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Air Sports Adventure Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Air Sports Adventure Captions and Quotes: To live a great adventure, you need great stories. Whether you’re taking to the skies, the seas, or the mountains, the moment your feet leave terra firma is an adventure! Some people even consider running a marathon an adventure. That said, it’s only natural that sports fanatics would want to find quotes about their favorite athletic endeavors. But what are those quotations? And from who? Are they serious? Funny? Sad? Inspirational? here we share with you some air sports quotes and captions.


Air Sports Adventure Captions and Quotes

The best thing about Air Sports is the feeling of freedom it gives you.

Air Sports. You’re never too old to fly.

Air sports is what you make of it.

Life is full of surprises, so let us surprise you with our air sports on your next visit to the park.

Let’s get our game on and give it up to the clouds

Life’s too short to not be having fun.

Sometimes, it’s just the right words at the right time.

Just enjoy the moment, because it’s about to be over.

Let the games begin.

When you’re done playing, come on and talk about the game.

If you want to be successful in business, you must have a positive attitude. If you want to be happy in life, you must love people…

We’re a team of skilled athletes. Air Sports is the way we play. #airsports

We are the air sports. We fly high, we have fun and we are always up for an adventure!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Air Sports.

Have a day that’s all about you, #instachick.

This weekend is all about you. Tag the people in your life who deserve a treat

Some of the best things in life don’t require planning. #TagYourselfIn

It’s more than just a workout. It’s an experience. So make it extra glamorous and do this one right—you deserve it. ☀

The best way to keep fit and healthy is by staying active.

Don’t worry, get happy!

Life is a series of moments. Make each one count.

The secret to happiness is knowing that you deserve it.

Don’t just watch it. Live it.

It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

Air Sports is a free-flowing and exciting sport where you can express your creativity and individuality. Be yourself and show the world what you do best. We are #ReadyForAction!

Air Sports is where you can play with air.

Nothing compares to the feeling of soaring through the air.

The perfect mix of action and adventure.

We’re just here to have fun.

You can’t buy happiness, but you should be able to rent it for a day.

Life is a series of amazing and terrible experiences. But the only way not to take it all so seriously is to laugh at yourself every once in a while.

We can’t help but smile when we think about the future.

You can never be too busy to stop and smell the coffee.

The best view. The best ride.

Life is too short to hold back.

Swipe for your turn

Late night training has never looked better.

Life is just a series of peaks, valleys, and deaths. It is not a journey to be undertaken without risk.

You can run, but you can’t hide from fear or change.

Air Sports is a game-changer for amateur athletes at all levels.

Quotes are like air . . . you breathe them in and use them as motivation.

Life is an endless adventure. So dive in and see what happens next.

Sometimes you just need to take a chill pill and enjoy the moment.

Life is short, live it up.

In the air, no one can hear you scream.

Turn up the volume, turn up your style

You will never be fully dressed without a smile.

Don’t let life’s obstacles beat you. You can do anything if you try hard enough. Don’t stop believing

Life is short. Don’t waste it on sleep.

The only limit is the sky.

The good life is living, and the best life is being lived.

Life is a journey and you can’t travel unless you know where you are going.

The true test of a champion is how they bounce back from defeat.

There’s a new way to play. And it’s called Air Sports

The next level of air sports.

life is short and the weather is nice, go get air played.

We aren’t afraid to fly, we are afraid of falling.

?”Life is not a dress rehearsal. It’s the moment that gets you fired up for the next one. #LiveYourTruth

I am ready. I am set. I am in the zone.

Life is a journey. You might get lost, you might get down and then you gotta find your way back home again.

You don’t need to fit in to be on your way to epic greatness.

Some say that we are born brave, others say it’s a choice. Regardless, we are always brave enough to be ourselves.

Life is like a lake. You have to go deeper or it will swallow you whole.

Don’t let the facts get in your way, even if they can.

Let your life be a game, and play as many games as possible.

“If you want to know what God thought of life, just ask a man who has died in a loony bin.”―Friedrich Nietzsche

You can’t keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results.

Air Sports are the best way to stay active and build your confidence.

There’s no place like the air, where a man can try to be all things without fail.

It’s all about the feeling. The air makes you feel alive, so let’s go.

It’s a privilege to fly.

Catch some air.

A simple thing can create an amazing experience.

The great thing about being a kid is that you can do whatever you want and it’s okay.

Your life is an adventure. Now get out there and live it!

Live Life with Passion and Purpose.

Always be quick to look at the bright side of life because the dark side is always there waiting.

Scared to do something? Do it anyway. Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Do Or Do Not, There is No Try

The rarest of all things is a good decision made for no reason.

The only way to do something is to just do it.

Parachuting Captions and Quotes

A parachute is a must when you’re ready to jump out of the sky 🙌

All you need is a parachute, your dreams and a strong desire to fly.

Parachutes don’t just make you fly, they also make you feel free.

A parachute never fails to help you land softly. – M. Henry

The only thing better than jumping out of a plane is jumping out of a plane with friends.

The best way to fly is to never land.

I jump with the wind, I fall with the rain and when I land, it’s all for you.

When things don’t go your way, Sometimes you have to fly…

Soaring through the sky, you can see a glimpse of what’s possible. The sky is your limit.

We live to take chances, dare to fail, and learn from our mistakes. Fail forward.#liveyourbestlife

We don’t know the meaning of life, but we know it’s shorter than most people assume.

Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

Life is like a parachute, it only works if you jump.

The sky is the limit. The possibilities are infinite. It’s a brand new day and we’re ready to take flight.

Time to get back in the air and fly.

You can only see the sky when you climb up to get it.

Let’s go flying.

Parachute me over to your Instagram feed. I’m worth it.

Parachute your way to success.

A sentence is like a parachute: it doesn’t work unless you open your mouth.

You’ve got to jump to be free.

Enjoy the rush of a cool fall breeze…and the sweet embrace of a loving embrace.

Parachute deep, to the truth.

Hopefully a life raft in the middle of the ocean is better than no raft at all.

Nothing compares to the feeling of flying in a dream, when you know that you can do anything and everything.

The sky is the limit. Just don’t try this at home.

We’re not afraid to soar, but we do it every day.

Ready, set, ride.

The sky is the limit.

Let’s go to sierra.

Life is a series of risks, some known and most unknown. It’s how you handle the doubts that will determine your destiny. #LiveOnTheEdge

To soar is human, to fall is divine.

Life is a big jump. So take the leap, be brave and fly.

Aspire to inspire. #Be your own biggest fan

You’re only limited by your imagination and the sky is always there.

Trust yourself, trust your wings

Life is an adventure, you’re either on it or in it.

Never let the fear of striking out get in the way of your dreams.

Never let anything hold you back. No matter how much you have to overcome, there is always a way through and always a brighter tomorrow.

Momentum is all.

You are not a person. You are the sum of all your experiences. – Maurice Mességué

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.”

Skydiving Captions Funny Quotes for Instagram

Life is like a skydive, you never know what to expect.

Nothing compares to the thrill of skydiving.

#skydiving with a friend who understands my incessant need for speed.

Oh, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of freefalling through the sky. (#YouOnlyLiveOnce)

The only thing harder than a freefall is deciding which photo to take

It’s not a skydive if you end up on the ground.

It’s not about how high you jump. It’s how long you laugh when you hit the ground. 😂

I wanna be strapped, not just to the sky… but to your heart.

Always remember, you only live once. So throw caution to the wind and enjoy life.

The only way you can fail a jump is if you don’t jump. And even then, it’s not failure!

There are things we wish we could say, but can’t—and things we say that we wish we had never. But the only thing you need to be brave is your own heart.

Life is too short for long stares into the abyss.

If you have to ask, we’re not interested.

We all need a little adventure in our lives. #skydiving

Skydiving is like a party, but with your friends and strangers as the hosts

How come skydiving’s the only thing that makes my hair stand up straight?

We can talk about skydiving all day long, but what about you? What first got you interested in jumping out of an airplane?

I’m ready to go skydiving, but I can’t find my parachute.

The feeling you get after jumping out of an airplane: like a sky fairy just gave you a bubble bath and told you she loves you.

You’ve got to put a stop to your jump. It’s time to land, people!

You’re not in Kansas anymore.

Life is like a jump: You never know how high something can fly until you try it.

Here’s to being afraid. Here’s to jumping without parachutes and falling without fear. Here’s to the unknown. Here’s to taking the leap of faith and believing in your dreams.

“I’ve had more breakfast in the air than you can shake a stick at” – Captain John J. Ford

Here we go again.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

#skydiving … it’s not a sport. It’s a lifestyle.

Soaring through clouds with a momentary thought of “what if?” #skydiving

Get the ultimate thrill of a lifetime. Visit

If you can’t fly, then skydive.

You get to see the world from a new perspective when you jump out of a plane.

There is nothing in the world like freefalling through the air.

If there’s one thing that can carry you through life it’s a parachute 😎

The greatest feeling in the world is not having your legs or arms. It’s being able to fly like a bird and create beautiful photos with your friends.

Never stop smiling, because you never know who’s watching.

Don’t try to be cool. Just be you.

I’m feeling kind of like a butterfly—wings of freedom and all that.

Careful what you wish for. Life will never be the same.

Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom.

I’d rather be the one who falls, than the one who stands still.

#skydiving is the most fun you can have without touching the ground.

Skydiving is the ultimate high.

First there was a mountain. Then came the climb. Now, let’s go skydiving!

Happy #worldwildlifeday! We love the animals so much, we’re willing to go skydiving just to say hi. ☺

We’re the kind of people that would jump out of a plane just to see what we’d look like in slow motion.

I’m not afraid of flying. I just don’t like falling down. #aerialphotography

“Who doesn’t love a good selfie?”

A good skydive is one where you look up, and the ground is going by slow.

The feeling of falling through the air is exhilarating. The feeling of landing on your feet? Priceless.

What goes up must come down, and the only thing that matters is if we had a good time down there. 😀

They say that if you remember to live in the moment, it will never pass you by.

Life is short, make the most of it.

Never a dull moment when you’re #Skydiving.

I didn’t realize I was such a good skydiver until I started flying upside down. #skydiving is so much more than just jumping out of planes.

You know you’ve done it when you become a skydiving instructor, and then you charge people to teach them how to skydive.

Diving in. Diving out. It’s easy to fall in love with skydiving the first time you jump.

“I’ve always loved the feeling of flying. I just wish it never stopped.”

I used to be afraid of heights. Now I just think about how much I wanna see.

It’s time to get out of this world, into the sky.

The sky is the limit, but only if you’re ready to jump.

The best way to fly is with a friend.

This past weekend was a great one.

If you can’t fly your wings, then at least make sure they are clean.

Life is a series of moments. Don’t limit yourself to the fear of missing out. Live it!

When you want to live life on the edge but don’t want to fall off.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Skydiving is the only sport where you can view your landing in slow motion, if that’s not enough, you can also record it on video.

You know you’re a pro skydiver when your parachute is bigger than your helmet. #Skydiving

A sky dive should be like a first date. You don’t want to dive into the unknown.

“The first time I skydived, I was scared as hell. But then I got over it. Now there’s no way my body could ever die”.

Sometimes, the best way to calm your nerves is to jump out of an airplane.

I just wanted to say that this is the best feeling ever, and I’m 100% sure it’s because of the adrenaline.

We come for you and only you.

Who’s ready to jump out of here? 😎

What does the sky have in store for you today?

When you’re falling and you’re scared but know that everything will be alright.

Come back to earth with a bang!

What you’re looking at is an open door. The next step is entirely up to you.

Simple is the new complicated.

I feel the need to jump out of my skin.


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