 😃


age 2 months already and mixed with mommy’s genes, you are starting to look familiar 😉


Growth Spurts. Hold the phone. My baby is two months old 🙊😭


You’ve been growing into a little man, and your mommy and daddy—and our customers—couldn’t be more proud. 💛💚💙 Happiness is getting to celebrate this milestone with you! 💜


Another fortnight has gone by, how are you measuring up? SMILE 😊 🌻 💙 💜🧡


👶🏻Happy #2MonthBirthday to the best little dude we know! We love you more than marshmallows and ice cream, rolls, and crumbs.


2 Month Birthday Messages for Baby Boy

Happy 2-month birthday babe. You’ve already shown us so much, love. We love you xoxo.


Celebrating the 2 month birthday for little man!


Celebrating “The Boss Baby’s” 2nd month birthday. Welcome to the world, Lil man!


Happy 2 month birthday, little man! We’re having so much fun getting to know you every day.


Celebrating your 2 monthly birthdays and you’re already such a social butterfly! 🙂


Darling’s 2 month anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited that he just doubled his birth weight!


Hooray, it’s baby boy’s 2-month birthday! Time sure flies when you’re having fun. 🤗 #babiesofig


Happy birthday to our little man! Can’t wait to see what the next two years have in store for you. #BabyBoy #TwoMonths ##BumpBirthday


We can’t believe our little babe turned two months old already! We’re so glad you’ve been a part of our family ❤️


From snuggles to smiles, the past two months have brought so much joy into our lives. We love you, little man. 💙😊


My little man is already 2 months old! I don’t know if it’s the sleepless nights or the tiny toes but all I keep saying is “wow”.


Wishing you the biggest bundle of joy 💛 The world is a happier place with your smile.


Happy 2 month birthday, sweet boy! Your mommy and daddy love watching you grow up so fast. A great life awaits you!


Celebrating our baby boy’s 2 month birthday with some family time at the park ❤️


Congratulations on your 2 month birthday! 🎊 You’re already on your way 💪 #2months #toddler


What the fluff, your 2 month birthday is tomorrow?! Hope you’re having a hearty feeding of strawberries 🍓 and bananas 👑 in celebration!


Happy 2 month birthday 👶🏽 Here’s to awesome milestones, endless curiosity, and just a bit more hair on that cute Lil head of yours 💁👶🏽


Two months! Welcome to the world, little one. We can’t wait to meet you mommy and daddy and can’t thank everyone enough for the love and support over these first couple of months


2 months old already?! It only seems like yesterday that you were born into our lives. You’ve brought so much joy to us and your little growls are music to our ears. We love you so much, our little nugget 🥰💕


Well, I guess someone had a good time!! (He also likes reading the paper in his free time) 😃✨👶 #Happy2Month


We’re celebrating you today with two months of adorableness AND a twin brother! 💙💖👶💕


What a joy he has added to our lives. We are head over heels in love with you, buddy! 🥰


You’ve already managed to pull off some pretty cool face dabs, impressive for your age. Keep on growing, little man💙


Your birthday is knocking! Bring on that cake! 🎂


A month has already gone by, but you’re just getting started. Congratulations 🥳👶🏻


Celebrating the 2 month birthday of a beautiful baby boy: cute outfit, cuter hair 🤭


You’ve made our lives so amazing, little man! Happy 2-month-old birthday! #babyboy


Hey Superstar, happy 2 month birthday! We love you so much.


A little boy is celebrating his 2 monthly birthdays today. Congratulations, Baldie! 🎊🥳


Happy 2 months to our little man! You’re growing up so fast, but we remember when you fit in the palm of our hand.


Aww, my baby is two months old! I’ve loved getting to watch him become the happy and strong little guy he is today. Celebrating with a really cute picture of him—because he’s just too adorable. 😍❤


2 Month Old Baby Captions

“So much hair. So many smiles. We’re wild about you, little man. Happy 2 months! 💙😳 #nomoreblankies #babyprimer


Two months old already! It still feels like you were just a dream we missed. We can hardly wait to watch you grow, inch by precious inch.


Two months of knowing you and I love you more and more every day 😍😍🎈🎈☀️☀️


We hope you enjoy the next two months–enjoying your new life and exploring the world around you! 😍


Happiest Birthday I know you’ll have tons of fun this year and when you turn 3, we will be there for your #DisneyBound theme party! Lots of love from Auntie Beth


Wishing you all the best today and always. You have the greatest parents in the world. 🎈🎉🎊


You always show us your biggest smiles when we come to see you. There’s nothing more beautiful ❤️


Throwing a little celebration for the birthday boy. Let’s eat cake! 👨‍👩‍👦


We’re celebrating you and all your little accomplishments this month. You make our hearts swell!


2 Month Birthday Messages for Baby Girl

Happy 2 month birthday to the sweetest baby girl! We can’t believe you are already 2 months old 😍. Thank you for being such a good baby and bringing so much love into our family. Looking forward to seeing what this next year holds for the 3 of us! #2monthanniversary ##birthdaygirl ##22monthbaby


It’s your 2 month birthday and we’re celebrating you with a whole line of special occasion onesies for a girl. You’ve already been to your first-party, appeared on billboards for our city, and met the mayor! Yes, Sweetheart, everything is coming up Charlotte.


Friends, family, and loyal customers…🎈🎂We would like to celebrate our baby girl’s 2 month birthday with you! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for being a part of her life. 😘Our special wish for you and your loved ones is to discover magic in the ordinary moments, to breathe in all that is fresh from the earth, and enjoy your life to its fullest. 🍀👑


Happy 2 Months, Baby Girl! You’re growing up so fast…And we are celebrating with your favorite 2 months flowers—roses 🌹


Happy 2 Month Birthday to our little angel 👼. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for bringing so much love and happiness into our lives. We are excited to watch you grow up day by day!


Happy 2-month birthday to the most delightful thing that has ever come into my life! Today you did your smiling face dance for Daddy and me—and it was the most precious thing EVER. I hope you continue to dance for us forever. I love you, my sweet baby girl.


Two months sure do fly by! Happy 2 month birthday, sweetheart.


You’re the sweetest bundle of joy our family has ever seen. Our lives feel completely different since the day we were born. Happy 2 Months, ____!


Two months, 1 day—dear baby girl, your parents are madly in love with you 😈


Two months old already?! You’re growing up so fast. We can’t wait to watch you discover the world around you. Love, Mom, and Dad


#HappyBirthday to the sweetest baby girl I know. XO


Congrats on TWO whole months of life, little miss! Since you’re already two months into your exploration of this world, we figured we might as well start exploring some world names.


Hello, little miss Raincloud ☀ Welcome to the world. We bet the sunshine and giggles you bring will brighten it up! Love, Grandma, and Grandpa.


We’re so thrilled to celebrate your 2 monthly birthdays today, Baby Girl! We love you and can’t wait to see what your next milestones bring. 🙂


You sure did grow up fast, little one. A year ago we were at the hospital celebrating with your big brother; now you’re two months old and growing as fast as he did. Congratulations to Eliza on her 2 monthly birthdays. Xoxo


Remember that 2 month birthday feeling when life used to be so simple? You were calm and happy…it felt like you could get anything done👶 You were thinking about mainly food, snuggles, and sleep. There was nothing on your mind but these three things 🥽🤱😭


🍼You’re only 2 months old, but you have already changed our lives in so many ways. You’re our light, our joy, and the best part of every day! 👶🏽 ❤️👨🏷🥺😜


Celebrating two months with our little lady. Check out that vintage-inspired baby girl room we put together for her!


We can’t believe, it’s already {child’s name}’ 2nd month birthday. Time goes by so fast. We love you and we’re so glad to have you in our family. 💜🐣


Two months old and already changing the world in your little way. Congratulations, baby girl!


Cheers to my Lil cupcake who turned 2 months today! We are grateful for your presence in our life everyday 😊💖


It’s been 2 months since we got to hold you for the first time. Our hearts overflow with love for you every day ❤


How time flies when you’re us. Can’t wait for you to be our sweet little girl for real 😃


Congratulations to Chelsea and Dan on the birth of their beautiful Baby Girl!


Mobile smiles first 2 months, mobile grins next 2 months, maybe even mobile teeth in 3 months? And at the end of 4 months, you will have your first hiccups (literally) of this amazing journey! Cheers to 4 more months with Mr. Sweetness!


With every month that passes, we love you more and more! Happy birthday!


D-day minus 2 months and counting!


We’re so excited to celebrate your 2 monthly birthdays with a brand new themed monthly capsule just for you. 🍼😊❤🥝😘 #BabyGirlMonthlys


Here’s To Life, Here’s To Pie, One Birthday At A Time. Happy 2-month birthday little girl.😍🍰


Happy 2 month birthday to your sweet baby! We hope this little one is filling your hearts with love and happiness. 😍


So much sweetness for such a little one. Happy 2 Month Birthday, sweet Mama Bear


Happy 2 month birthday, sweetheart. #proud


Happy 2 month birthday to this dreamy-eyed princess ☺💕


Those first 2 months are a blur, and as you celebrate your 2 monthly birthdays today 🎂 🥳 🐣 We can’t believe it either but we got to keep on track with our Disney calendar.


How did you get more adorable?! Now that you’re two months old, we’ve got some big plans for your first birthday. How about a cake and a party? We can’t wait to celebrate with all of our closest relations. Everything is coming up Rose! 😍🎂


Happy 2 months! The best is yet to come! 😍


Look at you, you look like a total. You’re 2 months old already! Congratulations ✌🏼 🙂


Growing up so quickly!  2 months old already. As the saying goes: don’t they grow up fast?!


Two months old today! Your fashion sense is on point, and you are addicted to your mama’s Instagram. ✨


Happy birthday to our little bundle of joy! It’s been two months and you’ve exceeded all expectations. 😍


I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in 2 months. I also can’t believe you haven’t taught your Emoji to talk yet, either! 😉


Makes me feel like I’ve hit the jackpot 😉 👶🏽❤️

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